A/N: These two short whatcha-callits i wrote in Writers Club at my school from the promp "Alone At Midnight"

The fire crackles breaking the silence. The heat makes me tired but my eyes wont close, it's hypnotic. I've been sitting here for hours. I've lost track of the time, and my eyes wont peel away. Suddenly the clock resounds across the room and my daze is broken. The ominous chiming of the clock , three, four. I glance up and i can feel my eyes widen. Was it really that late? Seven, eight, nine. I glance around the room finally taking it all in. Twelve. I'm all alone. Even the light crackle of the fire doesn't comfort me now.

The murmurs, the buzz. Its too much! My hands pressed tightly to my ears. The yelling is getting louder. Pull my pillow over my face. It doesn't stop the endless noise. I look at the clock, its eight. Good, it will die down soon. But now there is something breaking. Music is turned up to full blast, hands over ears again. Another shatter and shriek. I can't take it anymore! I grab my coat and climb out the window. I run and run. Streetlights are buzzing on and fewer and fewer cars go by. I look at my phone. It's eleven fifty-eight, it's quiet. Sweet sweet quiet. I'm alone at last.