No Escape

She wants to escape.

This endless maze

Of blame and despair.

Yet she knows she deserves it

For every sin she's done.

So how can she bear to think of release

When she's right where she belongs?

Instead, she lies against

The crumbling, gray walls

Looking towards an exit

That is never there.

Tears stream down her face

For all the pain and damage she's done

And for every fall taken

In trying to fix it all.

Yet her best wasn't enough

To try and undo her mistakes.

So the walls of the maze crumble

As she starts to wander aimlessly again,

Unable to squash the senseless hope

That kills her a little bit more

Every time she fails.

She knows she'll never escape

This continuous maze

Of self-reproach and agony.

So lately I've been doing poetry in my Creative Writing class which is why I haven't been around with new works. And I don't know why I haven't thought about posting some of my class assignments until just now.

This is an elegic poem, or to use the proper word: elegy, that I did for our final poetry assignment in class. We've moved on to playwriting now and it's been a lot of fun although it's a very different style of writing than I'm used to. Guess it's a good thing I usually like challenges.

Anyway, sorry, got off topic a bit. So I hope you all enjoyed/liked my poem and reviews of (almost)any kind are welcome! :D (Just please no flames)