My unrequited love makes my soul cry.

It makes my head spin with all the words I always leave unsaid.

I want to scream.

It makes my legs turn to jelly every time you unintentionally touch my arm.

I want to scream my lungs out.

It makes my eyes focus on you - and only you - whenever you are around, blind of anything else.

I want to scream my tears out.

It makes my ears shut out all sounds except the music of your voice.

I want to scream my heart out.

It makes my heart clench in agony, knowing your heart will never feel the same.

I want to scream my soul out.

When I see you with her. Laughing, stroking her hair, whispering beautiful words into her pierced ear.

I want to scream for you.

I love you.

Please, see me.

Notice me.

Be with me.

I scream.

A little piece I wrote to just collect my thoughts.

"I'm so in love, just looking at you makes my soul dizzy."