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Chapter 5: Begin the Experiments... or Not?

If you've ever been shot with a tranquilizer, you'll know what it feels like. I wasn't sure what they had shot me with, but it was starting to wear off. There was a swirling swath of voices beating against my eardrum, coming from no particular direction. I tried desperately to pinpoint it but it kept evading my memory and understanding.

Slowly very slowly the area it was coming from bacame less and less, similiar to a swing that was slowing down. Eventually, I could make out clear words and I could feel my eyes flicking around underneath my eyelids. There was a moment similiar to a snap and I tried to jump up, all my senses raw and furious. I found my self falling, struggling to at least keep my footing. I managed to get back in the chair I had been sitting in. My rist hurt where the handcuff that linked it to the chair had tugged it back.

"Thats why we always restrain you when we put you out," a man's voice spoke from in front of me. He was sitting in a metal folding chair, resting his chin on one arm.

The sensation in my arm had triggered my attention way before I even got a chance to llok down at it. When I did, I f ound they were taking blood samples.

"That's the second reason we restarined you. Please coopewrate with us. We'll have you out of here before you know it."

"Why the hell am I back her?" I asked keeping my head down. I felt an overwhelming desire to lash out and slaughter everyone I saw for the next week, but I kept it all locked away. I didn't want any unnecesary risks.

"Relax," he said as if telling me to would make it happen. It only made me tense up. "We're just checking to make sure everythings fine. So tell me, is anything wrong?"

"You mean besides the uncontrollable rage, lack of a social life, thirst for blood, and psycopathic behavior? No."

He gave me a discontent look. "Please take this seriously. Do you feel unussual?"

"Like being able to tell you how many computers are in the room next door and the weather in Tikanris?" I was pissed. Whatever he had been told to expect it wasn't this. He gave me another look, more annoyed than the first.

"Look," he said. "I just need you to honestly tell me if there is anythong wrong." His eyes were harsh and searched me for some reason that I would be so difficult.

"Like the fact I no longer have family friends or a home."

"All I know is that you're some scientific result and right now all I need to know is if anything is malfunctioning."

"Malfunctioning?" I asked my tone now clearly pissed off. I was still a person and a person doesn't 'malfunction.' A person gets hurt. Right then I felt like I had been hurt pretty bad in everyway exept physically. Usually I didn't care but I was starting to feel actually like I was changeing. Like I had just started freak puberty. "I don't 'malfunction.' I kill whatever could cause a 'malfunction.'" I stressed the word malfunction every time I said it. My hand reached up and fidled with a bobby pin I always kept in my hair, just in case.

"You can't kill anything," he spat it out at me like it had bit his tongue.

Dead silence. Even the people behind the one way mirror on the other side of the room had gone silent. My hand fiddled nervously at the lock.

"Just how much have they really told you?" I asked lowering my voice to a murmur that he strained to hear.

"Enough," he replied losing a fraction of the bitterness. "You're just a girl with a few extra muscles and organs."

"Really?" I asked enjoying the faint click. He gave me a questioning glance. "Do you know why they started to research all that? Why they made me?"

"To improve upon the field of science." he stated confident that he was right.

"Which field has you screw up people to forget all the people they care about? All the people that actually mattered?" He was silent for several moments until I continued, "Do you want to know the truth?"

"Why the hell would I care? It's not like it would effect my job."

"It might effect the way you see the people who made your job."


"What do you think is the worst thing someone could emotionally do to a little girl?"

"I don't know. Have everyone abandon her?" he looked her directly in her eyes for the first time. He saw the cold there. Nothing but the cold.

"Do you want to know who I live with?"

"What did they do to you?" he asked finally seeing the deceitfulness of his job.

"I already told you once."

"You were serious?" he asked. There hadn't been a trace of frustration for awhile.

"Do you mind answering a question for me?"


"How long have I been here?"

"About a day and a half. Was there something impoprtant you wanted to do?"

"No. I have a job to do." I said giving him a final look. I jumped up and ripped out the tubes and such taking blood from my arm. He had jumped back and had backed up against the wall terrified. He was at least starting to see that I wasn't who they'd told him I was. I took several swift steps up to him. I had to look up to see his eyes. My hand reached up and snatched the card key from his coat. It didn't take me long to open the door. The hallway was deserted and I started to run down it. My legs carried me fast and silently through the long halls. I wasn't completely sure of where I was going but keep heading in the same direction, you'll eventually find an outer wall. Un fortunatel, I wish I had known at the time that it was underground. Every direction I chose kept leading to solid walls. After awhile I gave up on finding a way out and simply stalked back and forth. Waiting for someone to dare to stray to close. I kept waiting for a long time.