The trip through the mountains surrounding Dachard was long and left the dragons drained. Only Dewi had the strength to keep moving but the city of Dachard was in sight. Dewi could see that the city gates had been breached, and that monsters had gotten inside the city walls. "Come on, the city is under attack. We must fight!" Dewi ordered.

"But we're too tired to fight. The mountains have taken all our strength." Legend complained.

"I remember that you elected, no you demanded to come on this journey so I don't want to hear you complain now!" Dewi thundered.

"Fine, everyone, prepare for battle!" Legend told the others, they were all exhausted. They rushed towards the city entrance; Dewi quickly crushed a Coeurl before it could react. The others stumbled down the mountains to the city; the adrenaline gave them some power. The evening was nearing its end, night was about to fall. Dragons were fighting monsters on the city streets, the fighting was vicious, claws against fangs and magic spells striking one another, creating blinding light shows and blasting holes into architecture. Legend was immediately pounced on by a Coeurl, it bit into his neck and clawed his face but the dragon soon threw it off and Ddraig razed it with intense fire. The three triplets had meanwhile run into a Behemoth, tearing around the streets and knocking every dragon out of its way. Jolt opened with an electrified slam on the creature; then Volt fried it with a blast of electricity, causing the creature to flee in terror. Bolt scouted out the Temple; he saw that the elders and students were fighting valiantly to defend it from monsters.

"Why are these monsters even attacking?" Legend shouted amongst the confusion.

"This must be Shade's doing!" Dewi replied back, before shooting a shockwave in the face of a Lamia, repelling her off of him. The dragons were forced to disengage from the street conflict and instead headed for the Temple at the top of the hill. A group of Coeurls had sensed them coming and set up a roadblock for them. Dewi gathered up his Earth energy and charged; the earth beneath his feet becoming fractured, the Coeurls helplessly watched in terror as they felt the tremors and saw the glowing green spear of Earth energy thunder towards them. They stood no chance; they were completely destroyed by Dewi's sheer power as the attack landed with horrific force. A short trek up the hill and they were at the entrance of the Temple, the students were still having trouble, Bolt had been helping them with his lightning fast attacks but there was still heavy resistance from the attackers. The party attacked from the back, the monsters were surrounded by dragons. Ddraig let loose on them with his fiery breath, burning them and forcing them together where Dewi leapt up into the air and pounded the ground while infused with the power of the earth. The enemies were completely crushed into the ground.

"Where are the elemental elders?" Dewi asked.

"In there! With him!" one of the students frantically shouted.


"A lunar dragon, be careful, he's powerful!" a different student explained.

"Thank you. Cosmic, Legend, are you ready?" Dewi asked.

"Yes, I'm ready." Legend answered.

"Me too." Cosmic added.

"Good, we may have to kill your father. It may come to that."

"I understand." Legend added, Cosmic cried. Legend felt tears in his eyes too. They entered the Temple, the elemental elders were dead on the ground, Eclipse stood at the throne of the fallen head elder.

"I knew you'd come." Eclipse greeted. "I bid you welcome, and I am impressed that you all survived not just this battle but to survive against Prismyx? That is impressive."

"Eclipse! Why are you doing this?" Dewi asked with a roar in his voice.

"Because it must be done. You could never understand my ambitions."

"Those are the ambitions of a slave. You can't even tell me what they are. They're false! You don't even know what you're fighting for!" Dewi argued.

"Nonsense, my mind is clear. The crystals must be collected."

"But why?"

"Because they must."

"You see? You're being controlled! You can't answer my question because you don't know the answer."

"Silence! I've had enough of you. Noble dragons; face your deaths at my hands with honour! My son, I'm afraid you must die too. You're a disappointment to me, Cosmic."

"Father!" Cosmic shouted in shock.

"Enough! Only Legend must live."

"Wait, father. Why aren't you calling me your son?" Legend asked, puzzled.

"I said, enough! Have at you!" Eclipse adopted an upright stance, calmly watching and waiting to be attacked. Ddraig opened the offensive by rushing towards Eclipse and sliding to avoid his arc of wil-o-wisps. Ddraig responded with his fiery breath but Eclipse easily blocked the fire with his paw.

"It's no use!" Ddraig complained in fear.

"Pathetic." Eclipse commented before slashing at Ddraig, the red dragon dodged nimbly with a back flip but he couldn't avoid Eclipse's lightning attack from his hands. Dewi took the opportunity to slam into Eclipse at full force, releasing Ddraig from his lightning. Eclipse stood back up and shook some of the dirt of his body. "Not bad."

"My pleasure." Dewi took the compliment before trying to hit Eclipse with his tail, the lunar dragon teleported out of the way and then grabbed Dewi by his throat. The earth elder was struggling desperately to breath but Eclipse tightened his grip on his neck.

"Father, stop!" Legend shouted. It had no effect on Eclipse. The triplets took the stage, preparing their triangle formation however Eclipse had teleported again, releasing Dewi but mercilessly attacked them, slashing them with his claws and following up with waves of dark energy. Jolt found an opening and attacked him from behind, it barely hurt Eclipse but it did stagger him. The three dragons rushed across him simultaneously, creating three tracks of electricity, two crossing diagonally and the other bisecting them vertically. The electrical current shocked eclipse for a few seconds, causing extra damage to him but he was still going strong. Eclipse turned to Legend and tossed a sphere of gravity magic at him. He dodged but the sphere stopped just behind. Eclipse quickly followed up with a smaller blast, it rocketed towards him at blinding speed, striking him in his chest and pushing back into the larger sphere. The magic stabbed into Legend's body for sustained damage. Ddraig breathed in as much air as possible then singed Eclipse with the strongest flames he could muster. Eclipse took a bit of damage but still nothing substantial. However the cracks began to show, he was getting slower and felt a lot more pain now. Legend lashed him across his face with his tail and Ddraig prepared another attack but Eclipse easily stopped them with his lightning. Dewi tackled into him, but Eclipse threw him off, he slammed into the ground. Cosmic just watched the fighting unfold, the moon had risen. Eclipse absorbed its power and went on a berserker rage, slamming his immense strength into the other dragons with blue flames burning out. His eyes glowed blue and lacked pupils, every dragon in the arena fighting Eclipse fell quickly under his might; he tossed them into walls and ended with a massive explosion of blue fire in the centre of the room. Cosmic was the only dragon left standing against Eclipse. His father stood in the centre, huffing and panting in fatigue. Cosmic ran over to him in affection but Eclipse responded by attacking with a weak blast of electricity.

"Father! Please stop this!" Cosmic yelled.

"I…I can see again. Cosmic, take Legend and go back home. Save yourselves." Eclipse struggled to say.

"But, what about you?" Cosmic asked.

"I'm too dangerous, Shade's hold over me is strong, it blinds out my will with endless darkness. Please, go now! Tell Legend I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?"

"Sorry, for not being his father."


"I said go! Now please!"

"But dad, I can't just leave you here!"

"You must. Or else I shall make you!" Eclipse launched more dark shockwaves at Cosmic, the young lunar dragon dodged and stood in the moonlight. He felt the intense power burn inside and overwhelm him, he went into a berserker rage onto his father, repeatedly pounding him with relentless attacks that exploded on touch. Both dragons were exhausted and Eclipse was on the edge of keeling over. Cosmic went in for a tail whip but Eclipse tossed him away into a wall, knocking him unconscious. "Forgive me Cosmic." He then said before limping off and taking flight, slowly flying away. His wings were heavy, and his limbs felt like they would break. The dragons below launched elemental magic at him, many of them struck his body and caused him even more pain but Eclipse managed to fly off towards the horizon, out of sight. It took a whole hour for Legend to regain consciousness; every part of his body was painful. He opened his eyes, only to see Shade standing over him, the smell of burning in the air.

"You!?" Legend exclaimed.

"Rest Legend, your training has only just begun." Shade replied before disappearing into black flames as Legend went to strike him. "Follow me to Frigid Floes! I shall be waiting there." His voice echoed. Legend staggered up to his feet and limped towards the window of the Dachard Temple, the sky was red; the heat was stifling. Legend looked down on Dachard, the city was on fire.