She sees him silhouetted against the moon.

"Why did you bring me here?" she whispers.

He places a finger to his lips. She slips a hand into his. The moon is bright before them, and the forest seems alive.

They stand in silence, basking in the other's presence. Protected by the darkness, they are drawn into each other's embrace. She sees his face, half in darkness, half silver in the moonlight. She feels her undying love for him and knows she couldn't bear to see anything happen to him. Love is in the air, and she leans in to kiss him, sensing he will do the same.

Abruptly, he pushes her away. Shocked, she stumbled on the uneven ground. She sees the anger in his face, and yet doesn't know the reason for it. He sees the pain and sadness in her eyes, and he wonders if he should be doing this.
He holds out a hand for her, and pulls her up, back into his embrace. He says nothing, but she reads his expression. He is angry at something she has done. A tear glitters on her cheek.

She begins to whisper his name, but is cut off by a sudden jolt of pain. She slowly crumples to the ground, and he withdraws the bloodstained knife from her lifeless body.

Then he feels something leave him and regains his senses. He sees her corpse and cries out in horror, hating the spirits who forced this upon him.

Later, they will find the two dead bodies, and wonder how they got there...