Chapter 3: Awkwardness, Freaks, and IDK

We were late for first period. Which was okay because of the new student thing. People almost always forgive people for being late on their first day. (Unless your teacher is an a**hole.) We slipped inside the room and I felt all of the eyes turn towards me. Their curious stares analyzed me, trying to sort out what kind of person I was.

"Are you Samantha Smith?" asked the teacher looking over at me from the front of the room. She probably had an attendence sheet.

"Umm..." I was nervous and shifted awkwardly. "Yeah."

"Alright I'll ignore that you were late. Did Liz help you?"


"Alright take a seat where ever you want."

I instinctively headed to the back corner. I could see the doors and the windows from there. The other student's gazes followed me, trying hard to figure out what to do with me. I was already surprised that Liz had asked me to be her friend. I wasn't exactly the most normal person around. My hair wasn't blow dried or straightened except for the bangs which I did so I could cover my eyes with them if I wanted to. My clothes were mostly dark colored. Black jeans with a dark blue t-shirt and a dark grey sweatshirt. I never took off my sweatshirt. Winter, spring summer or fall, I'll wear it 24-7 including when I sleep, which wasn't that long. I wore converse for every occasion. My hair was always loose. It was black and fell a ways down my back, a result of not caring about how it looked as long as it was brushed and fell semi-straight. So I didn't always put on a warm fuzzy appearance.

I let my books drop on the desk and sat down.

"Actually..." the teacher started, "Did you ever take the pre-assessment, Sam?"

"The what?" I said. If you live somewhere where they have those then you probably know what she was talking about. I had not been to school for several months and as a result had no idea what she was talking about.

"Obviously not. You're gonna have to do that this week." she said.

Did I mention how useless the internet could be at times? I gave her a very straight "Okay" before returning to my personal world of completely not caring. It feels great to not care sometimes. You will care if you let it get to your head and don't bother with your grades though.

First period went by without too many problems aside from the fact that I was having an increased since of paranoia since every instinct told me to not stay in any kind of area with other people in it for to long. Then second period also known as math went by without problems. Then music and art.

Then there was lunch. The most often area where fist fights started. At least in this school. I didn't have too much of a problem since Elizabeth was all about me sitting with her and her friends, which were all pretty nice. A couple gave me wierd looks but other than that I was ok. I sat down with them at a small round table which smelled strangely of hair and vinegar. If you don't actually think about what hair smells like when it hasn't been washed with super smelly stuff, you should take a whiff next chance you get. (Don't take that seriously). It's not really that pleasant. Either way Liz's friends were all about learning a little bit about me. Which was fine. I answered all of their questions without too much of a problem. I had made sure to pull together a good cover story. My father had gotten a job in the city and we moved here for it. I had been homeschooled for a couple years before because we moved around a lot and they didn't want me always being the new kid. My father's job was supposed to be permanent now so we didn't have to worry about it too much anymore. They didn't think there was anything weird about that story so I considered it to be one I could probably use again later.

Everything was fine until I noticed some other kids walking toward the table. They walked with the schools version of Swag which I could already tell was not good. Liz, who was sitting next to me, gave the others a "look out its the a**holes" kinda look. I usually didn't care too much about other people as long as they stayed in their own business... but they didn't.

"Hey new kid," one of them (the ugliest in my opinion) called at me.

I can sound very creepy when I want to and I didn't want these people snooping around my business for more than one reason. They smelled like drugs and anyone really sticking their nose in my business didn't help my paranoia or the risk of someone finding out that I like IDK... MURDERED people for a living. Whichever reason I gave them my cold creepy side. Dropping my tone so that it was flat and held no emotion and they could just hear me say, "What the hell do you want, scum?"

He looked a little bit surprised but probably thought. I was just acting in some stupid way. Which I actually wasn't. "Gosh, I had NO idea what a stupid little freak you were."

"I'll kill you."

"Oooh, now I'm soo terrified. Max, shield me from her horrible voice. It's making my ears bleed." he mocked me hiding behind one the other kids that had walked up with him.

"Just go away." I said coldly. It's never a good idea to make someone like me mad. I couldn't even tell if he was at all good at making insults. One of the downfalls of being secluded and alone for several months after having your entire previous life wiped out.

He didn't go away. He pulled up a chair and sat next to me. "What's your name?" he asked in a tone that made me want to rip his throat out. I could save that for later.

Instead I told him, "I'll tell you mine after you tell me yours." I pulled out a small notepad. It was never a good thing to get your name on my list. I'll let you guess why.

"Nicholas Reihan."

His memorial service was the next week.

My second day consisted of me sitting out in the hall doing tests. The pre-assesments. In my opinion they were so stupid it wasn't even funny. All you did was sit there filling in fives on scantrons and IDKs on any short or long answer. I was so tired of it after a while that I felt like a ontamaton. The rest of the week after that was pretty straightforward school stuff. Boring classes and trying not to curse since everyone else was still on Elementary school vocabulary.

So that was the first week of school. I had to start my real assignment very soon.

Aaaand we're done. A bit shorter than my other chapter. You'll notice that as well as I write a lot of stories at the same time. (Working on two new ones right now.) So unfortunately my writings going to be much worse timewise than others. I'm so bored. (procrastination not to write my poetry for English.) (sigh)