I took two pills

It said no more than one

I took two shots of whiskey

Or was it Spanish rum?

I played with fire

Just to feel what burning was

I cut with razors

Well I guess just because

I don't think it can hurt me

And there's mystery in pain

Just because I want attention

Doesn't mean I'm insane

I don't need someone to save me

At least I don't right now

I don't know what I'm doing

All I know is how

To make myself feel special

Just a little more unique

I want to suffer now

Have a secret to keep

I've learned everyone cares more

If they never know

Silence is preferable

Is all that I've been shown

My sister used to tell me

To be quiet now

Or when I grow up and try to speak

My words would have run out

I wonder if that's what happened here

Why I lost the need to say

I could really use words now

To ask someone the way