I made myself promise
that I would forget you
and focus more on-

The thought is unfinished
as I get lost
in your beautiful
blue eyes.

They're piercing,
and I'm blushing now
as you pass by and say hi.

I stutter
and heat burns
hot in my cheeks.

And in my heart.
How much more
of this stupid, endless cycle
can I take?

Wtih a blink
of those clear
and curious blue eyes,
you broke my heart.

And with another blink,
it stubbornly, naively,
tries to mend itself
in the foolish hope
that you might help it along.

You frustrate me.


One moment gently teasing,
and the very next,
snapping with sharp retorts.

Your eyes are just the same:
Twin cloudless summer skies
to a raging ocean storm,
at war with itself.

Over what?
A part of me wonders quietly.
And as I catch you
glancing at me again,
that foolish heart of mine
remembers shy confessions
and awkward silences.

Over me?
Over me?
Over me?
They echo.

I want to cover my ears
and scream until
I can no longer hear them,
hear you.

My mind denies them all
instead only remembering
betrayal stabbing hot and true
before being drowned
by torrents of tears
and buried by
a mountian of tissues.

You avoided me,
left me wounded
and bleeding,
your final blow unfinished.

I study you
before turning away,
before I can get caught.

Even if I did,
you would turn away first.
You always have.

Leaving us,
and longing.

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