There was a strange unknown sound that broke the silence in the wood. The fox stopped hunting the mouse it had spotted, and a flock of deer quickly raised their heads before they ran away, afraid of the strange unknown sound that filled their ears. The sound stopped with a bang and something could be seen lying by the foot of the tall rock. Again it was silent.

The fox looked around, slightly irritated that he let his prey get away, but he quickly forgot that when it saw that this "something" by the rock started to move. He smelled blood in the air, and that made the little fox feel uncomfortable. He wanted to get away, but something held him back. This wave of curiosity made him carefully approach the limp thing on the ground.

When the red creature came closer, he saw that "the thing" was a human. A young girl, in fact. He had seen humans before, intruding the forest, even killing the animals living in it. He didn't like humans. Always destroying, always killing.

Then the fox suddenly remembered. He had seen this girl before, earlier that day. He recognized her long dark curls, and the frilly blue dress. She had been walking together with an older human, and they had been stealing the blueberries.

She had stared at him; watching him with mouth agape. He had been standing behind a tree, trying to hide from these new intruders. She had noticed him anyway.

Then she had pointed at him and said something to the other human, but he was gone long before the bigger human even looked up from the blueberry field. How annoying these humans were.

Suddenly, the girl started moaning. The fox began to feel even more curious about this strange creature. The dark-haired girl seemed injured. The metallic scent of blood was stronger when he was this close to the little human. Her forehead was painted dark red, a strong contrast to her pale face.

Long lashes fluttered open, and the fox found the girl staring at him with wide eyes. Her breathing became faster, and more rapid, she was obviously afraid of him. That's weird, the fox thought. Why would she be afraid of me? I am not going to hurt her. I should be the one being scared. They are the dangerous and destructive ones, not me.

This was getting boring. The girl was obviously hurt badly; she wouldn't survive the night. That wasn't his problem though. You had to be strong to survive out here. The strong one live. The weak one lose the fight. The fox was getting hungry, so he turned around to walk away. When his tail stroke against one of her thin legs, he couldn't help but thinking, once again, how fragile these humans were.

Veronica opened her eyes slowly, trying to focus on the beautiful animal before her. Her head was pounding, and her back hurt as well. What happened? Where was her mommy? A little fox was glaring at her, and she winced.

Her mom always said that the animals in the forest were dangerous, and that she had to stay away from them. Although, the fox didn't look scary, her heart was still beating rapid in her small chest. It took a couple of moments for Veronica to remember. It's him, she thought. It's the fox.

The fox simply looked at her for a moment, and then it just turned around and started to walk away from her. No, don't go! Veronica wanted to call the fox back, but her mouth didn't make a sound. Maybe that was for the best, if she talked, he would probably be scared.

But Veronica didn't know how what else to do. His fluffy tail stroke against her left leg as he turned away, and she couldn't help but thinking, once again, how beautiful this creature was.

Veronica remembered the fox from earlier that day. Her mother had taken her for a walk to the forest. They had just found a nice place to pick blueberries. She loved blueberries. That's when she had seen him.

He was standing behind some trees, lurking around, sending her deathly glares. She was bewitched. Put under a spell, his beauty was breathtaking. She wanted to tell her mom, but she couldn't move. His eyes reflected the sunlight, and his red fur looked like it sparkled. It was magical. Veronica wanted to touch him, just touch the amazing red fur. He turned around, and walked away. Even though she wished for it, he didn't look back. She regained her senses first when he was long gone.

Her mom didn't believe her, of course. Even so, Veronica still knew what she had seen. That's why she ran into the forest again. She wanted to find the little, red fox. Oh ,how she wished she had never done that. If she had just stayed home like her mom told her to, she wouldn't have gotten lost. She wouldn't have climbed the big rock. She wouldn't have slipped and fallen. Then she wouldn't be feeling all this pain. It was jolting trough her body like lightning and her inner organs were burning. It was so cold. The pain was unbearable, and tears made their way down her temples. As the night approached and the darkness crept in, she soon found herself drifting out of consciousness.

When morning came, the fox happened to pass by the place where he had seen the girl. She was still lying there, but her chest didn't rise. She was laying completely still, her limp body in the exact same position as yesterday. She looked rather peaceful, almost like she was just sleeping, but the fox knew better. She was as dead as the mouse he had in his mouth.

This was written waay back in 2010, for a school assignment, and my English wasn't all that good at the time, so...
Crappy title is crappy, I've never been any good at those xD