Save Our World

Save our world, save our world

starting from the smallest pearl.

Look at the world how so horrible

Now please say is it adorable?

Increased pollution

since the industrial revolution,

has made our earth

different from its birth.

Look at us, the reason

for this gigantic treason.

But our mother has beared

The troubles offered by her heir.

Now when I say "The heir lives on her and is no alien".

You may ask "Who is it? Where is it?".

But you may be shocked when I tell you

That that traitor is none other than YOU!

But how is it possible?

You cut down her hair,

And then declare

Them as wood,

Which you say is good

For making lots of equipment,

For the action of shipment.

You pollute all air

as well as water As well as land and energy

is that not a concern?

"Hey how do we make it right?".

And all I would ask about making things right would be

To be eco friendly

And not just henly.

and then rest to have some tea.

It is all in your hands

to save the sands.