Word from the author

This goes to those good 70s to early 21st century flicks that inspired me to do this work of writing here. No I'm not copy writing, just think of this as a book that reminds us why we liked those movies and what makes them good. Like a homage. If you are smart, you will catch the similarities of the movies they mention with the scenes and character work and maybe catch the jokes and small spoofs.

So here I go with a hard work of writing. And big thanks to those who wrote and made and even stared in those flicks that helped me make this piece of remembrance and well… homage.


Nights are what they call themselves. They were once a band of holy knights who combated a legion of demons and an ancient and evil secret group who called themselves the Illuminati. The Nights were made up of eight individuals in the year of 1823, and each were lead to become the warriors they were by receiving visions from our father known as God. They were the once great warriors who lived in secrecy and fought off evil demons and people alike. But one day the servants of the fallen angel Lucifer, known as The One Hundred, rose up from hell and fought and killed the Nights. They fought with all they had, but could only harm The One Hundred with their holy forged guns and swords. But before the last of the Nights was killed, she approached God who appeared before her as a dog. He claimed that she must forge a blade for a child who will be the one to fight Lucifer and closes shut the flames of hell and free the brothers and sisters of earth. That time has come.

"Who? Wha-? Where am I?" Sebastian asked himself as he realized he was in an unfamiliar room. There were some classy drapes on the side of the sofa he was lying on, which was made out of brown leather and very cozy. The floor had yellow carpeting.

Sebastian realized that he was wearing a dark suit. His shoes even looked classy. Even the laces themselves were stylish. He then looked up to see a man who was sitting in front of him. The man had dark skin and white hair.

"Who the balls are you?"

"Boy, my name isn't important, but if you may know you may call me G. and I will ask you one important question, one question. A question that will create your fate." The man then opened up the palms of his hands.

"You choose the blue marble candy and you will wake up in front of your computer. Same lifestyle. Same porn you constantly watch, the same people you see every day, same waking hour of your days realizing just how much yours sucks kid. Or you can eat the red marble candy. You will wake anew. Be a badass. People to see things people go screaming into the night. You will bump the things that go bump in the night." G said.

Sebastian looked at the blue candy and picked it up. He was just about to put it into his mouth until he stopped.

"Is this blueberry?" He asks G. G raised a brow and then said. "Uh… yes." Sebastian looked at the marble candy and threw aside and took the red marble candy.

"Is this cherry?" Sebastian asks. Again G goes one brow raised and says. "Um… yes."

Sebastian shrugs and then pops it into his mouth.

Then, Sebastian watches as the world around him goes black and then he wakes into a weird dojo like room.

"What the hell?" he asks.

Just then a tall light brown skinned male with a too large of an afro walks in with sunglasses as well as a male thong.

"I want you to be my next victim." He said as he popped his knuckles and walked to Sebastian.

"Oh my GOD!" Sebastian screamed. "I'm going to get nailed in the ass!" Sebastian then looked down and realized he was wearing a yellow jumpsuit.

"Damn it I hate yellow!" Sebastian shouted in a pouting tone.

Use the force.

"What?" Sebastian asks the voice that came out of nowhere.

Use the force you stupid boy.

"What force what are you talking about?" Sebastian. Behind you dumb stupid ass boy.

Sebastian looked behind himself and then saw a huge force gun. "Oh." The boy says and then races to it. So coincidental… And yet so damn random.

Sebastian then grabbed the force gun and spun around to face the attacker. "Alright. Say hello to my little friend!" he shouts and shoots.

A loud, big explosion burst open a huge white door in front of Sebastian.

"What the hell is going on here?" Sebastian asks himself. He then looks down to see a huge machine-gun in his hands with a grenade launcher.

"What the hell is going on here?" he asks again and then the scene changes once more.

"Oh hell no." Sebastian says, he is in a room all alone and the T.V. that is on shows a woman being tortured by a maniacal man. He winces at the scene that shows the woman being killed and he walks to the television to turn it off.

Just then a midget clown with a butcher knife walks into the room and says. "Who wants to smile to the clown?"

Sebastian looks at the clown and says, "Holy shit!" Then runs over to it and kicks the midget out of the motel room. The dwarf screams like an adolescent girl.

Sebastian then wakes to see himself in his bedroom. Sweat pouring down his chest, which is completely wet with it.

"Way too many damn movies for one night." He says and then sighs. He reaches under his pillow and pulls out a 'Fancy Magazine.'

"Oh yes." He says as he flips to a certain page.

Chapter One

2011 August 4th

In a mall in California.

"Boom bitch get out da way, get out da way now bitch!" Shouted Sebastian's friend Louie. Louie had caramel skin and brushed up brown hair. Sebastian had lengthy black hair and dark eyes. He is Israeli. The two teens were both playing an arcade fighting video game called Street Fighter. Louie had his tongue sticking out to his side as he was lying off combo after combo on Sebastian.

"You know you really suck ass at playing this thing?" Louie gestured to Sebastian.

"And you are… finished." Louie said, as he jumped up in excitement." Sebastian just gave a disappointed grin.

"Hey I'll go and grab some more quarters and some drinks alright?" Sebastian said to Louie as he hopped back onto the arcade game.

"Alright just don't take too long moping on how I kicked your ass." Louie said as he began to start a new round on the arcade game. Sebastian smiled as he began to exit the arcade.

As Sebastian left the arcade to grab some sort of substance for him and Louie to drink he walked past people and the Lunar Sisters. At least that is what everyone calls them since they both have names that are related to a planet, star or even anything that has to do with space exploration. The Goth was named Pluto, but she liked to call herself Rain and the emo was named Io which she was happy to be called unlike her sister. The two were twins, not identical but were both born on the same date and everything. Sebastian had no problems with either of them, but just kept out of their way. He had to admit though both sisters looked a little pretty, and he would have at least one of them if he actually had the balls to actually get the two's phone number. He has also heard rumors say the two actually experiment the supernatural at the abandoned cemetery.

As Sebastian walked past the two, he got to a lemonade stand. Stacy was the name of the vendor. She looked a little nerdy though, that was one thing Louie had told Sebastian. He could not help, but admire her large breasts that always seemed to be begging for any horn dog to grasp. Unfortunately no horn dog would.

Because A. she is a nerd. B. she has braces. C. she loves math chemistry, and social studies too much to really be into sex and finally D. She snorts when she laughs. But in a way she was okay. She did have fine toned skin body, although she was skinny. Her brown hair always looked frizzy, but again it looked good on her. Sebastian walked up to her and handed over six dollars for two medium cups of lemonade.

"Oh, hi Sebastian." Stacy said in her little nerdy voice.

"Uh… hello Stacy…" Sebastian responded awkwardly. He watched as the fifteen year old girl poured the lemonade into the cups and then handed over the drinks to the boy.

"So uh… Sebastian I was wondering and uh…" The girl was talking awkwardly again. What is it she is going to ask him?

"What is it?" Sebastian asked her.

"Yeah um me and my friends are going to hang around the lake for a little while and… uh… you want to come?" Stacy asked Sebastian.

First time she has asked him out. But unfortunately Sebastian has things to do with Louie. That and he only liked Stacy a little.

"Yeah um Stacy, this ain't gonna happen. I'm kind of doing things with a friend of mine already." Sebastian said to her as he took the lemonade.

"Oh. Alright." Stacy said disappointed and looking down. Sebastian just looked at her for a mere few seconds before he walked off to rejoin Louie in the arcade.

As Sebastian walked past the Lunar Sisters again, he felt strange. As if someone was watching him. Like a feeling that one gets when they know there being watched. Sebastian turns his head slowly and sees no one. But yet he still felt as if someone was watching him. Sebastian, feeling silly for being paranoid, turns around and walks back to the arcade.

"Interesting." A cloaked female figure says.

Meanwhile in the arcade Sebastian plays another video game with Louie. Except this one was a rail shooter called CarnEvil. "And High score." Louie says as he and Sebastian beat the game.

"What a dumb ass." Sebastian says. At the ending scene of the game it showed the protagonist putting in the cursed coin back into the jester's mouth, thus repeating the horrors he and his friend went through. "If I survived that shit, I would be out of there." Louie says as he puts the toy gun back into the holster on the machine.

"Yeah totally stupid the way he just puts it back in." Sebastian responds. "Hey it's getting late we should get home because school is starting in just two more days man." The two then left the arcade and began to walk back into the mall.

Outside of the mall the two began to walk to the old beat up blue ford. They had both bought the car using their combined money. "Alright what do you wanna do tomorrow besides the mall?" Louie asked Sebastian.

"How about the beach?" Sebastian offered some advice.

"Yeah we can get pot and drink till we get piss drunk. Splendid idea." Louie said as he hopped into the car as did Sebastian. The two then began to drive themselves home. Sebastian was kind of looking forward to this year though. He was going to be a senior and then he could ditch school, leave his dad and be his own dude.

He had only wanted to leave school ever since he reached high school. Besides there was nothing he was going to miss about Monica Fay. Yeah he spent his whole life here, but he has just been wasting his potential. He is a wicked guitarist when it came to rock and metal. He had been thinking about starting a band called the Warlocks with his bud Louie and his other buds Steve and Trish. Steve had great vocals, Trish was amazing at drums and Louie was good at bass. Sebastian was just glad that the four of them would soon be out of this town and on the road doing music and getting their dream into reality. It would be so perfect.


"Metal bites ass!"

Four jocks shouted as they drove by in their huge bulking dark green hummer. Sebastian was able to make out the four jocks and the five cheerleaders even though they were speeding. The Asian jock was Kyle, the blonde male jock was Jake, the jock with short black haired was Evan and the last jock, a red head, was Bill.

The four assholes loved to rip on Sebastian and on his pals. Pro football players who were going to college just for playing football. The cheerleaders were Abby, a red haired girl with coffee brown eyes and a kind of light brown skin with red nail polish and C cup breasts. She was a total bitch though for her looks. Priscilla was a dark brown haired girl with a diamond necklace and earrings as well as rings. She was the rich girl in her girl group; she also had brown eyes and a very womanly body that was just perfectly shaped. Her breasts were round and her body wavy and in shape and again a bitch like Abby. Dian was a Latin girl who had watermelon breast shape. She had cocoanut skin and coconut hair. She was such a slut like Nicole.

Nicole was a blonde with perky DD's and a nice sexy shaped body. But she was a tramp and easy. She would practically… no wait she did blow her way through high school. The bitch stole a scholarship from Trish. She knew Sebastian's friend wanted to go to college, but now she can't. And all because that bastard teacher got a BJ which meant he won't ever allow Trish to pass his class. So long as Nicole keeps sucking him off, then he keeps passing her and he keeps failing Trish.

Lastly there was Star. She was a light brown haired head and had green lily pad eyes. Her skin was really pale like snow though. But she was taken by Jake. That was one thing Sebastian didn't look into her. None of those idiots in that big bulking truck were deserving of their College opportunities. Those idiots can all go screw themselves.

"Those guys are dick heads." Louie said.

"Yeah none of those guys deserve their popularity. Just because they're rich and have money as well as cars and shit doesn't mean they should be the ones getting laid and getting fame." Sebastian said. It was all true. How can it possibly be that no good dicks got what they wanted while people like Sebastian and Louie, Steve and especially Trish get jack squat? It made no sense. In movies it usually has good people getting what they deserve, but in truth it is people like Sebastian and his friends that are the ones who end up happening to watch in envy at what others have.

Sebastian set his head down on the dashboard and just took a few breaths, he needed to clear his head before laying down a bunch of 'F' words. "I know man. Can't stand those idiots." Louie said as he stopped driving for a moment and laid the ford by the road for a bit.

"You wanna just chill out for a bit or what?" Louie asked his friend. Sebastian just nodded his head yes. Clearly he would not be able to open his mouth without shouting or saying any kind of cursing what so ever

It was hard for the two, and their friends. All their parents worked for those jerk's parents and it was their parents who had only enough income to give them enough food and pay for bills. All four of the teens had to work in order to get stuff they wanted. Trish was a custodian for a supermarket. Steve was a clerk at a music shop at the mall. Louie was selling trash food to people at the local McDonalds and Sebastian is going to get a job at a tattoo store. He was going to be turning 18 in just a few more days. August 8th is when he will be the golden age of smoking, porn and even inking people's skin.

"When I turn 18 I'm so dropping." Sebastian said.

Louie then just laughed for he knew how his friend would not just quit. How could he? His mother's last dying wish was for him to graduate from school. And he had to keep that such promise. How could he deny a mothers dying wish?

"Ah Lou. Ya got me."

"No duh. Ya mom made you swear after all right?"

"Well she's long gone in the dirt. I doubt she will even care. Besides, she never even got to see me make my first few steps member?"

"Hey don't say that man. Me and you both made a pact to graduate together remember?"

Sebastian could remember that day when he and his friend Louie both swore they would graduate from school and walk down that isle throwing their graduation hats in the air. It will be a moment of gold for the two amigos and their friends Steve and Trish. Hopefully this year which is their last will be one of memories for the book of Louie, Sebastian, Steve and Trish.

"Alright let's just go home now." Sebastian suggested with a cool head as he lay back in the leather seat of the ford. "Ay, ay captain." Louie responded as he set off in their blue chariot.

The two rode out sailing into the night. Brushing past houses and howling as they turned up the radio to their favorite bands Black Veil Brides, AC DC, Evanescence and even Pop Evil. And of course 3 Days Grace with a side of some Breaking Benjamin.

Meanwhile at a cemetery.

"Come on are we going to do it or what?" Rain asked her sister Io.

Io had traveled all the way out here with her sister so they may try and contact the undead with information they acquired from the web. "I think I wanna change my name to something cool instead like you did sis." Io said to her sister Rain.

"And what might that be?" Rain asked as she sat upon a tombstone.

"I think I want to call myself Raven. That's cool right? I mean my hair is dark blue, my eyes are blue and my skin is pale white, I think Raven suits well with how I look." Io asked her sister as she began to lay out an Ouija board.

The two girls tried almost every night to contact beings from the other side. If they don't get along well with the living, then why not the dead?

"I hope this time we are able to contact something. I mean we're in a damn cemetery." Raven said as she brushed off a bit of dry dirt from her black skinny jeans.

Raven also wore a black and blue striped tank top. Her mascara covered her eyes and made it look as if she were a ghost with the rest of her makeup on. Rain on the other hand had no makeup, but her hair was brushed to her left side and a part of her hair was dyed blood red, but the rest was black. Rain wore a grey coat and a black skirt with thigh high boots. Like a true Goth babe.

The two just then decided to lay back in the full moon and just smoke and listen to the music the children of the night made.

They had no parents, they were both late. Instead they got an adoptive father who took well of them until he came down with a stroke. When the girls received another family, this one did well, but they were a huge dislike.

Because A. they hated the two's choice in fashion and style and B. they did not approve of their constant angst and Goth paintings. The sisters just hoped that tonight they will be able to actually contact something that will at least give them some kind of companionship. Maybe even be able to tell them how their old folks were on the other side.

As Raven and Rain both put their hands on the arrow head on the Ouija board. "Let's ask if there is any spiritual force near us?" Raven suggested to her sister.

"Yeah. That would be cool." Rain said.

"We ask of you spirits near and far, if you hear us then speak to us all." Rain continued to speak as she and her sister watched as the arrow started to slowly move.

"Hell." Raven said as she looked carefully at the arrow moving.

"You ain't moving this are you?" Rain asked her sister as the two kept their fingers on the arrow head. The two girls watched as the arrow moved slowly.

It touched the word 'Yes', so in other words the girls were making encounters.

"That answers our question if there here." Rain said. Raven continued to look in astonishment when her sister asked her.

"You ask something now." Raven looked at her sister for a mere two seconds and then spoke out loud.

"Who are you? And do you come from this cemetery?" Raven asked the spirit. The arrow moved slowly still as it began to touch letters. D,M,O,N?

"D M O N?" Raven asked wondering what it could possibly mean. The arrow continued to move as it began to touch more words. NO. "What does that mean?" Rain asked her sister.

"Well I known that no means that this guy or gal is not from here and I have no idea what it means." Raven said to her sister.

"I'm going to ask the next question okay?" Raven asked her sister.

"Alright." Rain responded giving her sister the time to speak out her question. Still was in Ravens head. What does it mean?

She rephrased the sentence in her head. D. M. O. N. Damon? Demon? Dem… and then it hit her. What they had just contacted. The wind in the cemetery began to bristle in the cool night air. The air turned cold. Leaves flushed through the air and both girls breath became frosty and visible. The two began to feel their skin crawl beneath them and chills within their hands. They were shaking. Something was here. Something scary. Something probably dangerous.

"What are you doing here?" Rain asked sounding shaky. She could not help but shiver.

Kaw, kaw, kaw. The two girls shoot here heads up in startle meant as the look up and see some crows bickering. Damn birds startling us. Raven said to herself. Her heart was beating hard. She could practically hear her own heart rate as well as her sisters. This was scary. They were messing with something they should not have. But yet they were too curious on the results.

And besides tonight was the day when their parents died. Their parents are practically buried here.

"Raven… look." Rain said to her sister as she looked at the arrow head point at different letters. The scary thing was, is that neither of them had their hands on the arrow head. Y. O. R. S. I. S. N. U. What the hell? Was what Rain asked herself? What is this? What is going on? She didn't like it.

'Your' was clearly what this thing was saying. And 'Sis' could clearly spell out sister. And then there was N and U. In other words, 'and you'… this was scary.

Raven swallowed deeply and then spoke up. "I think we should go." She got up from the dry grass.

Yeah lets." Rain responded, but before Raven could reach out to collect the Ouija board, the board burst into flames. The two girls both startled. They watched in horror as the flames shot up and formed a satanic star with strange symbols around it. The two then spent no time bickering around. They both ran out of that cemetery and didn't look back.