Feeling guilty and ashamed

Trying to find who to blame

Feeling good, love-tamed

Satisfaction, all the same

Place a dagger in my heart

Love : It hit me hard

Surprised by the turns

It turned me around

Try to decipher mourns

My soul, an angry hound

Trying to explain

to form words

Was it all in vain?

All kinds and sorts,

sorts of thoughts

Connect the dots

see the picture

search between lines

Behind the texture

hear of finds

There was love in your body

Only for one person

Not me

Gratitude flying to the sun

If only time could be brought back

I always knew, you were no poser

Nothing ill, unpronounced

Everything's just flying from your mouth

That I've kissed a thousand times

Nothing but compassion and lies

Saying you only cared for yourself

Would be a lie

One day you show your pretty face

Make me feel high

The next youre just a pest

you would let me die

I was silly and naive

thinking back to the time

Only after her youd dive

Silly me thinking that was a lie

Watch me wither to death,

Satisfaction on your face

As I scream aloud in pain

you laugh out hard

You could stay and watch the show

with a smile upon your face

But there she goes again

stealing you away