Love Potion #5 (R)

I admit that I am a science geek.

I've always had an interest in the subject and it didn't hurt that I had a high comprehension for it and that I was really good at it. I like chemistry and Biology and Earth Science, and astronomy, researching scientific data, studying theory, and conducting experiments. I was happier in the science lab than I was anywhere else in the school.

Of course I was aware that a reputation as a science geek was a death sentence as far as my high school reputation and social status went so I avoided the stereotypes as best I could. I didn't wear horned rimmed glasses, have a pocket pouch, carrying around a clipboard or wear a white lab coat. I joined the student council and played basketball so I could be perceived as normal as possible but it was a pretty well known fact that I really was a science nerd.

I couldn't help it. I took every science class the school had to offer. I joined the Science Club. I participate in all the Science Fairs. My nickname is "The Professor" - which was better than "The Brain" or "Einstein".

But just because I was smart in science and a bit of a brain, that didn't mean I didn't have normal feelings and emotions when it came to stuff like girls and that was one of my biggest frustrations as high school progressed and I found myself masturbating way to much out of loneliness and horny overloads. I haven't had real sex yet and sometimes I wonder if I ever will.

Connie Evans is the one girl I think about all the time. I've had the hots for her since eighth grade. She's a cheerleader (of course), the stereotypical Blonde blue-eyed bombshell, slender but with an amble chest. She knows I like her but she can't be bothered with me so all I can do is go home, study and beat off fantasizing about her. I know it really isn't healthy but I can't help myself.

I try to talk to her sometimes. We're on the student council together and stuff but she seems bored with me. We're not in the same clique - she hangs out with the jocks and the other cheerleaders and even though I play basketball (second string) I don't rise to the level of her attention, notice, or concern. She'll humor me sometimes with a disinterested hello and she'll debate me in a student council meeting but I'm pretty sure she thinks that I'm a dufus despite my intelligence. The fact that she talks to me at all gives me some hope so sometimes I'll flirt with her or try to engage her in a conversation. Depending on what kind of mood she's in, she'll either humor me or blow me off.

I do look at her a lot. I can't help it. She's got a great body and a pretty face and sometimes I'll zone out when I'm glazing at her.

"What are you looking at, pervert!?" Connie asked me one day in study hall when she caught me red handed staring at her legs across the aisle from her.

"You," I admitted openly.

"Well, stop," she demanded uncomfortably. "I feel like I'm naked when you look at me like that."

How did she know!?

I have friends of my own - fellow science nerds who I hang out with in the Science Club and the science labs, like Larry "The Mad Scientist" Morris as we call him since he was always trying to blow things up, and Elmer "Rocket Man" Dawson who is in charge of the Rocket Club - sending those rockets with the sulfur engines into the air. There's also a girl who is my friend, Missy Root. She's a fellow science geek and we hit it off in 8th grade when we worked on a project together. We discovered that we shared the same philosophy and outlook and we really get along together in a scientific and platonic way, of course. Missy actually does wear the stereotypical geeky horned rim glasses but she really is attractive. She'd probably be better of if she stopped wearing bib overalls and her long black hair in pig tails but I'm not about to criticize her wardrobe choices or appearance.

It turns out that Missy has her own 'Connie' - Danny Balagrinio, the all star quarterback and all around jock, a good looking sex god who can have any girl in the school (and usually does). Missy sighs and pines over him all the time and we lament our lost loves together, although I never asked her if she masturbates over him the way I beat off to thoughts of Connie almost every night.

Shit hit the fan when Danny started dating Connie junior year. For both Missy and me, it was the unthinkable and the unimaginable and that's the moment we became partners in crime. We decided to use science to not only break those two up but to get ourselves together with our secret loves.

We knew that the limbic system of the brain controls the sex drive and other emotions so we started focusing on that in our research and experiments, taking a look at the "pleasure center" that lets us know when something is enjoyable and reinforces the desire for us to perform the same pleasurable action again.

"This is also called the reward circuit," Missy explained early in our research. "It includes all kinds of pleasure from sex to laughter. The amygdala regulates emotions. The nucleus accumbens controls the release of doparmine and the pituitary gland releases beta-endorphinsand oxytocin, which increases feelings of trust and vasopressin which increases bonding."

We studied the pleasure center and determine brain activity during sexual stimulation. We discovered that there aren't too many differences between male and female brains when it comes to sex.

"In both, the brain region behind the left eye called the lateral orbitofrontal cortex, shuts down during orgasm," Missy concluded. "It's the seat of reason and behavioral control but when you have an orgasm, you lose control."

We concluded that there are some differences though. Like when a woman has sex, a part of the brain stem called the periqueductal gray is activated. This controls the "flight or fight" response. Women's brains also showed decreased activity in the amygdala and hippocampus which deal with fear and anxiety because women have more of a need to feel safe and relaxed in order to enjoy sex. Also, the area of the cortex associated with pain is activated in women showing that there is a distinct connection between pain and pleasure. During sexual stimulation and orgasm, different areas of the brain receive all of this information that lets it know exactly what's happening and that what's happening is very enjoyable.

The anterior cingulate gyrus is in the medial area of the brain and runs lengthwise through the frontal lobes. It is the part of the brain that makes humans flexible and able to perceive options in life. That's why it is sometimes called "the brain's gear shifter."

The basal ganglia (BG) are a large set of nuclei, surrounding the deep limbic system designed to integrate movements, feelings and thoughts. The temporal lobes are beneath the temples and behind the eyes in control of memory, language learning, object recognition and mood stability.

So we studied all this as well as conducting chemistry experiments and research on the various drugs and natural stimuli like beta-endorphins, oxytocin, oysters vasopessin, aphrodisiacs and even chocolate to try to figure out what makes people fall in love and to develop a 'love potion' we could use on both Connie and Danny to get them to fall in love with us!

It sounds pretty crazy, I know, but both Missy and I had lost our sense of reality a long time ago and we had become obsessed with the idea of getting these two people to fall for us. Our experiments had been going on for nearly a year and so far the results had been disappointing. Most of our experiments took place in Missy's cellar where she had converted half the family room into her lab with all sorts of contraptions including a big thing that looked like a still and various chemistry sets that had been combined into one big drug store.

I was our guinea pig in our experiments, test tasting our various potions to see if anything happened. Love Potion #1 had me puking my guts out in the toilet for hours. Love Potion #2 left me unconscious for nearly an hour and Missy almost had to call 911 when I didn't come out of it. Love Potion #3 had me laughing in hysterics as if I was drunk and Love Potion #4 left me crying and sobbing uncontrollably. That had been nearly six months ago and we had worked on Love Potion #5 faithfully ever since, hoping that perhaps now we had finally perfected our ability to get Connie and Danny to fall for us.

Missy stopped me as I left school at the end of the day on Friday.

"Hey, my parents are going out of town this weekend," she said. "You want to come over and test Love Potion #5?"

"I guess," I sighed. "Although maybe one of these times you should drink this shit," I protested.

"We'll put this one in strawberry Quick," Missy replied, rolling her eyes. "Quit your whining!"

I showed up at Missy's after supper that evening and we went down to the lab to get to work.

"I think this one is getting us closer," Missy predicted. "I'm feeling pretty good about it."

I sighed and took the test tube from her. It was pink from the strawberry quick. "Well, here's to Connie," I said, gulping down the mixture.

We both waited a few minutes.

"Nothing," I said. "That's weird. Usually something happens, whether it's puking, passing out, laughing or crying."

"Yeah," Missy said with a disappointing frown. "It's really back to the drawing board if this doesn't work."

Suddenly, without warning or explanation, I began peeling my clothes off.

"Jason?" Missy asked with uncertainty. "What are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling out of control!" I replied as I ripped my clothes off until I was stark naked.

"What are you feeling now?"

"Naked and I don't care," I replied.

"Okay, so all inhibitions are gone," Missy replied, grabbing her clipboard and taking some quick notes while she looked at me. "And you're obviously aroused."

"Man, am I!" I admitted.

"What do you feel like doing?" Missy wanted to know. "Are you thinking about Connie?"

"Connie!" I moaned.

I rushed to my backpack and grabbed the 8 x 10 glossy of Connie I had stolen from the student newspaper files. I held up the picture and started masturbating, trying to imagine myself fucking her and not caring that Missy was watching me whack off.

"What are you thinking about?" Missy kept asking. "What are you felling?" All I could see was Connie's face in the photo as I held it out in front of me. "Connie, Connie, Connie, oh, Connie," I moaned as I continued tugging on my dick.

Missy moved closer, taking a seat on the couch and taking more notes. "What are you thinking about?"

"I'm thinking about Connie and how much I want to fuck her!" I yelled. "Oh Christ, what is happening to me?" I pleaded. "Why I am doing this in front of you and not caring?"

"Don't worry about that," Missy insisted, jotting down more notes. "What are you thinking? What are you feeling?" She demanded.

"I'm fantasizing about seeing Connie naked," I wailed. "I got a rock hard boner and I'm whacking off pretending I'm inside her. "Ahhhhh! I'm going to explode!"

Missy was nodding her head. "Well, we definitely hit the right part of the brain with this one," she said. "So, you feel like you actually love Connie?" She wanted to know.

"All I know is that I want to fuck her!" I screamed. "Is that love?"

"I'm not sure," Missy frowned. "Have we simply activated your sexual responses or is this in response to your feelings for her?"

"Oh my God!" I yelled as I felt myself cum and all that I could see was Connie's face as I continued to stare at her photo.

"Oh, Ew," I heard Missy say and I dropped the photo of Connie to see that Missy's horned rimmed glasses were covered with my cum.

"Opps, sorry," I said, and my senses and reality started coming back to me and I was embarrassed to realize that I was naked in front of my friend.

"Apparently, the Potion wears off as soon as you orgasm," I observed as I glanced around looking for my clothes.

"Apparently," Missy frowned, taking off her glasses and wiping my juice from them with a towel that was on the lab table nearby.

She glanced back at me as I turned my back to her and started to dress. "Well, it appears we have found the right area of the brain with this batch," she said triumphantly.

"But we don't know if has more to do with sex than love," I pointed out.

"Well, do you love Connie?" Missy asked as she continued to clean up my mess from her clothes and the couch.

"I think so," I admitted.

"Then I think we have a success," she replied.

"Yeah, but what happens if we give it to Danny and Connie when they don't love us back?" I wanted to know.

"I don't know," Missy confessed, collapsing on the couch with a sigh. "Would they have sex with us just because the potion made them horny? Or would they want to have sex with the person they were really in love with if it wasn't us?"

"Or would the potion make them fall in love with us?" I wondered as I took a seat next to Missy. "We probably need to tweak the potion some more."

"No, I think we should try it out on them," she reasoned.

"Do you love me?" I wanted to know.

She blushed. "No, what? Of course not, don't be silly. That's stupid."

"Then maybe we should both take it now," I suggested. "If you don't love me then maybe you wouldn't have sex with me even under the powers of the potion."

"We should only try that if Danny is in the area," she reasoned.

"Why?" I asked.

"So I can seduce him easily," she replied. "I don't want to be running through the neighborhood naked tonight trying to find him."

"Don't you have a picture of him?" I asked.

"I'm not going to masturbate in front of you, Professor," she said with disgust.

"Oh, sure, after what I just did in front of you?" I complained.

"Trust me, it was just as embarrassing for me as it was for you."

"You weren't naked," I replied with embarrassment.

"Relax, it was all in the name of science," she replied with a shrug. "What's a little self sex between friends?"

"So, how are we going to be able to test this potion of ours on Connie and Danny?" I asked.

"Next weekend," Missy announced. "At the Student Council conference in Boston. We'll all be in the same hotel. We can spike their drinks and see what happens."

"Look, I already know that Connie doesn't like me," I said. "So I'm pretty sure she's going to go try to fuck Danny if we slip her the potion."

"You don't know that," Missy said defensively, clearly upset by the thought.

"I'm prepared for it," I replied. "Are you prepared for it if you give Danny the potion and he still doesn't want you?"

Missy sighed with hurt resignation. "I guess there's only one way to find out."

"This could really backfire and blow up in our face, Missy," I warned. "Maybe we have the ethical scientific imperative to not conduct an experiment if we're not sure of the results."

"Bullshit!" She responded. "How can we all ourselves scientists if we aren't willing to take the risk?"

"Maybe we're just two obsessed horny teenagers desperate to be loved," I suggested.

"Speak for yourself!" She protested. "I love Danny and I want to know if he loves me back."

"You could always just ask him instead of drugging him," I said.

"You don't know nothing," She complained.

"Whatever," I said with a sigh, standing up. "Just think about this before we go through with it, okay?"

"Whatever yourself," she groaned unhappily.

I left her house feeling bad that I had upset her and doubly embarrassed about what I had done in front of her but it was the Love Potion #5 that made me do it so there wasn't anything I could do about it. Missy seemed to have a scientific attitude about the whole thing so I decided not to worry about it.

Still, I had a weird feeling that things were going to go horribly wrong in Boston although I was excited by the prospect that I might actually get to finally see Connie naked if things worked out in my favor.

### ### ###

Missy was in a great mood when we boarded the mini-bus for Boston the following Friday morning. There were twelve us making the trip for the student council conference – me and Missy, of course, and Danny and Connie for sure, along with Bridget Matthews, Maddie Bright, Sharon Newton, Lillie Zerba, Freddie Markles, Brad Houghton, Pete Colivan, and Penelope Cranston, plus our chaperones/advisors Ms. Davis and Mr. Robertson.

Mr. Robertson was okay as was Ms. Davis, although she was about ten years younger than Robertson, maybe in her early thirties. She was pretty good looking too but she was a no-nonsense teacher who, while respecting us as individuals, didn't go for flirting with students or chatting with us inappropriately.

With the possible exception of maybe getting to see Connie naked, I was not very excited about the trip with this bunch. Even though Missy and I were members of the student council executive committee that was going to Boston, we were still the outsiders and not really part of this group, the populars who were full of themselves and really didn't pay much attention to us. Sure, they tolerated us as members of the committee but none of them hung out with us outside of the student council and I know most of them talked about us behind our backs, the geek nerds who spent all our time in the lab.

Danny and Connie boarded the bus looking all lovey dovie and Danny did a double take when he saw Missy sitting with me dressed in a nice sweater and skirt instead of her trademark bib overalls. Her hair was down instead of her pony tail or braids.

Danny stopped and looked at her and I could feel Missy smiling next to me, getting all hopeful that Danny was actually going to say something to her.

"Dude!" Danny exclaimed. "You're a girl! Who would have thought!?" He laughed before taking Connie by the hand and leading her to the back of the bus and some of the other kids giggled too.

Missy looked crestfallen, slumping back in her seat like she had just been slapped across the face.

"Why would he say something so mean and awful?" She asked several times as we rode to Boston.

I spent most of the trip trying to cheer her up, dismissing Danny's comment as immature bantering and cruel showing off to impress the others but Missy really didn't snap out of it, clearly upset and bothered by what Danny had said. I really couldn't blame her.

The student council conference was held at the same hotel we were staying at. We checked in and met as a group in the hotel restaurant for lunch before the afternoon session started.

"Make sure you eat some food there, telephone pole," Danny said to Missy as we took our seats at one big table.

She frowned and glared at him. "Are you calling me skinny?"

"Do you see your shadow?" He asked in return with a laugh. "But I guess you should be happy I see you at all."

Missy looked crushed so I took her hand and squeezed it but she shook me away with anger and sulked in her chair through lunch while the others happily ate their meal while hardly looking at us. What a bunch of stuck up assholes!

I sat with Missy in the community room with about fifteen other schools as we listened to the first presentation but I don't think Missy was really paying attention as she sat in her chair with her arms folded across her chest stewing.

"The guy barely talks to me all year and then he insults me twice in one day?" She complained. "What in the hell is that all about?"

"Don't worry about it," I advised. "He's just trying to annoy you."

"Do you think that's just his way of letting me know he really likes me?"

Well, if we were in the third grade maybe, I thought to myself but I didn't have the heart to tell Missy that Dan was messing with her and being an asshole on purpose.

The afternoon session concluded and we adjourned to our rooms to change. I was bunking with Freddie Markles who I knew from basketball and around school and even though he was full of himself like the others he seemed like an okay guy.

We met as a group in the dining room for supper and I kept Missy at the opposite end of the table from Danny and Connie just to avoid another potential insult or difficult situation but it was pretty obvious that both of them had decided to give Missy (and me) a hard time all weekend because they kept giving us goofy looks from the other end of the table and Danny made it a point to razz all the science geeks at school and to make other insults about us in general. That got some of the others at the table laughing and joining in and it really wasn't a fun dinner at all.

We were supposed to watch some DVD in the community room after eating – the movie they were showing was Shriek.

"Oh, I bet you like the donkey best," Danny said to Missy as he passed us as we were taking our seats.

"What the hell is your problem?" Missy snapped, apparently fed up with the barbs and insults.

Danny stopped and looked back at her with a grin. "Oh, you actually talk?" He laughed. "I thought you were a dummy – if you know what I mean!"

"Alright, Danny, knock it off," I said, standing although I really didn't want to confront this guy.

"Have either of you ever been a normal person?" Danny asked with a laugh. "Were you both born brainy losers?"

"Everybody hates you!" Connie spoke up with a nasty tone as she stood on Dan's arm. "Nobody wants to be your friends. Why don't the both of you just go back to the loser science club where you belong?"

"Yeah, we were just talking about how much everybody hates you two," Danny laughed. "You're just so pathetically annoying."

"Could you cite some examples?" I said just to be an asshole.

"How 'bout right now?" Danny said with disgust. "So sit down and shut up, Einstein."

"Actually, I'm The Professor," I replied.

"No, you're the dipshit," Danny replied. "With the silent smart ugly dummy next to you."

Some of the other kids from our group were snickering and Missy burst into tears and ran from the room.

"Nice job, Dan," I said with scorn.

"Is there a problem here, Jason?" Ms. Davis wanted to know, finally arriving on the scene way to late.

"No, no problem," I replied giving Dan an evil eye. "Dan just found out he has a tiny dick and he was upset about it."

"Fuck you!" Dan growled, making a move toward me as if he was going to punch me in the face.

Ms. Davis got in between us. "Alright, that's enough," she said. "Jason, I don't want to hear such filth from your mouth again."

"He's the one with the mouth," I replied bitterly. "Ask him what he just said to Missy."

"Never mind," Ms. Davis replied. "It's over. Dan, go sit down and behave yourself." She looked at me. "Jason?"

"Forget it," I sighed, heading for the door.

I was used to being picked on made fun of because of perceived geeky nerdness. Most kids were threatened by students like me who were smarter than them and popular good looking jocks like Danny always went with the insults, ridicule and bullying in order to feel better about themselves and to try to make brains like me inferior. I had stopped letting it bother me long ago but I felt bad for Missy who clearly was experiencing such meanness upfront and personal for the first time. Such ridicule was bullying no matter how you diced it but because we were smart nobody really paid attention to the treatment we received.

I caught up to Missy outside, sitting on a stone wall sobbing in the cold night air.

"Don't worry about it," I advised. "He's not worth it."

"I really thought I liked him," Missy sobbed. "And, worse, I thought maybe he actually liked me."

"You deserve a lot better than that jerk," I replied.

"I don't deserve nothin'," she grumbled as she jumped off the wall and headed for the hotel entrance.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"To bed," she groaned. "Just let me cry myself to sleep, Jason."

The rest of the conference was miserable for both of us. We avoided the others (having noticed that none of them had stood up for us) and we endured the rest of the presentations as best we could although the thrill was gone.

There was another dinner on Saturday night (at which Missy and I were mostly ignored by the entire holier-than-thou gang) and then Connie was hosting a party for our school in the suite she had rented (Connie was a spoiled brat from a family with money so getting the huge room was no problem for her).

"You're not going to that, are you?" I asked Missy

"Yes, I am," she said determinedly.

"But the love potion experiment is over, right?" I asked with concern.

"Why would I want to be with somebody like Dan?" Missy wanted to know. "I wouldn't take the potion now if you paid me."

"Good girl," I smiled. "I'll come to the party too, for moral support."

"If you want," She agreed.

So I arrived in the suite later on and all of the kids from our class were there, along with Ms. Davis. Mr. Robertson had family in Boston and had gone out with them.

I saw Missy standing by herself in the corner of the room with her arms folded across her chest but for some reason she looked amused instead of upset or isolated or lonely or mad.

"Hey," I said when I reached her. "What's going on?"

"I wouldn't drink the punch if I were you," Missy advised.

"Why, did somebody spike it?" I asked with concern.

"You could say that."

And then the light bulb clicked on in my head. "Wait a minute!" I said with disbelief. "You didn't dump Love Potion #5 in there, did you?"

"'Revenge is a dish best eaten cold," Missy replied.

"What have you done?" I asked with bewildered worry and panic, glancing around the room.

There was a large punch bowl on the portable bar along with some sodas and water. Ms. Davis made sure there was no booze in the room.

Missy pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket. "'When nobody will look at you, you can stare a hole in them,'" she read. "'Picking out all the little details you'd never stare long enough to get if she'd ever just return your gaze, this, this is your revenge.' Chuck Palahniuk said that."

"Does he play for the Red Sox?" I asked.

"'Revenge is a confession of pain,'" Missy whispered. "That's a Latin Proverb.

"Are you sure you're going to feel better after what I think is about to happen happens?" I asked.

"'There is neither happiness nor misery in the world. There is only the comparison of one state to another, nothing more,'" she read from the paper. "He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness. We must have felt what it is to die, that we may appreciate the enjoyments of life.'"

"We might be dying before all of this is over," I warned nervously.

"'Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged; crimes are avenged.' Samuel Johnson. "'Women do most delight in revenge.' Sir Thomas Browne. And 'Sweet is the revenge, especially to women.' Lord Byron. And 'Anyone can rat, but it takes a certain amount of ingenuity to re-rat.' Winston Churchill! And 'Revenge is sweeter far than flowing honey.' Homer. And, 'I will not leave you until I have seen you hanged.' Moliere."

"Man, remind me to never cross you!" I exclaimed. "But are you really sure you want to do this? Ms. Davis didn't do anything wrong."

"She's a casualty of war," Missy replied heartlessly. "Plus she never really stands up for us, does she?"

Suddenly, there was a noticeable amount of giggling and laughing going on around the room and Missy smirked an evil grin.

"I play for dominance," Missy replied and I could tell she was pissed off.

"This is really beneath us, Missy," I sighed.

"Oh well." She said under her breath.

And just like that everybody was taking off their clothes, except for Penelope Cranston and Freddie Markles who apparently hadn't drunken any punch. Penelope retreated red faced from the suite but Freddie stood their gawking at the others.

I thought about our revenge as I finally saw Connie naked. I immediately got an erection and I wanted to disappear so I started tip-towing toward the door but Missy grabbed me by the arm.

"Stay," she ordered.

Connie was as beautiful as I hoped with a cute birth mark on her butt and glorious round breasts with erect nipples. Danny was naked next to her and I glanced at Missy to gage her reaction.

"He does have a small dick, doesn't he?" I whispered to Missy and she smiled with contentment.

"A lot smaller than yours," she replied and I couldn't help but blush even though I felt complimented at the same time.

I looked with disbelief at Ms. Davis who was stark naked, prancing around the room with a plastic cup of punch in her hand. She had the best body in the room.

I watched Maddy taking of her bra to reveal her perky little tits. Bridget was bouncing her cannon balls around as she laughed. Sharon's perfect naked body featured small and firm looking tits with a shaved pussy that I kept staring at.

"Okay, everybody became an exhibitionist but nobody's having sex," I noted after a few minutes of watching the group prance around the room naked, laughing and giggling.

"Hummm," Missy said with disappointment. "The punch must have diluted the potion. "I guess they're not going to fuck after all."

"That's probably a good thing," I said, watching all the naked people enjoying their non-sex naked orgy.

"What in the hell is going on?" Freddie asked with disbelief, standing with Missy and me. We were the only clothed people in the room.

"Revenge," I explained. "Perverted revenge."

"Doesn't feel as good as I hoped," Missy admitted with a sigh as she watched the orgy going on around us.

"What's going to happen when the potion wears off?" I asked Missy. "We'd better get out of here."

I couldn't help but admire Maddie's beautiful buns as she skipped around the room with delight but suddenly I was feeling awful about what we had done to her and the other.

"You're right," Missy agreed solemnly as she started for the door. "This may have been too extreme."

"Jason! Wait! Don't go!" It was Ms. Davis running naked toward me.

I glanced at Missy. "Ms. Davis likes me!?"

"Lucky you," Missy mumbled.

Ms. Davis lunged at me, falling to the floor and grabbing my ankle. "Don't leave, Jason!" She pleaded. "You can see me! You can see me"

I looked down and saw her naked ass as she stared up at me with pleading eyes.

"I'm very flattered, Ms. Davis," I said with red faced embarrassment but also a great sense of humbled gratitude.

I saw Connie and Danny running around the room naked, laughing and screaming in bliss. Connie's eyes caught mine as she stood there naked for me to see. I waved and smiled at her. "This loser says goodbye."

Missy grabbed me by the arm and hauled me out of the room.

"Shit's going to hit the fan when they sober up," she said as we ducked into my room.

We sat on the bed next to each other and we tried to catch our breath.

"There's no more Love Potion #5, right?" I asked.

"No, I dumped all of it in the punch bowl," she answered.

"That just wasn't right," I said.

"Agreed," she sighed. "Somehow, I didn't get the satisfaction I thought I might."

"Why did you possibly think you'd get satisfaction watching a guy you thought you liked running around naked with his girlfriend?" I sighed.

"Actually, I guess the satisfaction will come tomorrow when they all have to face one another and us," she reasoned. "I want them to feel as humiliated and ashamed as I did this weekend."

"They're going to feel that way because of what we did to them," I corrected.

"Hey, they were the ones who were mean to us," Missy reasoned.

"I'm not sure if the punishment fit the crime," I admitted.

"I'm not going to worry about it," Missy decided. "Are you mad at me?" She asked, glancing at me. "Because of Connie?"

"I was never going anywhere with Connie," I sighed. "But at least I got to see her naked," I added with a grin.

Sitting next to Missy on the bed, I felt oddly connected with her after abetting in her dark and revengeful experience.

"So, what now?" I asked.

"I'm not sure," Missy admitted.

"Are you over him?"

"I think so," she confessed.

Freddie stumbled into the room with his eyes wide and jaw dropped.

"How did it end?" I asked.

"It was like they were all drugged or hypnotized or something," Freddie marveled. "As soon as it all started, it ended just as quickly. They were all shocked and humiliated and embarrassed and horrified, grabbing for clothes and trying to hide behind furniture and under sheets, running to the bathroom, crying and…God, I've never seen anything like it."

Missy and I exchanged glances and we were both ashamed of ourselves.

"What did I do?" Missy sighed.

"You didn't do anything," Freddie replied. "At least you kept you clothes on."

I walked Missy to the door. She stopped and pulled a piece of paper from her other pocket. "'May we not succumb to thoughts of violence and revenge today, but rather to thoughts of mercy and compassion. We are to love our enemies that they might be returned to their right minds.' Marianne Williamson." Missy sighed sadly before she disappeared down the hall to her room.

I knew that Missy and I were just as guilty as bullies as any of those kids who had just participated in a drugged orgy because of us.

### ### ###

Our classmates looked hung over and glum at the breakfast table the following morning. Some were wearing sun glasses and nobody was making eye contact or talking. Even Penelope and Freddie were embarrassed and they hadn't done anything wrong (although Freddie, like me and Missy, was guilty of voyeurism).

Mr. Robertson entered the room with concern on his face. "Did I miss something last night?" He wanted to know.

"Not really," somebody mumbled.

"Where's Ms. Davis, Mr. Robertson?" I asked.

"She's not feeling well," the teacher replied. "Looks like most of you aren't feeling well either."

Nobody said anything. We went to the concluding ceremony and boarded the bus still with nobody saying much if anything at all, everybody sitting quietly in their seats and not looking at each other.

"What about Ms. Davis?" I asked when Mr. Robertson closed the mini-bus door.

"She's not well enough to travel," Mr. Robertson replied.

Missy and I exchanged looks knowing we had really gone too far.

We destroyed the formula as soon as we got home and I never saw Ms. Davis again. She was replaced by a substitute for the rest of the year and I felt bad about that. Connie and Danny never bothered us again or even said a word to us and the others – especially Bridget, Maddie, Sharon and Lillie – avoided me at all costs, not because they thought I was a loser or a geek or a nerd but because they knew that I had seen them exposed, vulnerable and not themselves.

Missy and I never discussed Love Potion #5, Danny, Connie, or Boston again. We sort of pretended it never happened and we kept to ourselves for the rest of the school year, hanging out with the other science geeks. We were so used to be victims that we had a hard time trying to deal with being the perpetrators and that made us feel guilty and ashamed slime balls. We also had apparently ended Ms. Davis' career – at least at our school – and I felt terrible about that too because I really liked her. Actually, I was grateful to her because Love Potion #5 revealed to me that Ms. Davis liked me and that helped my confidence a lot.

Missy was surprised when I asked her to the prom and I was happy that she said yes. She looked wonderful in her pink prom dress and we had a nice time at the gala. I even made it a point to say hell to the Boston girls who looked sheepishly away but muttered their thanks when I said how pretty they looked.

Missy wasn't interested in the after party so I took her home. She invited me inside and we went down to the family room/lab where she started taking her dress off in front of me.

"Did you take some Love Potion #5?" I asked nervously.

"No," she giggled as she revealed her lovely tits to me as the dress fell to the floor. She turned her back and stepped out of the dress and pulled down her panties, revealing her perky ass too. "I wanted to do it naturally when I was ready," she said, turning back to face me once she was totally naked.

"You want me?" I asked with flattered surprise.

"Ever since you took Love Potion #5 that night," she smiled. "How could I let you beat off in my face if I really didn't want you?"

My eyes went wide. "You lied!" I said with surprise.

"What do you mean?" She asked innocently.

"That night! When I asked you if you liked me and you said no."

"Shut up and take your clothes off," she said.

"So, the scientist finally shows some emotion," I grinned as I started taking off my clothes.

"Show me, Professor," she said in reply.

"Love Potion #5, coming right up," I let her know.