I have never been in love but I seem to like writing about characters that are. Is that weird? Probably, but I don't care :P Anyway, I'm not too sure where this is going, whether it will be a supernatural story or as real as possible, so bare with me... This is set in the present and I might write what happens next or how this scene came to happen. Let me know which one you would like to read, or whether you like it at all :D

"I'll be whatever you want, whatever you need." He said softly, his usual drawl of seduction absent for the affection and implication of his offer. I had to look away.

It annoyed the hell out of me. This wasn't the Nick I knew and loved.

He would have taken me by the shoulders and he would have forced his beautiful lips unto my adulterously responsive ones, whether I liked it or not.

And damn, I would like it!

Don't get me wrong, I hate hated being pushed around; but I was addicted to the fact that he would fight for me by fighting against me.

It made me feel as if I had no choice, only him, because he gave me everything.

Passion, pain, patience and panic. The love and the hate.

It was exciting and consuming, like I didn't know the difference between love and lust anymore.

To be honest, with him I really didn't know.

And so this tender and breakable heart that he was lightly laying at my feet, as if he was expecting me to stump it to pieces, both irritated me and broke me.

I didn't want to know this side of him; it made him seem human, rather than the raw passion that I really wanted, and needed, him to be.

"What I need?" I asked softly with frustrated tears filling my eyes.

"Yes!" He barked almost angrily, I could see his hands twitch to touch me, "Anything!"

I met his grey eyes for the first time after his confession. I felt their depth made my brown eyes seem shallow, both in colour and thought.

"You've always been here for me, even when I'm being so pretentious!" I said in a wounded whisper, "Even when I feel in love with your best friend! Why are you still here? Still wanting me, when all I've ever done is hurt you."

He delicately dusted a tear from my cheek; he stared into my eyes, the look promising he was mine, if I wanted him.

"Although you hurt me," he spat the words out harshly then softening sadly to say, "You are the only person in this world capable of hurting me, and you make me feel something, for the first time in a long time."

I grounded my teeth on my lower lip, so I could feel physical pain and not the guilt that grinded my heart to my sternum. It didn't work. So I cried some more instead.

"Oh, kitten. I didn't mean to upset you." He reached for my shoulders, but I took a step back and whacked his hand away.

"I'm not upset. I'm frustrated." I lied.

"Frustrated, huh?" he asked doubtfully.

"Of course!" Did he want me to spell it out?

Fine. I will.

"You're willing to change who you are for a girl like me. I'm selfish, thoughtless and completely ungrateful. I don't deserve you! But I love you!" Realising the slip of my tongue, I clasp my mouth with my hands, feeling colour drop from my throbbing head to my damp cheeks.

I groaned too loudly to be lady-like.

His grin was the most radiant and ridiculous thing I had ever seen in my life. And it was worth my life.

"What was that you just said?"

My feelings for him scared me the hell out of me but the way he was seeing me, through spaniel eyes, I had to say it again. Show him, and show myself, that I really truly meant it.

I closed my eyes and told him the truth,

"I love you."

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