Kari Jensen had light tan skin, black, raven, hair that stops at her mid-back that has a wave to each hair strand. Her eyes were something of a dark red like blood color, but in the sunlight they gave off a rare ruby (the gemstone) color. Kari had a fine body some people thought she was a model walking down the streets. She stood tall a five feet seven inches tall.

She is about 26, born October 7, 2001 and when people hear about her birthday they think Hurricane Iris that hit Belize the next day. She was born the day before Iris hit Belize, but that day she was taken away from her parents. Not taken per se, but they didn't want anything to with her.

She was born in the local hospital in Belize and when she was in her little carriage, her parents signed a form saying she was someone else's child from that point forward. Her adopted mother was Celia (Ryan) Jensen and father was Jerry Jensen.

Celia had bright blonde hair, pale skin, big blue eyes and smiled all the time. She would always wear what a mother would always wear; a basic shirt, blue jeans, sneakers and an apron.

Jerry was like Celia in hair, eyes and the smile. He would wear a dress shirt, tie, dress pants, and dress shoes. He was grown up more to match today's societies, which are a plain shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. Yes, he did have glasses he wore all the time, which eventually Kari would get a pair of her own.

Kari was thankful that she has somebody that loved her and she wasn't on the side of the road. She did have sisters that were much different than her since they had the same genes as Celia and Jerry.

The first sister is a year older born in 8/17/00. Her name is Alicia Karen; same hair and eyes. She wasn't like the happy go lucky person; well she was till she was seven years old. Something in her mind told her that she wasn't happy with her life, so she tried killing herself. Jerry and Kari found her. They ended up taking her to two to three years of therapy and she has gotten better.

The second sister is born 1/22/06; about five years younger than Kari, Destiny Victoria or Des for sort. She has the same hair and same eyes as Alicia. Everybody thought she was a repeat of Alicia and the suicidal thoughts, but instead she and Alicia got into fights when and whatever they didn't agree on. Kari saw their fights everyday and once tried to stop them, but eventually got punched by Alicia. Since Alicia graduated before Kari, Alicia and Destiny haven't seen or talked to each other since that day.

Last sister is Francis Katelyn 2/13/15 when Kari was 14, Destiny was nine and Alicia was 15. She has been the baby of the family and she was in love with SpongeBob when she was a little baby. She has the same eyes and hair as the rest of the sisters.

Kari and the rest of the sister clan wished life was still the same, but it's never going to be like that ever again. When Kari or Alicia got home, Jerry would ask them to fill his cup with some kind of drink. They would do it, but Jerry was getting lazier as the days passed. Celia was getting the brunt of his' anger bursts' as Des would say.

Once Francis was born, Celia entered post partum depression, not wanting to do much with Francis so Kari and Alicia spent most of Francis' first year watching her. While this was going on Jerry was getting drunk and while Kari and Alicia were busy, Des was getting bruised and beaten by him.

When Kari was younger she met a girl who looked like a year older than Alicia traveling with her sister who looked a year younger than her. The older one had longish, brown hair, jade like green eyes; she had a body to her, little bigger than Kari's for sure. The younger one had darker hair color, but it was the same length as her sister. She also had the same eye color as well.

Since that day, she made good friends with these kids named Danielle Seller and Sarah Seller. Their birthdays are two year and month from each other. Dani's: 9/23/99 and Sarah's: 10/23/02. Their parents were there, but never seen much… they were always in their room with Celia.

Dani, Sarah, Kari, Alicia, and Destiny with Francis as a tag along were always together hanging out whenever they got the chance. When Dani enters the house like she would always, with on care, saw Des getting beat up; standing frozen, door is still open so she runs to her house not worrying if someone will catch her.

That day changed the family's lives forever. Destiny, Kari and Francis went along with Dani and Sarah. Alicia was with Aunt Victoria and Carlton only a minute away from the old house. Jerry and Celia were placed in the county jail and will be there till Alicia's 28 years old. Even if they tried, they'll never get Francis back no matter how hard they'll try.

Today, Dani is 28 and working as an artist in New York, making worldwide headlines, talking to Kari once in awhile. Sarah is 25 and working at the local DC high school as a Play Director. Destiny is 21 and has made her life, working as a singer in Los Angeles, making and waving money right in front of her sisters' faces. Alicia and Kari are working side by side as FBI agents in DC, investigating murders and solving them in anyway means necessary… to them of course.

'Jeez, Christ's sake, Alicia…' I face palmed as I typed a message back to her on 'Only you are able to pull that off.'

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