Black birds

As black birds that flout above my head

While sky's are filled of clouds of gray

And words that cut my dear, dear heart

With tears that prick my gray-blue eyes

Past years that used to seem so easy

Those childhood days of love, tears and laughter

Life sucked away my care free days

Now all I'm left with pain to stay

And ask the Lord to take it away

As I join the black birds in the sky

I flout the earth in black and white

I enter the search for love to treasure

And to find word from those that understand

But all I find is grief and pain

That sends me to my hiding place

A dark corner of my days

As my soul feels about to break

I hear the words "Call out to me,

I'll comfort those that feel to break,

And heal their shattered broken souls,

Their hearts I'll keep in My hands so safe

So call on to Me, I'll take your pain"