I'm SO sorry for not updating in so long! I had exams, a project plus a belt exam to attend to. But...I PASSED EVERYTHING! Which means that I'm going to update this story throughout the summer. This chapter finds place about a month after our quartet has started at university. Let's see how they are doing!

Month two shock.

Brown eyes darted across the map that showed all the rooms in this university building. 'Oh Kami, I'm LATE! This isn't good!' thought the female as she looked down at her timetable again. Her human biology lecture had been moved to a new room and it was not easy to get around here. The university buildings were a lot larger than the high school buildings back at home. At least they had a somewhat more straight-forward room coding than the rooms here. Not to mention that Himiko was a bit hesitant to ask random people for help. Her eyes then widened in relief as she found out where her room was. It was at section A…which was at the other side of the college! She started to jog towards the room while holding onto her backpacker. Thank Kami that this was an 11 AM lesson when there was no lunch traffic or people going to their first lecture. Most of the people who were in the corridors at this time were either the cleaning staff, some random students on their way to the restrooms or some IT people. The girl zigzagged between two janitors before she ran up the stairs to the next floor. Her lungs were aching a bit due to the sudden increase in speed. But this was the reason why she had joined the female sports club…it would hopefully make her lungs stronger. A part of her cursed herself for not leaving the dormitories a bit earlier. 'I guess this is what is called to take responsibility. Mental note; always make sure you leave the house in time for your lessons' thought the nurse student as she reached her classroom. Sepia eyes darted towards her wrist watch. She was only two minutes late, which was acceptable. Her hand opened up the door as silent as possible before her head peeked into the room. The female let out a sigh of relief when she noticed that her teacher was unpacking his backpacker.

"Hey! Over here Himiko!" whispered a voice to the left. She turned her head and saw Chie sitting on a desk close to the window. A smile formed at her face as she walked over to the free desk. "You're as red as a cooked lobster! What kind of blusher did you put on this morning?" inquired the other female while her friend sat down. "No…I was running late. I guess my general fitness could use some improvement" breathed the raven-haired girl as she sat down behind the desk. "All right class! I have some messages for you. Remember that your essay is due at Wednesday next week at 6 PM sharp. Please give a hard copy to me by then or post it at the electronic platform that the school uses. Use Times New Roman font size 12, put the page number at the top or bottom as well as 1 ½ space margin. Remember to include your name in the title or the top text at the document. The essay should be on two to four pages and the grade will count for 20% of your final grade. Any questions?" inquired the elderly man. Nobody answered him. "Good. Find your book about the human organs plus your notebooks. We will start on a new chapter today that will be quite important for your exam" told the professor.

"I'm kinda struggling with my essay. It was harder than I thought" muttered the girl as she picked up the book from her backpacker. They had to write an essay about how to describe the heart under three headlines that said "structure", "cardiac cycle" as well as "conducting cycle". Himiko had already had some of this in her biology lessons at home, but they had to write it a lot more in detail than usual. One thing she struggled with was some of the words that they used in the books. They were quite hard and the female often had to use an online encyclopedia or a thesaurus for them. "Same here…the use of jargon kind of puts me off. Thank Kami that I got this really useful booklet when I was at the boarding school" replied the lavender-haired girl. "We will start on a chapter about the respiratory system today. It will cover the basic anatomy of the whole system plus some more in-depth information about how the different parts work. This can be separately, in conjunction with another organ or the system as a whole. I have to warn you that this may be a bit heavier than what you are used to. Remember to not be afraid to ask me about questions you have; that's what I'm here for" informed male with a smile.

The female was happy that they had such a nice teacher. His name was Taro Matsumori and had been a biology teacher for 20 years or so. He had salt and pepper hair, lightly tanned skin plus a set of bright brown eyes. Jiro was average in size, but he had a comforting aura surrounding him. Not to mention that he was a better teacher than most of the ones that the inky-haired girl have already had. 'I wonder why the teachers at college or university are better than those at high school. If we had good teachers there, they could have encouraged more people to opt for higher education' thought the girl. She knew that teachers at this level required more education, but that could not be the only reason. Her eyes then looked towards the blackboard again where the man had started his introduction to the respiratory system.

"We will now start with this task. You're going to use the math program that we started with earlier this month. If you don't finish this task, I highly suggest you to finish it within next Tuesday. Remember that these problems may be similar to those you get on the exam. And don't be afraid to contact me during the office hours if you need any help" told the female brunette as she started to hand out the problem sets. "Excuse me…when are we going to have our exam? You said that you would find out this week and its Friday now" inquired a guy who sat in the back. The male sharpened his ears since this was a very important piece of information. October had already arrived, which meant that he had spent six weeks at university. He had already had an essay that had gotten a relatively decent result. "Oh…I'll find that out. Just give me a moment please" replied the woman before she went back to her desk to find her planner. Her ash brown eyes scanned the pages for a couple of seconds. She then wrote the date on the blackboard with large numbers. '28.11. That's just a little less than two months away!' thought Arkai, who was slightly shocked by this. He would sit his first university leveled exam in just two months' time! His other exam would be in the start of December while the last one would be a week later than the second one. 'I better get cracking on what topics we may have. Hisao told me that I should get an overview of them at least five weeks before the exams in order to get a decent grade' thought the guy.

A part of him was glad that his parents as well as his older brother had taken some sort of university exam. His older brother was in his junior year and already had a number of advices to give his younger brother. Some of them had been a bit stupid (such as the one concerning that hot girls did not study computer science) while others were quite useful. The most useful tips Hisao had given him was how to wash your clothes plus what supermarkets that sold the cheapest basic food you needed. The male brunette had never been more thankful to have an older brother since he had already been through the same college things as he was experiencing now. 'Right…better get back to the task' thought the male before he looked down at the paper sheet. His eyes widened in slight disbelief of what he saw. The task had quite a bit of more text than what he was used to. Japanese was not one of his strongest subjects and he had expected math sets to have more numbers than katakana at this level.

'So I need to calculate out the budget of someone who has a combined income of 400 000 yen (AN: 4830 US dollars or 3120 GPB) per month. They want to save up for a much-needed makeover of their living room in two years. Put up a saving plan and what is the safest way to save up money in five years' read the accountancy student. He reread the task a couple of times to make sure that he understood what he had to do. 'Here it goes' thought the guy as he glanced at the computer screen in front of him. He first started to type in the income that the person had plus their monthly expenses. Stormy blue eyes looked at the task from a time to another to make sure that he had included everything he needed. There were numerous things that had to be included in a household budget like this. Food, cable TV bill, gas, internet bill, clothes plus the odd unplanned buys were some of the posts that had to be put into the calculation. A small sigh escaped his lips when he saw that they had to pay down on their mortgage as well. Mortgages as well as other loans were harder to incorporate due to the rent and the fact that the rent would decrease with 0,21% a year in. Small numbers could cause quite big differences within a budget like this. "Time for a break everyone! We'll take a ten minute one" called the teacher.

Arkai felt somewhat surprised. Had time really passed THAT fast already!? He glanced up at the clock that hung at the wall. It showed 12:10 PM. 'Whoa…I must have worked longer than I thought! Better take a trip to the restroom' thought the male. He got up from his chair and left the computer room. A lot of students were in the hallway now due to the lunch break. The sounds of chitchat between different students plus the faint smell of coffee filled the corridor outside the computer room. The room was located just a floor above the canteen of this college, so the lunch traffic was a bit heavy here. The male brunette went into the restroom just in time to see two of his classmates wash their hands. "Hello guys. How's it going?" inquired the guy. "Not too bad. And yourself?" replied the male with apricot orange hair combined with forest green eyes. "Not too bad. But I think the task is a little text heavy; I prefer numbers personally" told the other male. "Same here…hence why I started studying economy. I just hope we don't get too heavy text tasks at our exam" said the third student who sported short turquoise hair plus hazel eyes. "Mhm. I can't believe it's just a little less than two months away" stated Arkai while he positioned himself in front of the urinal. He zipped down his trousers while his classmates dried their hands. "I agree. We have three exams in a little more than two weeks. It's going to be heavy" muttered the green-eyed guy. 'My brother was not kidding when he said that the exam period was going to be tough' thought the guy as he did his business. He the zipped up his trousers before washing his hands; the break would be over quite soon.

The female glanced down at the sheet that the older man had given them. It was a complete chart of the respiratory system in the human body. "Your task will be to fill out the bronchus tree in detail. Tell the basic functions of each organ plus how they work in conjunction with each other. If I was you, I would have finished this within a week" told Taro. Himiko flipped a couple pages back in the book in the hunt for the information about the lungs. They only had about twenty minutes of the lesson and she wanted to finish up as much as possible. 'Lungs…lungs…lungs. Here we go!' thought the girl as she looked at the information. Her right hand started to scribble on the sheet while her eyes glanced at the text from time to time. Most of the students appeared to be just as stressed as she was; human biology was one of the core subjects in order to become any type of nurse or doctor. 'A right human lung has three lobes while the left one has only two. They can have between 300 to 500 million alveoli while the total surface area is on ca. 2400 km. Whoa…I had no idea that the lungs were THAT complex!' thought the raven-haired female.

She had taken biology at the academy and was familiar with the basics. But this was more in depth because it only concerned the human lungs. The amount of details fascinated her a bit…she had no idea that the human body could be so amazing. "That's it for today everyone! Good luck on filling out the sheet and remember that I have office hours between 11 AM and 1:30 PM. Have a happy weekend" told the male. The female laid the paper inside her notebook while trying to figure out when she could do this. 'I have about four hours until the fitness training start. I suppose I can do this after I've vacuum cleaned my room' thought the nurse student while she left the room.

The traffic was a bit high now; many students were either done for the day or on their way to the next class. She felt a bit uncomfortable because the sheer amount of people that were walking around. The girl then suddenly heard a wolf whistle that came from behind. 'Hm?' thought Himiko before she turned around to see who it was. It turned out to be some guys she had seen at the party at the start of the school year. She gave them a nervous smile as she wondered if they had whistled at her. But they were looking towards her at the moment. It then hit her why they were whistling…it was her skirt. The female was a bit low on clothes and had decided to wear the skirt she had used with her school uniform from Kumono Academy. It was a pleated black skirt that ended a couple inches above her knees. 'Note to self. DON'T wear a mini skirt again' decided the inky-haired girl as she headed for the exit. She had no idea that there would be so many pervy guys at the university. A part of her had hoped that they would have grown up by now, but her wish had apparently not been granted. 'Face it Himiko. They're just one month or so into university. Nobody changes that much in just a little more than a month' thought the girl as she exited the building. She then started on her road back home to the dorm building. The next things to do on her list were to clean up her dorm, doing her homework before going to the gym. At least there would not be any guys looking at her during their lessons; it was one of the advantages of a female-only group.

'I hope I will be able to finish' thought the male as he entered the computer lab for his second economy lesson. This would be his last lesson of today and it was time to get cracking on the last part of his problem set. Arkai had decided to get on it today so he could spend his Saturday on making a map of some sort of the curriculum. 'Here we go' thought the guy as he opened the door. A smile formed at his face as he entered the room. The air was a bit thick, which was not so weird due to the amount of people that were inside. Stormy blue eyes scanned the room for a computer that was available. He then saw one at the back of the room and went towards it right away. The machine was turned on while the brunette found the task he had to solve during the economy class. 'I managed to plan most of the budget for the five years. Guess I have to look over the details plus putting the information into the saving part' thought the male. The good thing about the math programs was that they did the calculation as long you put in the right information. But that was also the bad thing since the program only did as it was told to do. This was why he had to make sure that all the information was correct in order to avoid a massive miscalculation.

'Looks like I need to put in the decreased percentage in the mortgage…better save a copy of this just to be safe' decided the accountancy student. He then made a copy of his present task before he continued to work with the file. The guy picked up his booklet that had information on how to use the program. 'The mortgage rent would decrease after a year. Which means I have to put in the minus around the first year mark' thought Arkai as he read the text. He then looked at the computer screen before typing in '- 0,21' in the percentage mark. A part of him felt a bit anxious as he pressed enter. Numbers appeared in the table as the computer calculated out the new numbers in the budget. Stormy blue eyes glanced up for a moment and let out a sigh as his teacher appeared. She smiled as she stopped in front of his desk "How are you doing...Kurosawa-kun?" inquired the female. "Uhm, I'm struggling a little with the calculation. A part of me does not know if it is completely correct. It looks all right to me, but still" ranted the guy. He felt a bit awkward since he was not good at using the terms that some of the older students used. This was probably the price he had to pay for being one of the younger students in his class. "I'll take a look at this. Aren't you one of the freshmen?" inquired the female brunette. He nodded in reply as she sat down at the chair next to him. Cool brown eyes scanned the math sheet with relatively high speed. "It does not look too bad, but you need to add the interest in the saving post. I'm afraid the program won't do that automatically" told the female. "OK…Thanks. Just give me a second to fix this" muttered the male brunette. He scrolled up to the top while he hoped that he did not look like a complete idiot. The accountancy student then typed in the new data and pressed 'enter'. "That does not look too bad. Why are you so nervous? The exam is not until in the end of next month, so I have planned some revise sessions" informed the woman.

"Well…it's a bit of a pressure to be a freshman. There aren't that many in this class plus I'm trying to adjust to live alone without my parents" admitted the guy. The teacher nodded while she gave him a warm smile. "I understand your issue; I've had many freshmen over the years. Are you a member of any of the clubs here?" asked the female. "Yeah, I'm doing judo" told Arkai. "Excellent. I'm sure you can ask your instructor there if he or she can set you up with a senpai. It's not unusual that martial arts group do that. Especially if there are a lot of older students or postgraduates students in a group" suggested the female brunette. "Really!? I thought that just existed in high school" replied the male with a semi-shocked expression. He had a senpai during his first year at the upper secondary school, but he had no idea that martial arts at a university had it like that. "I'll do that. Thanks for helping me out" said the male brunette with a grin. "You're welcome. I'm glad that you've decided to study at such a young age. You'll definitely gain from it later on" stated the female with a smile. She then walked over to the other end of the classroom while he continued on his budget task with a brighter mood.