"Joshiee, I gotta pee!" I complained, gripping my lower abdomen in desperation

"The next rest stop is a couple miles away, Nick! Can't you hold it?"


Josh sighed in exasperation as he pushed down a bit harder on the gas pedal. We sped down the highway a bit further, the pain growing in my bladder. Eventually, it became too much. "Josh, I can not hold it any more, pull over, please!"

"Nick, just another couple miles. I promise."

"Josh." I looked at him. He took his eyes off the road for a second to look at me. He gazed into my eyes, and saw my desperation. I knew he would understand. He always did, whenever we locked eyes, we understood each other. I stole a kiss, and he pulled over to the side of the road. He parked the car, and we both got out. He followed me to a little wooded area off the side of the road, where I frantically whipped it out and sighed with relief. Josh walked up beside me and planted a kiss on my cheek. "Josh, I'm peeing," I protested.

"Yeah, you are," he said with a chuckle, as he grabbed my waist, pulling me into a deep caress, and he started suckling my neck. "Oh, Josh," I moaned. I found my self evaporating to his touch, as Josh reached over and grabbed me, letting my warm liquid drape over his hands. His gentle touch made me shiver with pleasure as I reached over and undid his zipper, pulling out his soft manhood and, as I pushed back his foreskin, he began to give the tree a drink. "Damn that fetish of yours," I giggled softly. I felt his lips curve into a smile as he proceeded kissing my neck. He knew as well as I did that we shared that fetish.

My stream started to waver as my arousal started to flow. Josh had long since finished, and as soon as the last drop escaped me, he pushed me down to the ground and lied on top of me. The kissing moved from my neck to our lips, and I felt his tongue enter my own mouth. Our tongues were like jazz musicians, trading fours between each other, each move crazier and more soulful than the last. Finally, he broke the kiss and made his way south, caressing every inch of my body with his lips, making me tingle with ripples of ecstasy.

Finally Josh had reached his destination, planting a kiss upon its twitching shaft before embracing the entire thing with his mouth, lapping up the remnants of our business with his tongue. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as Josh went down on me. Short, sweet mewls of pleasure escaped my lips as I reached over and fondled his hair. Josh released his mouth from me, and climbed closer to my face, where we shared a warm, passionate embrace, with more tongues.

I wrapped my arms around him as we kissed, and he slowly pulled his pants down to his ankles. Without ever breaking the kiss, he tossed his pants aside and wrapped his legs around me as I sat up. As I found my way inside of him, Josh let out a terrified scream, which quickly transformed into a scream of desire. I pulsed inside of him, and our screams intertwined into one, just as our bodies had formed one being. Josh buried his head in my shoulder as my thrusts continued, and I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed his neck. "It hurts, Nick," he whined softly into my shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Josh." And I was. I hated hurting him, but as much as he complained, I knew he was enjoying it. He always did. He loved feeling me inside of him almost as much as I loved feeling him inside of me, and that hurt probably more than this, because I was pale in comparison to Josh. Still, I comforted him as best I could, knowing it only added to his pleasure.

Josh's whimpers faded and he picked up his head to face me. We gazed into each others eyes the way we always did, and understood the way we always did. Then he smashed his lips into mine for one last powerful embrace before we simultaneously climaxed, spilling all over my chest, and inside Josh.

We collapsed onto each other, breathing heavily until our climaxes faded. Josh nestled up against my shoulder as he lied on top of me, and I stroked his hair and kissed his neck. "Good night, Joshiee." I whispered into his ear. "I love you." He fidgeted, picked his head up, kissed me on the lips, and said, "I love you, too."

So we lied there in the woods, in our birthday suits, slathered in seed, and slept until the sun rose the next day.