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Chapter 4: Life Sucks. Deal with it.

I had gotten used to school and the way people acted. Although the group of kids that had annoyed me on my first day avoided me now. There were some rumors going around that I had something to do with his drug overdose. It's not like I was holding a knife to his throat or anything. (I'm definitely not someone who would do that just for fun.) Besides if you mess with that stuff you should accept the consequences. There was a problem though. Nick (the guy who died without a knife held up to his throat) didn't actually do drugs. One of his friends kept trying to convince the police that he had to have been forced into it. It was causing an issue with my instinct to slaughter all threats but it would only look more suspicious if another one of them died. My life sucked so much sometimes.

I walked home, taking my time. It was Monday and I was still tired from staying up playing the Sims 3. I loved making the people starve to death... That actually wasn't unusual. Lots of people made them starve to death. Except with me I tended to keep them just alive and make them go to work to increase my income.

My cell rang. It's sound was like heaven in my ears. Pulling it out I looked at it curseing I was still on a busy street. Luckily it was just a text.

"I have a job for you. Meet me at 43. 19:00."

This may need to be explained. 43 was the house number for a house along the street next to my woods. All of those houses were abandoned. They were old and crappy in the first place, then they were right next to my woods. Nobody wanted to be there. 19:00 was a time. 7:00 in America time thingy. It really is weird that people from different countries use such different time methods.

I responded, "Anytime earlier?"

"When are you available?"

"In five minutes"


I was happy. Another job. I made may way back to Robinhood St, that street right next to the woods. It was actually quite common for me to get multiple jobs at once as such I carried around a notepad. Islipped perfectly silently into house 43. I wasnt surprised to find whoever had texted me waiting just inside. He stood like a statue.


"Yes." It was dark and I couldn't see him clearly, one of the things that made every nerve in my body vibrate. I could here someone else in the area but didn't bother with it. "What do you want?"

"You've been pretty active for the last week."

"So?" This guy made me uncomfortable. How did he even know what I was doing?

"You are aware that the police have people report seeing you, right?" he asked.

"I don't got no TV," I said. A bad habit of mine is speaking like stereotypes such as rednecks or white trash. One of the things I unintentionally did every now and then.

"They have teachers report seeing people that look like you. Either way, I do have someone you can kill."

"Who?" I questioned more than a little annoyed at him for wasting my time before telling me this. I liked to dive right into work.

"Lucy Bates."

Son of a b**** I breathed to myself. "Why?" I spat at him.

"Does it matter? Thought you just killed whoever someone asked you to.

"Yea it kinda does unless you want to wait a few extra days."

"I'll wait."

God this guy pissed me off so much. I even considered ripping his throat out there and then. "How much?"

"Five thousand."

I couldn't believe these people. I got 3,500 simply for getting information from her. Now this guy was offering me 5,000. "Fine," I said and walked out. I was right to be nervous about him. He had put me in a bad mood.

Half way across the street I heard a shuffle behind me. I whirled around. Nothing. I suddenly felt stinging pain on my neck and yanked out a dart from it. I barely had time to look at it before I felt the energy start to drain from my body. My legs gave way and I collapsed.

There was one thing I truly feared. Being captured again. They had shot me with a tranquilizer and dragged me into a science lab before. My f***in life sucked so much sometimes.

Yay plot twist thingamagig. I was so bored so I decided to put some more excitement into this series. Next Time: Start the Experiments!