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I'm running. Breathing hard. Faster, faster! They'll catch me. Stop. Turn. Lost... I'm lost.


No! Run! Keep running. Sliding down... Down... I'm in a hole. They don't see me, can't find me. I'm safe. No. Not safe. Never safe, not anymore. I have to learn to survive. That's what my parents would have wanted...I curl up and start crying. And then I slept for a very long time...

TIMELINE: One day, late September in the year of 2341


Keyara jolted awake, her body drenched in sweat. The nightmare again... She shook it off, standing and stretching off yesterday's aches and pains. She dressed for the day and climbed out of her small tree house. She leapt down the last few rungs of the ladder she'd lowered, grabbing her hunting guns as she did. As she loaded them, she looked around warily, a habit from living in the wild. Animals watched her as she watched them.

The forest was slowly coming alive in front of her eyes, birds chirped; animals came and went from their hiding spots. Nature continued on as if she were not there at all. She locked the gun back into place and set out for breakfast. As she walked through the forest soundlessly, she looked at the colored leaves. A deep red here, an orange there, a few yellows here and there. It was beautiful. And deadly. She knew that she had to watch her step around here because things are not what they seem.

The forest held many animals and no people. Keyara and the animals had a mutual understanding. They eat their food and she ate them. That's the way the world works outside of Alora's gates. Well, that's the way it's supposed to work. But the Box, as she'd come to call them, had taken out that primitive aspect. No one needed to be out here, in the dirty, boring wild. They controlled the Alorans with ease, influencing their tiny, pliable brains. It angered Keyara to no end.

Everything they needed was in the city, where they were safe. But Keyara had escaped here after... She shook her head, as if to shake the bad thought from her head, focusing on the task at hand. After killing a few rabbits, she made her way back to camp, sweating again, her hair a tangled mess. I should take a bath at the river later. She sometimes missed things from her old life. Showers were one of those things.

Keyara was just finishing off her breakfast when she heard a call, a panicked cry almost. There was a crash through the foliage as two men stumbled through. The oldest carried a bleeding and dying woman, the other a crying boy.

"Please! Anyone! Help us!" a strong, masculine voice called, his tone sounding desperate.

"Mama, hold on!" a small voice said, sounding thick with tears. Keyara moved quietly towards the window, not wanting to alert them of her presence until she was sure of whom they were. As she looked down, she saw a large man with a small boy and a woman with a bleeding stomach, a hole in her middle. They looked disheveled, as if traveling quickly in a short time.

Keyara slid down the rope ladder, grabbing the first aid kit she never left without.

"Move back!" she said sharply. The two boys moved backwards as she examined the woman, looking for a way to save her. Gun shot. Ross 27, semi-automatic. Government Issue, she quickly assessed. She sighed. There was no way she could save her. She sat back onto her haunches, resigned.

"I'm sorry... It's too deep." The woman nodded weakly, closing her eyes. Then she suddenly gripped Keyara's arm with a renewed strength.

"Take... Care of my... Baby. He- he means... A lot... to the world..." she said between ragged breaths and coughing fits. The boy started to sob, crying out painfully for his mom to come back, clinging to his father's side. His father simply stared at the boy's mother, pain etched deep in his eyes. Keyara simply stared at the woman, a strange feeling moving through her, as the dying woman gave a shuddering breath and laid still. Keyara wondered if her dying words got jumbled in her head, unable to be put in the right order as her brain struggled to stay alive.

"Is she gone now, Daddy?" The small child asked in a ragged voice, sounding small. The man could only nod in return, obviously numb from this woman's death. Keyara stood slowly after closing her eyelids and turned towards the solemn pair, gaze steeling, voice sure.

"You two can stay with me. I'm Keyara Sanchez." She watched as the man's sad, wary eyes flash with recognition and trepidation. After all, she was the Most Wanted back in Alora. "Your names?" she said, almost a command.

"I am Viktor and this is my son Ares."

"Well. Welcome to my humble abode." She grinned as they looked around the clearing, something close to disgust on their faces.

A/N: The nightmare again... is a quote taken from Tim Burton's 2010 adaption of Alice in Wonderland.