I'm in love with someone

I can never have

And I don't want to feel this way

But at the same time it's all I have

You don't know I feel this way

And I'll never let you see

But I won't send you away

I'll never let you leave me

Even though you can't see this

For what it really means

You still love me in your own way

And that'll be enough for me

I'll still stay up till 3 A.M

Just to hear your voice

All you have to do is call

And give me the choice

I'll never tell you the truth

I'll always let you believe

I also think that we're just friends

Because that's what you need from me

In some ways it doesn't matter

What we have is worth the pain

But sometimes I'm afraid I'll let it slip

And try to kiss you in the rain

Then you'll run so fast, so far away

I'll never get you back

And I'll always wonder if you want

What we used to have

So I try to say 'I love you'

And mean it as a friend

And not to hold you a little too long

Cuz I don't want this to end

When I can have what I want

Because we're all grown up

I won't forget the first time

I ever fell in love