Funeral music played as the strangers carried the coffin of my beloved to be set in the ground forever. I would cry no tears. No tears for my beloved. The strangers set the coffin in its eternal resting place, deep in the ground. I remembered how my beloved had hated the dark. My beloved was to be forever left all alone in the dark where no one could hear my beloved cry, no one but me. I would cry no tears for my beloved but my beloved would cry so hard for me. The strangers left. They left my beloved all alone. I stood by my beloved. A dark light appeared over my beloved's grave. A man in a white suit stood there, stood on the grave of my beloved. He took his white hat off his head. I knew this man, this man who stood on the grave of my beloved.

"Have you come for me?" I asked

"No. I have come for your beloved." He replied in an angels voice. This man, however, was no angel.


"One must possess a soul to die." The man said in reply.

The man put his hat back on his head. He tipped it to me. The man, in the white suit, left with my beloved. I can still here my beloved scream. I will cry no tears for my beloved, but my beloved will cry so hard for me. My beloved will cry forever