TIMELINE: Late December, early January. About a month and a half left


December seemed to go by slowly. Phoebe had no more strange things to say, Ares didn't have any new pictures, and there were no more visits from the Dreamgiver, which made Keyara sad. She really did miss him. He made things seem possible. As January and the new year inched closer, Keyara seemed to space out more and more. She was detached and rarely participated in important council meetings. And one night, this was called to everyone's attention.

"Keyara!" Viktor slammed his hand onto the large table, making Keyara jolt out of her trance. "I hate acting like your teacher but you need to stay the hell awake! This is important and considering you started it, I suggest you get your act together and pay attention." His voice was stern and made Keyara scowl. She wasn't used to having her leadership challenged. She was the alpha and no one questioned that, seeing as she had more experience and a bite that made anyone turn tail and run. But, she did sit up and pay attention, not acknowledging that Viktor was in fact right. Her focus had started to lapse in the past few weeks.

"Now, since we have hoverboards and more than a few willing participants to help, I suggest we start making our way to the Dell-Air Raiders."

"Those are on the other side of town!"

"Exactly why we need the boards. I can fly an Air Raider, having past Army experience," Viktor said, a challenge in his wise eyes. He stared straight at Keyara, knowing she wanted to take that challenge. There was a slim chance that they could actually get those Air Raiders. And if they did, they would need Viktor's help.

"Fine. Kaine, Danny, Ayden, you and I will go out tonight. Hoverboards. Wear dark clothes. We're riding fast and low tonight. Be ready in an hour." As the four left, Belia put her hand on Keyara's shoulder.

"Darling, what troubles you?" A soft sigh escaped Keyara.

"Everything. I'm worried about Phoebe and this war. Mostly, I'm worried about Ares. There is still the question of him being our warrior, and not Kaine."

"Things answer themselves in time. Keyara, you know that better than anyone else." Keyara nodded, knowing the motherly woman had a point. Everything was always answered eventually. Not always when you want it, but when you need it, whether it's the answer you wanted or not.