Freddie has gone to normal on the hair brushing. He was very gentle with it at first, but with time he's gone to normal in matter of time. I only could see out of the edges (periphery) of my eyes, but I noticed that someone was staring right at me or someone in my area.

I could see him stare at me and when he could see my eye, he would quickly turn around. I swear it's like he doesn't want me to know who he is!

He was about five feet seven inches. His hair is black, thick and very curly. He a faint mustache that was on his upper lip, but it was gone in certain spots, but still made a mustache visible to see. He was built kind of nice, I mean he wasn't big, but at the same time he wasn't stick skinny either.

I tried to ignore him and see if I could catch him in the act. So when he thought I was looking for him he stayed staring at his usual window scenery. Freddie knows body language, but I hid mine so well that he didn't know what to say half the time.

If I was anime, head would've been throbbing and those angry marks on the corner of my forehead. So when we were boarding off the plane, into the military base, I smelled the air and it wasn't as bad or good as I thought it would be. It was late July and although the cherry blossoms are gone… the air has that lingering smell.

As we got off the plane with our stuff, my phone starts buzzing like a busy bee in a field of flowers. I'm looking at the rest of the crew including my sister and they nudge me to answer the darn phone.

"Jensen at your service…what's going on?" I sighed as I heard the boss sigh heavily with me.

"I messed up, Jensen." He sighed again "I went to a vacation spot in China… I remembered that I told you to go there, but instead please go to Los Angeles…"

Before I could say 'Are you sure?" he said

"I'm sure… really sure, because when they saw the plane land and saw you; they thought that a light had shown on them. I'm sorry that I took you to another country… please get on the last plane and call me when you get there."

"Alright, boss. Call you later." I said as I hung up the phone and put it in my pocket.

"I'm guessing that was the boss…" Alicia smiles "Do we have to get on the same plane and go where?"

"We have to get on the same plane and head over to Los Angeles, California." I smiled picking my suitcase handle up, walking onto the stairs "What are we waiting for?"

"I guess your approval." Freddie walked behind me, while Matt and Alicia were talking behind him.

"Well I said let's go to LA and get there fast." I looked to Freddie walked back to our seats "Is that good enough for you?"

"I guess its ok." He said putting his suitcase up with mine and Matt, Alicia put their bags on the other side of us. "Is that ok with you or are you going to throw a fit?"

"It's fine by me." I sat down in my seat and smiled at him, handing my hairbrush over to him.

"I'll brush your hair, but ask Alicia if she wants to do it first." Freddie grabbed the brush pointing over behind me to Alicia.

"Hey, sis…" I looked behind me to see her aqua eyes back at me, smiling with anticipation for LA

"Yeah, Kari… what's up?" She answers me "Is there something you want me to do?"

"Well, do you want to brush my hair or let Freddie do the brushing?"

"I don't know Matt and I were having a conversation…" Alicia pointed to Matt and back at me "I don't know… does Freddie want to do it or not?"

"I don't care… it's really up to you, Alicia." He held the brush out ready for Alicia to take it, but she didn't grab it, but instead said…

"Freddie you can brush Kari's hair and I'll talk to Matt." Her gaze turned over to Matt's and she began talking quietly.

"I guess that is my cue to start brushing your hair…" Freddie awkwardly smiled slightly brushing my hair like before...before I told him he doesn't need to be gentle with it.

"If I have to remind you for a third time… your head might be cut off." I said grabbing his arm, my red eyes burning with anger.


The same guy that has been on the same plane that was staring at me, was still doing it just even more with a burning passion which scared me even more of him. It was scary, but at the same time…I seemed like I was entranced by him. I don't know why, but it's that look, the look that might get him any girl that he wants.


"We're finally here." I smiled breathing the pollution, but have the faint scent of perfume. "Gosh I think this smell would melt into me by the time we're done here."

"You're right, sis." Alicia looked over to me and walked over to the edge of a railing that overlooked the lobby full of people. "Holy cow, this place is huge and big!"

"Yes, it is, Alicia." Matt comes behind her and ghostly wraps an arm around her waist "It's so big that I can't even see the ending from here."

"What hotel are we-"Freddie begins to speak to me, but I was talking to the boss over the phone, in which it causes Matt and Alicia to look back at me.

"Yeah, boss we made here at it is…" I looked at phone time "5:30 your time."

"So you're not completely late… maybe a few hours… I'll tell the hotel that you made it and your reservations are set till next year… which it might not take that long, but you never know."

"True that." I said "Well I got to get going, boss. Have a great day and I'll tell you information as we get it."

"Goodbye, Ms. Jensen." He said hanging up the phone.

"So what did the boss say?" Alicia asked

"He told the hotel we're staying at that we're coming and we'll relax till tomorrow. Tomorrow we investigate. Are you ready to go to the Renaissance Hotel?"

"Is it like the Renaissance time period?" She put a finger to her lips "Because that would be kind of cool."

"No." Matt smiled at her "It's like any other hotel, but just has the name."

"Oh…" She looked down then stayed silent as we got van to take us to the hotel.

What we saw…you wouldn't believe your eyes.

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