I'm SO SORRY for the long wait everyone! This is the second installment of the student chronicles series. Our quartet is now going to enter university with everything that it includes. Living on your own, having a budget, dealing with slimy guys and much more!

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Words to look out for:

Hisame: Frosty rain.

Hitofuki: Gust. In my story, this is the biggest city in another county.

37 000 yen: About 432 US dollars or 289 British pound sterling.

Soseki: Corner stone. In my story, this is the biggest city in another county.

Amagumo: Rain cloud.

Raiu: Thunderstorm.

Arrival at Enrai university!

"Thanks for driving me to Enrai University dad" smiled the girl as she looked at her father who sat next to her. "That's nothing Himiko-chan. It's a milestone that my first daughter is going to start at university in just a week" replied Shegito. Kumono was about four hours away from Enrai with car, so he had agreed to take a day off to drive his daughter plus her belongings to the university. She was now the lucky owner of her own dorm room at the Hisame College. The photos showed a room that was ten square meters complete with a bed, desk, chair, chest of drawers, bookshelf, table plus an office chair. But the downside was that the bathroom was shared by two other girls while the kitchen was shared with nine other people.

'Coming to think of it…this will be the first time I'm going to live on my own like this' thought Himiko as she bit her lip. She knew that Marii had been to language school in Hitofuki last summer, so she had SOME experience at least. Her friend Chie was not a beginner either since she had been to boarding school last year in Yukisaki.

But it was a bit exciting as well since she was now going to live completely on her own. The girl would now be in charge of her food, when to do her homework, what she could do during the afternoon, watch the television shows she wanted without interference and when the room had to be cleaned. 'I just hope I'm ready for all the new responsibility' thought the new nurse student as the car stopped in front of the traffic light. Not to mention that Enrai was a relatively large city with a population three times larger than Kumono. Her family used to visit Enrai about twice a year since her father had to attend a convention there, but that was it really. To LIVE there would be quite different than just staying there for two weeks a year. "There's the university Himiko-chan" announced the man. She looked up and saw the campus right ahead of them.

Chocolate brown eyes widened at the sight of it; the school was HUGE! 'I had no idea that the school would be this big! I DID look at the brochure, but seeing it like this is completely different' thought the female as her parent tried to get to the Hisame College building. It did not take them that long since the older male had attended this university himself for a number of years ago. He had originally studied in Soseki, but had taken a year in Enrai to learn accountancy as well as freshen up his English. She noticed that there were a number of people who were carrying boxes as well, many of them appearing to be at her age or a couple years older. "Let's go in so I can sign the contract and all. We probably need to get that done before we can move all the stuff into your new room" informed Shegito. Hisame College was a somewhat large building made out of gray slate stone. The name of the college was written in big cobalt-blue letters made out of wood.

Both of them entered the reception building. The lobby was a rather spacious room with an atmosphere which made the duo feel comfortable. A solid wooden desk was at the left while two restrooms were at the right. All of the walls were painted in pale yellow while a window was situated on the right wall. A door with the sign 'Common room' over it was at the opposite end of the room. Another door was at the right that had the sign 'Mail room' over it was next to the wooden desk. The room was quite crowded, but it was to be expected. School would start in just three days after all…many people had probably returned or would start their first year here. There were two queues; one in front of a desk that said 'Residents returning' while the other was in front of 'New residents'. The duo queued up in front of the latter, hoping it would not take too much time to get there. 'I can't see anyone that I know' thought the teen as she looked at the people in the queue. She had signed up for a co-ed dorm, but she would share bathroom with two girls. "Did you bring all the papers they sent?" inquired the man as he looked down at his child. "I brought the confirmation about school place, my debit card plus the certification from Hisame College. Pretty sure that should be it" muttered the girl.

A little more than ten minutes passed until it was their turn; a middle-aged man with greying hair sat behind the desk. "Welcome to Hisame College. My name is Isao Tsukino and I am one of the administrators. Are you a new student or have you moved college?" inquired Isao. "I'm a new student…here are my papers" answered the raven-haired female before she handed him the papers. He then took up a list before scanning it with his dark brown eyes. "Fujiyama Himiko, freshman student in nurse studies. Everything looks to be in order. Have you brought your guardian or one of your parents to sign the contract?" asked the man. "Yes. I'll hand it over to you dad" replied the female before stepping aside. "I'm Himiko-chans father. Here is my ID and a copy of her birth certificate like the letter asked for" informed the toy shop worker.

The administrator then looked over the papers he had been handed. "Everything looks to be in order. I need you to sign the contract here Fujiyama-san, it has pretty much the same information as the brochure" said the man as he gave the contract to the guy in front of him. The Fujiyama duo read over the text; the rent was on 37 000 yen a month. It covered electricity, internet, water and heating. "Pretty much the same as the brochure said" muttered Shegito. "Everything looks all right to me" stated Himiko as she re-read the information one more time. "Right…I'm going to sign it now" informed the male with a smile. He wrote down his name at the bottom of the contract before he handed it to Isao.

"Great. You will live in apartment 11 at building number three. There are five guys as well as five girls including you living there. As far as I'm concerned, three of them are freshmen while the other seven consists of a mixed group. The hallway representative is Michiru Harada; she is a senior in biology. The common room is a bit further in the hallway while the living quarters are outside. Your mail will be delivered to your mailbox inside the room over there while the laundry room is in the basement of each building. Here's your key card" informed the male before he gave the card to the girl. "Thank you" replied the girl. She stepped out of the queue with her father before they went back to the car to get her supplies. Each block had their own number on it; number three faced the south.

"I think we should take the TV up first" suggested the older male. His daughter nodded in agreement and they took the small TV with them first. The teen opened up the door before she tried to find out where her apartment was. 'Apartment number 11-20: 1st floor' said the information sign. "Thank Kami-sama! An elevator!" exclaimed Shegito when he saw the black sliding doors on his left. A small wave of relief went through the female's body; this meant that the moving could go a lot quicker. But she would try to use the stairs as much as possible since she was only at the first floor.

They got to the first floor after a couple seconds; the elevator was located at the end of the hallway. A large double door was located on the left side; it was probably the kitchen. 'Now to find number 11' thought Himiko as she looked at the doors. She found one with the number '11' on it after twenty seconds or so. "Here we go" muttered the girl as she unlocked the room. It appeared to be relatively new with a window in the other end of the room. The window gave her a nice view of the yard behind Hisame College. The walls were painted in a pale mocha brown colour while the floor was made out of some laminate. A single bed was to the right of the door and the desk with the office chair was to the left. In the corner on the right side was a table accompanied with a comfortable chair. Last but not least was the bookshelf that stood in the left corner plus the chest of drawers that stood right under the window.

"I'll place the TV on the table over there. You can go down to the car to get your clothes and whatnot" suggested the man. "Yeah, I will" replied the female as she took the car keys. She jogged down back to the car while she tried to remember what box they had put the clothes in. 'Thank Kami that my wardrobe is not THAT big…but it will take some time to get them up there' thought the ebony-haired girl. They had six boxes plus a large plastic bag with them in total. Three of them had clothes or shoes in them; one had books plus posters while the last one had DVD's. Box number six had ironically things that could be used for storage as well as bed sheets. Last but not least were the pillow and the duvet that were inside the plastic bag. 'Clothes are up first I suppose' thought the girl as she grabbed two of the boxes. On her way into the building, she collided with someone on their way out. "I'M SO SORRY!" exclaimed the nurse student as she bowed towards the guy she had walked into. He appeared at her age and had a relatively average body built. The guy's hair was short with a pine green shade while his eyes were amber. "I'm fine. Are you new here?" inquired the young man as he picked up one of the boxes she had dropped. "Yes. And you are…?" asked the female. "My name is Yuji Saotome" answered Yuji. "Ni-nice to meet you" stuttered the teen while she gave him a small bow. "Nice to meet you too Himiko-san…what year are you in?" asked the guy. "I'm a freshman starting on my nurse studies. What about you?" inquired the girl. "I'm a sophomore in accountancy. Are you coming to the party tonight in the common room?" asked the greenette. "What sort of party is it?" replied Himiko. He then pointed towards a poster that was posted on the 'common wall'. 'Start of the year party at 24th of August in the common room! The party starts at 8 PM and lasts until 2 AM due to the curfew. Bring your friend and see you there!' read the poster.

"I think I will go there; I'll see if my friends are coming with me" muttered the female. "Great! See you there then!" exclaimed the male as he left. A smile formed at her face; this would be the start of her student life in Enrai. 'Oh…I better bring the boxes up!' thought the black-haired girl. She picked up both of the boxes before she jogged towards the elevator.

"There we go. Your room looks quite nice now I think" stated Shegito as they looked at the room. Her bed now had a rosy-brown carpet that covered her duvet, four small pink pillows with small brown spots, two posters on the wall that were from the anime Nana plus a small plant that her mother had bought as a good bye gift. Her table had a small TV on it while her laptop now rested on her desk. A small pink rug was at the floor in front of the bed and the clothes were now in the chest of drawers.

"Thanks for helping me with my stuff dad" said the girl while she looked up at her parent. She was slightly surprised at the somewhat sad look in the man's eyes. "Don't forget to visit us every second weekend now. You can call back home in the afternoon if you get too homesick or mail us" muttered her father. "I will. I think this is good bye then" replied the nurse student. They gave each other a hug and a pang of sadness went through her body. 'I'm going to live on my own now without Yori-chan or my parents. And I have never done that before' realized the female. "Take care Himiko-chan. See you in a couple weeks" stated the man as he left. "See you!" exclaimed the teen as her parent left.

A couple minutes later, she remembered the party she was going to attend. 'Pretty sure Marii got here yesterday…better phone her' thought girl. She pressed the 'call' button after selecting a number. "Hello Himiko. How're you doing?" greeted the female's voice at the other side. "I'm fine. My dad just left and my dorm room is now ready to be used" replied Himiko. "Sounds great! Are you going to one of those 'school starts parties' tonight?" asked Marii. "I actually thought I would attend the one at my college. Do you want to come?" inquired the female while she crossed her fingers. "I think so. I don't know anyone over at my college anyways. What college did you got your room in by the way?" answered the girl. "Hisame" muttered the ebony-haired girl. "Should not be too far away from Amagumo…can I meet you at 8:30?" asked the brunette. Brown eyes glanced down at the watch; it was in two hours. "Sure. See you then!" replied the girl. She hung up the phone while she tried to figure out what to wear. 'I better wear something that's a bit stylish, but not too skanky' thought the nurse student. She was in university now and had to dress a bit like that too. 'Hi hi, this is actually my first party at university!' thought the female as she pulled out the drawers.

"Hello Himiko!" greeted the younger girl as she approached her. "Hello Marii" replied Himiko with a smile. Her friend was wearing a light red T-shirt, black waist jacket, black plaited miniskirt, pale red tights plus a pair of black pumps. "You're looking good there. I like your dress" complimented the language student. The older girl had chosen a short-sleeved bright red dress with black polka dots that ended above her knee, black tights plus red shoes. Her friend had used some mousse to get volume in her ash brown hair while her own had been tied into a casual ponytail.

"I can hear the noise all the way here…I hope there isn't too loud music" muttered the younger female as they approached the room. They entered the room, which was quite crowded. A table was located at the end of the room. It had pizza, sushi, skewers, salad plus some rice. "Is that sake!?" exclaimed the older girl with a low voice. There were some bottles there with quite familiar white liquid that stood next to the bottles with fizzy pop. It was a bit of a shock to her to see alcohol being served when there were numerous people below 20 here.

"Do you see anyone you know?" inquired the nurse student. "Himiko-san! Nice to see you" greeted a voice from behind. She turned around and saw Yuji with a glass of beer in his hand. A part of her brain wanted to know why he was drinking, but she then remembered that he was a sophomore. This meant that he could have turned 20 already or was at least close to. "Hello Yuji-san. Nice to see you here too" replied the female. "Who's the brunette next to you?" asked the male. "Oh…it's my friend Marii from school" informed the inky-haired girl. "Nice to meet you Marii-san. I'm studying accountancy and I'm a sophomore" greeted the greenette. "I'm a freshman. My majors are English and Japanese language and culture" informed the teen. "See you around girls" winked the guy as he went over to some other people.

"Maybe we should have invited Arkai-san and Kininata to come with us" muttered the female with a small scowl at her face. "I'm sure we'll be fine. Maybe we should get something to eat" suggested the girl. Her friend nodded before they went over to the food stand. "Hello girls! Are you 20 or older?" inquired the cyan-haired woman behind the table. She had a badge that said 'Hisame administration' on it. "No" answered the duo. "Stay off the sake then please. But feel free to enjoy the food here; it's all fresh" encouraged the female. Both of them took a couple skewers, a slice of pizza, some salad plus a can of diet soda. "Do you see a free table somewhere?" asked Himiko. "There's one over there" informed the brunette as she pointed towards a table. There was a small table in a corner that was big enough for four people. Both of them sat down and started on their food. It was quite delicious; the salad was fresh while the fruits on the skewers were juicy.

"Can we join you two?" inquired a black-haired guy who stood in front of the table. A guy who had dark purple hair stood right next to him. He did not appear to be completely sober, but was far from being too drunk to walk. The girls nodded; neither of them appeared to be dangerous at the first glance. "So" begun the male as he laid an arm around their shoulders "what brings you two sexy chicks to Enrai?". "Studying" replied the younger of them with a somewhat annoyed look at her face. "What about you?" inquired the older guy as he looked at her friend. "Same" she answered quickly while she tried to push some of the uncomfortable feeling away. "My names Jiro. I'm a junior in mathematics" informed Jiro. "We're freshmen" muttered Marii. "Can you repeat that? I didn't hear you" replied the guy. "We're freshmen!" repeated the girl a little louder to drown out the music. "I see. Why didn't you two get alcohol?" asked the junior. "We're not old enough" stated the older girl. "You aren't!? You sure look mature enough for 20" mused the male. He then reached out for the beer and the duo scooted a little away. 'Maybe it's just my shyness, but I don't really like it when people who I don't know so well touch me like that' thought the black-haired girl while she glanced at the hand that rested on her shoulder.

"What sort of clubs have you signed up for?" inquired the inky-haired guy after he had taken a sip of beer. "We have not signed up for any clubs yet. Do you know about any interesting ones?" inquired the older female. "Are you kidding me!? Off course there are! Enrai has TONS of clubs to choose from! You can probably take anything from animation to track and field. Some of the largest clubs like the anime club are divided into genres or gender only groups too. I'm a member of the mixed gender anime club plus the male fitness club" informed the male.

"Thank you for telling us Jiro-san" started the language student, but realized he had not told his name. "No problem. And what's the name of you two hotties?" asked Jiro with a somewhat teasing look in his eyes. "Marii" deadpanned the younger female. "Hi-Himiko" stuttered the girl. "Himiko? So you're a princess child? Or something like that?" wondered the guy. His arm then wandered down to her hip before it rested there quite casually.

She felt her cheeks get a little warmer…this was getting a little uncomfortable for her liking. The female was a bit shy and did not have much experience with guys. Especially not when they touched her, pulled her close to them or a combination of both. "Jiro-san, could you please remove your hand? Himiko is a little uncomfortable" informed Marii. "Is she? Do you feel uncomfortable Himiko-chan?" inquired the mathematics student as he turned towards her. The nurse student felt herself squirm on the inside; his breath smelled like beer. And she did not like beer that much. "Uhm, Marii, I think I'm feeling a little nauseous" muttered the female. "I'll follow her to the bathroom. Don't want her to vomit all over you Jiro-san" said the younger girl. "Neither do I" replied the male as he leaned back so they could step out of the sofa. The duo then left the room since the restrooms were in the reception.

"Do you need a plastic bag or something Himiko? I can find a trashcan too if you'd like" suggested the brunette. "I'm better now. I just felt a little uncomfortable that Jiro-san touched me like that and pulled me close to him" confessed Himiko.

"Really? Was he being itchy-fingered or something?" exclaimed the female with a semi-shocked look at her face. "No no! He only touched my hip but I felt a little uncomfortable with it. But I guess this is a thing that comes with university. We'll be legit adults in about a year after all so…" muttered the older girl. "HIMIKO! AND MARII-CHAN!" exclaimed a voice from the back. The duo turned and saw Chie from their Japanese class. She was a slightly tall girl with lavender purple hair, pale cool beige skin plus brown eyes. Her party attire consisted of a creamy yellow short-sleeved dress with brown polka dots. A pair of matching brown high-heeled shoes was on her feet. "CHIE! I'm so glad to see you!" greeted the ebony-haired female before they hugged each other. "What are you doing here Himiko? Do you live here?" asked the younger female. "I am. Where did you live again Chie-chan?" replied the girl. "I live over at Raiu. It's only a couple minutes away from here. My senpai was going to this party, so I thought I could join" informed the purple haired girl. "Let's return to the party. But we better sit down at a girls table next time" giggled the nurse student. "Why?" inquired the newcomer. "It's a long story Chie-san. But we'll tell you when we get inside" chuckled language student as they entered the room.