Dragon Odyssey 1

In a land of magical wonders, where people don't even exist and beasts roam free, lived a kingdom of wondrous winged animals known as dragons. The dragons were a peaceful race, albeit powerful with the elemental magic at their command. They harnessed their powers to enrich their lives by cultivating the earth for farming, burning wood for heating and freezing prey for preservation. The dragons had spent many years living in peace and prosperity however all of that was about to change.

Legend awoke from his sleep, his younger brother Cosmic pushing against Legend's golden coloured tummy. "Come on brother, wake up." He insisted vigorously. Legend groaned and rolled over in his bedding.

"I don't want to wake up, waking up means going to school and getting the mick taken out of me." Legend whined back.

"Oh come on, you purple wuss." Cosmic then ripped the sheets off Legend's bed causing him to groan again and reluctantly get out of his bed. Legend was a purple dragon with a golden belly and golden wings with brown hexagonal markings. In between his purple scales was a smooth layer of white and a chocolate brown spine full of curvy ripples ran down his back from his head to his purple tail. He also had red eyes with large black pupils and a snout with a golden coloured pair of nostrils. Cosmic on the other hand had black scales and shimmering golden rings on his body. This was typical for a lunar dragon like himself; he also had a navy blue underbelly, spine and wings along with yellow eyes unlike Legend's. The purple dragon lazily left his small yet tidy room and went to the dining room. The walls of his house were yellow in colour and made out of an organic plant-like substance similar to a mushroom or some other fungus. There were paintings hanging on the walls of dragons and historical battles as well as small stone statues of great dragon warriors in the hallways. Legend carried on his walk to the dining room. Legend found his father, Eclipse waiting for him. He resembled Cosmic a lot, but with red wings inside dark blue ones unlike his son, who just had blue wings. He also had golden lines cutting across his face near his yellow eyes. "Legend, please sit down." He said kindly to his son.

"What is it, dad?" Legend asked him.

"I know you hate going to school and I know why." He told him wisely.

"Oh, Cosmic told you?" Legend asked.

"No, Ddraig came along yesterday. Look just because you haven't got magical abilities doesn't mean that you're weak. There's more to strength than just how hot your flames are."

"But I don't even have flames, or ice, or earth or even electricity." Legend protested.

"But my son, there's one thing you do have."

"What's that father?"

"A strong heart, that's where true strength lies," Eclipse straightened up his posture proudly and spread his red wings. "Go to it lad. Every dragon faces trial in his life, you must be brave and endure it." Eclipse patted Legend on his purple back with his paw. Legend finished his breakfast, a sheep that had been cooked by the breath of a fire dragon. He then drunk some fresh spring water and left for school. As dragon education was all practical and spoken work, Legend didn't need any equipment and he could just hunt his lunch.

Legend left his fungus-like house. The town of Lausenheim was full of houses like this tightly packed together. Legend began to flap his golden wings, faster and faster until he lifted off the ground and started to fly. He positioned his body horizontally so he could be more streamlined. He zoomed through the vast blue sky and the angelic white clouds, looking down to see the view below. Below him were miles of dense forest and clear rivers, with small dragon towns crammed into them. Legend loved flying, it was the only thing he was good at, and he closed his red eyes and let the wind softly caress his face. Suddenly, Legend was struck by an explosion from behind. It had hit his left side, near his wing. He opened his eyes in pain and looked behind him. A group of similarly aged dragons were following him, one of them orange, another green and the rest were light blue and yellow. There were 10 of them and they were flying in a V-formation. "Hey Legend! You got your powers yet?" One of the ice dragons taunted.

"Let's give him a test to see just how tough he is." The green earth dragon decided. The fire dragon shot another fireball at Legend, he barrel-rolled to the side and dodged it.

"Just leave me alone!" Legend shouted back.

"Alright boys, lets get this rat!" The fire dragon ordered. The ice dragons accelerated to break formation and keep up with Legend who had also accelerated by pounding his wings. The 4 hostile dragons increased their altitude and began to fire small shards of ice downward onto Legend; a few of these struck him and caused him some great pain. Legend however decided to fly even lower.

"Nurok, that freak dropped down below the clouds." One of the ice dragons told the earth dragon.

"Argh, we'll all chase that vermin and make him regret the day his purple arse crawled into this world." Nurok replied. The bullies decided to follow Legend. Legend flew into a forest to hide but his wings clipped a pair of narrowly spaced tree and he fell to the ground in fatigue.

"Ungh! Just a little further to the Temple in Dracoville." Legend said weakly before he stood back up and staggered limply towards the city. His legs were bleeding slightly and some of the scales had come off his arms.

"There he is! Get him!" Legend heard Nurok's voice from behind.

"Not again!" Legend groaned before leaping into the air, forgetting his injuries and flying fast in the direction of Dracoville.

"Grahlak, take the ice dragons and give chase from behind, we'll give him the shock of a lifetime." The earth dragon told the fire dragon.

"Haha, ya'right there mate. Come on lads!" Grahlak shouted at the ice dragons. Legend managed to pull out a lead but Grahlak was close behind. Grahlak used his fiery breath to burn Legend once he'd caught up to him. Legend screamed in agony. However, a fireball came from the side and hit an ice dragon, knocking him into the others. A red dragon with yellow eyes and a crimson belly came to Legend's rescue, attacking Grahlak with a head-on charge. "Ddraig!" Legend called.

"Legend, you hurt?" his best friend called back concerned.

"Not much, be careful." Ddraig and Grahlak attempted to singe each other with fire, however Grahlak was no match for Ddraig and decided to pull away.

"Arrgh, that red dragon won't always be there to protect you Legend!" Grahlak called after him maliciously while cowardly flying away.

"Well, that's him gone. Come on, let's get to Dracoville Temple." Legend said, patting Ddraig's red back. He was hot with all the flames he had expelled; Ddraig was credited for being one of the most talented and gifted students attending Dracoville Temple, his command of Fire was astonishing for such a young dragon, Cosmic was similarly talented with his Lunar abilities though they only came to fruition at night with the moon at it's highest. The two dragons helped each other out of the woodlands and made it to a lake. Since Legend's wings were hurt, the two dragons decided to wade through the lake. "Not far now Legend, we're almost there." Ddraig said. They were halfway through the lake when a sudden bolt of electricity crackled through the water to strike the two dragons. Nurok and his group of electric dragons were flying above the lake, with the yellow electric dragons zapping the lake with their electricity streams. The electricity conducted with the water and held the two dragons prisoner on the water in agony. Nurok just laughed at them like a bully always does. A green energy began to form in his maw as he descended down into the lake. A small boulder began taking shape, and he aimed it at the two dragons. A loud BANG was heard and the electricity stopped hurting the two dragons. Nurok looked up as the electricity dragons fell out of the sky and landed with a splash in the lake around him. He saw a large deep green dragon hovering above him with large darker wings and a cream front. "Master Dewi!" Nurok fell to his knees in respect for the teacher, the green energy dissipated in his mouth.

"What do you think you were doing to these two dragons?" Dewi bellowed sternly, his yellow eyes striking fear into Nurok's orange ones.

"Um, we were just playing around." He stammered weakly trying to wriggle his way out of trouble.

"No, I don't buy that! You think me a fool?" Dewi yelled at a cowering Nurok.

"No sir, of course not sir."

"Get back to the Temple, I'll deal with you later and take your friends with you!"

"Yes sir, come on lads, andlet's get out of here." The bullies flew away back to the Temple in Dracoville. Dewi hovered over to Legend and Ddraig who were still smarting over that attack.

"Are you two alright?" Dewi asked them, while standing them both up.

"Yeah, we're fine sir. Thank you for helping us back then." Ddraig said in gratitude.

"Good; and you Legend?" Dewi said as he held them both in his arms and began to fly in the direction of Dracoville.

"I'm OK." Legend said to him, still shaking from being cold and electrified.

"Does this happen a lot?" Dewi asked him, Legend lied and shook his head while Ddraig looked at Legend crossly, Dewi sensed Legend was lying. "Well, we'll soon arrive at the Temple. There is nothing to fear now." They continued flying through the city streets, past markets and under ramparts all beautifully crafted from a yellow stone substance. In each block of stone were engravings and symbols carved masterfully. A large fortress could now be seen, this was the Dragon Temple, where young dragons from all over were educated and trained to use their powers for good ends. Dewi rose up to the Temple, other dragons both large and small were arriving. The green teacher landed on a large balcony near the top of the Temple.

"Thank you Master Dewi." Ddraig said before bowing to Dewi.

"Sorry for being so weak, Master." A tear fell from Legend's right eye.

"You're not weak Legend, some day the power inside you will awaken." Dewi told him wisely. "Now, go to your lessons!" The two young dragons bowed before Dewi again and left through a great circular door. They entered a giant circular assembly hall with dragons of all elements forming friendship groups and talking to each other. Their attention turned to Legend as he walked past; they said nothing but merely stared at him. The purple dragon tried to ignore their rudeness as he walked on with Ddraig.

"Why do they still stare? I've been here years now and they still haven't gotten used to me." Legend asked Ddraig sadly. They caught a group of female dragons whispering to each other and suddenly stopping when they were seen.

"I guess they're scared of you. After all purple dragons have never even been conceived or seen in our history. You may have powers no-one even knows about." Ddraig told him.

"Hmm, could be." Legend mused. They found a spot in the room to sit. The two friends sat down and talked. The rest of the day passed by in the same dull fashion with Legend and Ddraig eventually returning home at midday. Their departure and return was more direct and less dramatic than their journey to the school. Legend arrived home in Lausenheim to find everyone in a tizzy over something. He went to his house and opened the door expecting to see his father. There was nothing, nobody. Legend searched every room frantically for his father, calling his name desperately. Legend checked his room, no-one there. He then checked Cosmic's room, slowly and quietly opening the door. "Cosmic, are you in there?" Legend asked while still opening the door, he could hear crying from inside the room. "Cosmic, is that you?"

"Legend, you there?" the voice said back. Legend fully opened the door and found Cosmic lying on his bed crying, he had scorch marks on his body from some kind of strong dragon magic.

"Cosmic! Who did this to you?" Legend asked while running over to Cosmic.

"It was dad." He answered. Legend's heart ground to a halt, his dad did this to his own son? He couldn't believe that, Eclipse would never harm Cosmic; he loved his son so much. All these questions made Legend's head spin; he felt that soon he would be tossed out this world by his own mind.

"Is that why the village is in such frenzy?" Legend asked.

"No, Wildoak Village was burned down. No-one knows what caused it." Cosmic answered.

"Maybe, that's where dad is!" Legend pointed out.

"Could be, what do we do?" Cosmic asked. Legend took a few seconds to think.

"We go there, tonight." Legend decided.

"But that would mean going through Wildoak Forest. It's dangerous at night." Cosmic said frightened.

"Yes, but at night you have your lunar abilities. We'll be fine."

"But I heard a big monster comes out at night in that forest."

"Um, we'll be fine. It's just a story." Legend reassured Cosmic nervously. They left the house and snuck out of the village unnoticed.