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TIMELINE: Same day


Information had been sinking into his brain for the last few hours. When a knock came on his small hut door, he did not move. When they knocked again, urgently, he still did not move.

"Mister Kaine!" Rush called from outside the door. Kaine groaned and rolled off his bed, stalking to the door and yanking it open.

"What is it?"

"There are two men wanting to see you." Kaine frowned. Who would want to see me? He shook his head and hurried outside, following Rush. There was a loud, familiar call.

"Oi! Cake boy!" A grin spread across Kaine's face as he ran over to hug his best friend, Danny.

"How are you, mate?" he asked, patting his friend's back.

"Good. On the run." He grinned at Kaine, mischief sharpening his black eyes.

"Who isn't nowadays?" His friend snorted in agreement. "So, who's your friend, Danny?"

"This is Doctor Becker. He's one of Alora's best."

"And what is he doing here?"

"My wife was killed. She had strong visions. She told me to go here if anything ever happened to her. Apparently, she saw her death. Plus," Dr. Becker smirked. "word of this place is spreading like wildfire through the Shambles." Kaine grinned.

"That's Keyara's doing." His grin faltered as remembered where she was at the moment.

"Where is she?" Danny asked, scanning the clearing. "She's- she's..."

"She's not...?" Danny pantomimed sliding his finger across his neck, asking silently if she was dead.

"No, no, no! Not all! She's... Somehow been poisoned."

"What?!" Danny yelled, obviously getting angry.

"What was it like, Kaine?" Becker asked calmly.

"Well she couldn't talk. She wrote that her tongue felt like lead, the room was spinning, and everything was thick." The doctor man frowned, not saying anymore.

"Anyway, we don't really know." Kaine sighed heavily, running a hand through his ragged hair.

"Warrior!" Kaine winced at the name, turning to face his tiny weapons trainer.

"Viktor needs you." And that was all she said before running back the same way she came.

"Sorry Danny, but I have to go." He patted his friend on the shoulder before jogging after Ayden.

When Kaine reached the longhouse, he was met with Viktor's somber face.

"She is in a bad mood and has already snapped at us for no reason. Whatever happened has affected her greatly." Kaine nodded, suppressing his joy at the fact that Keyara was awake and alive and okay. Viktor moved aside and let Kaine walk through. Belia looked haggard and old, Grandmother's mouth was pressed into a thin, tight line. Kian and Ayden looked frustrated. His face turned white as bone is fear. Keyara sat on the floor, arms crossed, pouting like a child.

"Keyara?" he asked, his was tentative as he looked at her through his lashes.

"What do you want Kaine?"

"I wanted to see how you felt. And..."

"Well spit it out, Kaine!" Her voice was impatient and snappy and it made Kaine jump and wince. But when Kaine spoke again, his voice was flecked with steel.

"I remember my parents. You. What happened." There was an awkward silence as the group stared at them.

"Kaine?" Keyara's voice came out as a child's. There was a rustling as everyone left the room, giving them privacy. Kaine sat directly in front of her.

"So you remembered everything?" The only response he gave was a nod. Keyara sighed.

"Took you long enough." She tackled him with a hug. A grin spread across his face, wrapping his arms around her, returning the hug.

"I've missed you," he told her, still holding her close as her body shook with sobs. He held her as she cried, letting out years of emotion. After she quieted, they talked about their brief times together as children and their lives up until they met that fated day in the forest. Kaine had his life back and Keyara had her best friend back. For now, all seemed right in the world.

A/N: Anyone know what will happen next?! Something very horribly wrong because writers love hurting your feels and make you question our humanity. ;) *sings* You'll just have to waaaa-aaiiiit! *evil grin*