"Go," I shouted at him.

He held his bleeding arm tightly. He was scared. Whether it was me or what I was doing I couldn't tell.

Finally, he unfroze and ran out the back door.

The other footsteps outside rushed up to the front-door and I could hear commands being given.

I wiped the blood off my hands and onto my jeans before pulling out a second knife. The door crashed open and I swiveled and faced my real enemy who had charged stun guns and tranquilizers ready. I snapped a kick into the first one's chest and he flung backwards and sat, dazed, for a moment before having reality click into place again and he got back up only to have one of my knives driven in between his ribs. He fell down but didn't wait to see if he would stay that way. Instead I moved on and smashed my skull against another one of them that had come up behind me; trying to get close enough to put me out. He didn't get back up but I didn't have time to rub my now aching forehead and turned on the next one.

I started to lunge with a knife only to fall with two barbed hooks in my side. My muscles seized and I curled into a ball on the floor. Someone grabbed my arm and I felt them inject me with something. I waited for recovery only to find myself drifted deeper and deeper into blackness.

I knew where I was going. They had created me for that reason but I should explain how all of this happened before going into what happened after. Go ahead and sit back and relax. As long as nobody hires me to kill you, you're relatively safe.