I can't bear to ask

For what I really want

So I let it destroy me

With its nagging taunts

I can't keep a smile

From falling with my tears

It's a physical pain

Not that anyone seems to care

That I'm dying inside

From wanting what I can't take

And I'm angry at everyone

Just for angers sake

And I'm afraid of living

A life so full of sadness

I feel it getting worse

I see the descent to madness

Why won't you save me?

Don't you love me anymore?

If you don't that's okay

Leave me bleeding on the floor

I thought you'd be standing with me

When I finally burned it all down

But I feel like you're about to try to leave

And I can't make a sound

Just to tell you what I need

And tell you what I want

So I just sit and listen

To the nagging and the taunts