I want love.
And I could pour my heart out,
And I could think forever,
And I could scream and shout

But you wouldn't hear it,
Because you never do.
You're blind to everything,
Not concerning you.

You say you're in love,
You want kids, and a life.
You say you'll love me forever,
You want me by your side.

You say you only love one person,
Forever, for true.
But I won't call that bluff,
I'm not sure I love you...

Love comes in different forms,
Of that I'm sure.
The thought seems to you,
Something of folklore.

I'm not sure your love,
Is what I wanted.
I'm not sure your devotion
Is something that's worth it.

That it's worth all the second thoughts,
All of this fighting,
All of your guilt trips,
And all of my crying.

I'm not sure that this,
Is something not toxic.
I think you repress me,
Even when I can't help it.

I can't help that I want more,
More than this life,
That you've dreamt up,
To be more than your wife.

I can't help but want,
To follow my heart,
To see the world,
To get a head start.

A start of something grand,
Something of my design,
My own future chased,
Without you in mind.

I can't help but want,
To have it end this way,
I want to escape,
And it kills me to say...

But honey, when it comes,
To you and me,
I want love, and respect,
Not some pre-destined thing

Honey I think,
What I'm trying to say,
Is that I love you a lot,
But it's not meant this way

Because I want love,
I don't want this.
This isn't what it was,
Babe, we missed.