Olivia and the Snow Queen

Olivia was very excited. It was the Rainbows 25th Birthday and she wanted to have a party. Everyone was invited; the whole of Girlguiding Midlands would be there! The party was going to be in December so it would be really cold. There would be snow and ice and maybe a visit from Father Christmas. Olivia had a lot of work to do, but with the help of her trusty penguin; Frosty, it was soon complete.

The day of the party dawned bright and early. Soon all the rainbows started to arrive at Whitemoor Lake. Everything was going to plan, but there was no snow! This made Olivia really sad because without the snow it couldn't be a winter wonderland party. She was just thinking of going to tell all the Rainbows that the party was cancelled, when Frosty said

"Why don't you go and find the Snow Queen?"

"That's a good idea!" Olivia said "But how will we find her?"

"Don't worry" Frosty replied "I can use my Penguin Magic to transport you right to her front door!"

"Well then," Said Olivia "Let's go"

Frosty and Olivia closed their eyes, Olivia held onto Frosty's flipper tightly, and Frosty chanted;

"Magic powers, with sparkly gleam, take us to the Snow Queen!"

When Olivia opened her eyes she found she was stood in front of an enormous ice door. There was a small bell on one side so she gave the rope and tug. The bell made a gentle tinkling noise, like a wind chime. The door opened slowly, behind it was an old lady, dressed completely in white.

"Hello" Said the lady "I am the Snow Queen, how can I help you?"

"Hello" said Olivia "My names Olivia. It's the Rainbows 25th Birthday to today and we are having a party. It's a winter wonderland party so we have ice and snow and icicles... but there is no snow! Do you know where we can get some?"

"Come in out of the cold, my dear" The snow Queen said "And I will give you some snow, but in return you must do something for me"

The snow Queen led Olivia to a large room with two chairs in it. She sat in one and Olivia sat in the other. From the pocket of her long white dress, the Snow Queen pulled a small snow glob.

"Now, this is the snow that you want," Said the snow queen "You may have it as long as you give me something in return"

"But i have nothing to give you" Said Olivia, she began to cry. "If I don't get snow for the Rainbow party, then it won't be a party at all, you can't have a winter wonderland without snow"

"Now don't cry dear" said the snow queen "you do have something to give me, look in your pockets, the answer can be found there"

So Olivia looked deep into the pockets of her Rainbow Uniform, she found a button, a lolly and lots of other little things, but right at the very bottom, she saw something. This something had a sort of blue sparkle around it. She pulled it from her pocket and saw that it was an invitation to the Rainbow Party. She held it up so the Snow Queen could see,

"Here," she said "This is the only thing I can give you, so would you like to come to the rainbow party?"

The Snow Queen smiled "I would love to come" She said "but we had better hurry or we are going to be late!"

The Snow Queen put the snow globe into her pocket and took hold of Olivia's hand.

"How will we get there on time?" Asked Olivia

"The same way you got here" The Snow Queen answered "By magic"

With a click of the snow queens fingers, Olivia found herself back at the rainbow party. The Snow queen smiled

"Now, we must release the snow!" She said. She pulled the snow globe out of here pocket.

"How do we do that?" Asked Olivia

"We need to tickle it, with the feather of a Magic Penguin" Said the Snow queen "Now where can we find one of those?"

"I know" said Olivia. She ran off round the corner and was back a few seconds later with Frosty. The Snow queen gently took a feather from Frosty.

"Are you ready?" she asked Olivia, Olivia nodded. The Snow queen lightly tickled the snow globe, after a few seconds it shivered. Then it gave an almighty sneeze. Olivia felt something cold touch the top of her head, and soon thousands of the delicate white flakes could be seen falling from the sky.

"Thank you" said Olivia, the Snow Queen smiled

"Now i must go" She replied

"Why must you go?" asked Olivia "You have an invite"

"I have to get back to my Snow Queen duties," She said "And anyway, you are doing such a good job, look" She pointed at the Rainbows playing in the snow, "You don't need me here"

Olivia turned to look at the Rainbows when she turned back, the Snow Queen was gone. All that was left was the snow globe and a rather tired looking Frosty. Olivia picked up the snow globe and carefully placed it into her pockets.

"Come on Frosty," She said" Let's go and have some fun"