Your body stiffen
in the grip of the mighty Death
while your crimson blood flows
in perfect unison with your weakening heartbeat

You take your last ragged breath
and quietly close your bright eyes
to never open them again
Embracing the darkness

You become completely limp
and he cries
Long, heartwrenching sounds
while heavy tears run down his dirty face

He cries for a friend
a fellow warrior
He cries for a guardian angel;
a fallen angel

He cries for a beautiful soul
who Death is about to claim
with thin, boney fingers
dragging his soul down to the darkest kingdom

He cries for a buddy
a companion
a broken and bloody body
struggling in the cold hands
that belong to the man with the scythe

He cries for a best friend
who he knows he can live without
He cries for a hero
dying for the sake of his life

He cries for you
and hope you'll meet again

This is inspired by war. I've read a lot of fictions about the concept, and many of them are simply heartbreaking. I also watched a Norwegian documentary about Libya recently… I couldn't stop crying.