The Never-Born Fosterling
Back-Cover Hook

Mamoru Chokichi was always a person of unyielding benevolence to the point of naiveté, even toward those considered irredeemable by the rest of society. This disposition led him to become the head psychologist of Crow's Nest in an attempt at salvaging the lives of individuals whom everyone else had given up on.

In comes his toughest case: Faulklin, an undersized, volatile youth convicted of mass murder, believing all of humankind worthy only of extinction. Complicating matters, the boy lacks any other record to suggest he was ever born.

Suspect to being a victim of abuse and human trafficking, Mamoru works closely with the foul-mouthed, physically scarred, and emotionally unstable adolescent in hope of uncovering the boy's origins, derailing his twisted logic, and giving him the chance at a healthy future. On account that Faulklin distrustfully wants nothing to do with him, it's much easier said than done.

Their tentative relationship is tested many times over, facing betrayal both perceived and legitimate, tragedy, and relapse while trying to uncover a deep-rooted past Faulklin believes better left unknown and buried. Even while he is persistently haunted by unhelpfully opaque waking memories and brutally vivid nightmares.

In his endeavors to rescue what he can from Faulklin's shattered life, Mamoru struggles between his obligations of professionalism and an overt, paternal weakness to assure a happy ending. A struggle that may risk ending his career in the process, but what could equally determine the loss of a life that could be saved.

A loss that Mamoru is not willing to allow.

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