How Dare You?!

10/14/2012 Krissie: This is a script for a comic strip that I'm planning on doing. So I hope that you'll enjoy the script.


Panel 1:

Andrew and Cassy are sitting on a swing. Dani is standing in front of them. They're laughing and having a pleasant time.

Panel 2:

Andrew's cell phone goes off. It plays a ringtone of Super Mario Theme.

Panel 3:

Andrew answers the phone.

ANDREW: Uh? Hello… Yeah… Uh-huh… Sure… Got it… I'll be there in a bit.

Panel 4:

Andrew gets off of the swing and turns towards Cassy.

ANDREW: I have to go. I'll be back in a little while.

CASSY: Okay!

Panel 5:

Dani walks up to where Andrew was sitting earlier. It is labeled to the little girl as "Daddy's Seat."

Panel 6:

Dani freaks out.

DANI: He's gone!

Panel 7:

CASSY: Daddy had to go do something, Dani. He'll be back in a bit.

Panel 8:

Dani looks at seat and glares with a pouty expression.

Panel 9:

(Thinking to herself) DANI: How dare Daddy not be here!

Panel 10:

Dani rears back her head.

DANI: Gggggrrrrrrssssskkkk!

Panel 11:

Dani spits in Andrew's seat.

Panel 12:

Dani walks away.

Panel 13:

Andrew returns.


CASSY: Hi Andrew welcome back!

Panel 14:

Cassy smirks.

CASSY: So Andrew, how does it feel to be sitting in Dani spit?

Andrew makes a face.


11/6/2012 Krissie: I finally finished the comic strip for this. It's on deviantart if anyone wants to read it with pictures.