I see the figure of us, tiny, frozen,
Dancing. I cling to you, my arms linked around your neck.
Your sleeves are long and black, draping over me,
And you are the griddled, weathered, grainy, shining leathery butterfly,
Enveloping me. And you drink your blood meal. And your proboscis probes
At my tongue, throat, chest, legs and in my ear. Here, you, large winged insect,
Secrete the enzyme to break down my fear. Afraid and aware I'm still
Hanging there, hanging onto you, hangman, a noose of two ties, the heart
And the mind. See how my eyes are turned up to yours?
Look now how we dance and how we do not move, a miniscule statue of dancers,
Beneath a glass dome. A snow globe, the environment silent.

I shake it and shake it and the snow whirls and screams and the world turns upside down,
But the scene does not change.