Chapter 1

Somewhere in the small town of Griff lived a small family. The family lived a peaceful life. They were very close and got along very well with everybody. But they also had a secret that they didn't share with anyone outside the family. Most people only knew the family as fun loving and generous people. Their names were Austin Talon, Laura Talon, Christina Talon, and Jason Talon.

Austin was a businessman. He worked long hours almost every day, including weekends. He was a little chubby. This was because he worked ridiculously long hours and would often come home feeling too exhausted for any physical activity.

Laura was a former banker. She resigned shortly after adopting Christina. She was slim and looked much younger than she really was. The majority of people who met her for the first time would almost immediately assume she was twenty-five. Her life was very busy from the amount of work she took on. She spent a majority of her time with her children and the remaining time keeping the house clean and tidy. This sort of lifestyle was tiring, but Laura still enjoyed it.

Jason was an eight-year-old boy. He had an insatiable curiosity and asked a lot of questions. He ate almost all the time. Peach tea also happened to be his favorite drink and a cup of it would almost always be in his hand. He was a bit chubby and the youngest in the family.

These three members of the Talon family sounded more or less as ordinary as they came. However, the one thing that separated them from the rest was their youngest daughter, Christina. She was a rather short girl with curly black hair, tawny skin, and bright brown eyes that were always looking for an adventure. At the young age of one, Christina had been adopted. She lived with her family and was treated like any other member, regardless of origin.

Every night at exactly Twelve o' clock, Christina would say to herself, "Time to get out of my house." And after saying that, Christina would creep out of her house and into the forest that was only a mile or two from her house.

Austin and Laura and Jason had no idea that Christina was doing this, and she would come home acting like nothing suspicious had happened the night before. They had their suspicious that she was doing something odd based on how eager she always was to get to bed. But they also knew that she wouldn't tell them anything if they tried to force an answer out of her. So they waited almost every day for Christina to finally admit to whatever it was she did.

But Christina didn't plan on telling them. She always went to the forest where nobody could see her, and this meant that she could do as she pleased. First she would look for any people, then she would find an open area with plenty of space, and then she'd use that open space to run a short distance before jumping up and kicking at a tree. She would often do this to make herself stronger because Christina and her family had known for a long time that she possessed unusual traits and capabilities. She could tell where everyone was without even looking, and she could also disappear at times and then reappear in an entirely different place. These unusual abilities confused her family a great deal, but they kept it secret anyway for fear of how people might react.

Christina leaned back against a tree as she took a quick break from her constant kicking and punching. She trained vigorously like this because she had a feeling that she could do more with her abilities. She wasn't sure how, but something inside her knew it was possible.

As she looked into the sky, something strange caught her eye. One of the stars in the sky had fallen and continued to drop at an alarmingly fast rate. Christina looked in every direction for a safe place to hide. She feared that this was a comet like the one that killed the dinosaurs. Frantically, she scrambled all over for a safe place to hide. And then…


Whatever it was had landed in the tree.

"Ugh! Stupid branches! I knew I shouldn't have taken that portal!" said a very irritated voice.

"Hey!" said Christina loudly. "Why are you stuck in the tree?"

"Who said that?" asked the person who fell from the sky.




"Oh!" said the voice after a short pause. "Now I see you…uh…do you think you could help me down?"

"Sure, just stay right where you are," said Christina. She didn't give him much time to respond before jumping onto the tree trunk and climbing up it like a little bear cub. Christina happened to be quite adept at climbing trees, as she did it almost every day when she came to the forest. The person was right in the middle of the tree, trapped in a tangle of broken branches. Now that she had the person in sight, Christina knew exactly what to do next. She pulled herself up, reached the person in the branches, and kicked him or her off the tree. That was her way of "saving" the poor person.

The person fell all the way from the tree to the very hard ground. Wearily, the person turned around to reveal the face of a young boy many years older than Christina. He put both hands on the ground and pushed himself back up. He looked straight at Christina. He had dirty-blond hair that was hard to see in the dark.

He inched forward a little more. The front of his body was now easier to see. The boy wore a long black cape over his shoulders that reminded Christina of a vampire.

His light blue eyes looked shifted side to side, searching for a sign of familiarity in the empty forest. He found none, and he looked right back at Christina, as if she were the only thing keeping him alive at the moment.

Christina jumped out of the tree like it was nothing, not even feeling the slightest bit of pain. The boy's eyebrows had knit and his face was trembling.

"What did you do that for?" he asked her angrily. "You could have at least said something before kicking me out of that tree!"

He stepped forward to continue his rant…then stopped. He felt something unusual about Christina. He took another careful look at her. She was quiet and very still. Up in the sky the moon had just moved past the clouds and was now shining on the two of them.

Just then, he picked up a glint of something coming from Christina. It was so sudden that he would have missed it if he hadn't been alert. The boy stood still, watching her. What on earth was she? Now it was growing. It was getting larger and larger…"That's it! She's a channeler!" the boy shouted all of a sudden.

The sound of his voice echoed through the entire forest. Christina took a step forward and looked at the boy funny.

"How did you fall out of the sky?" asked Christina.

The boy didn't answer and shone a light on Christina's face, a light that came straight from the palm of his hand, as if a flashlight had been installed inside it. The boy cleared his throat. "I stepped on a rogue portal. You know, the portals that occasionally open up from time to time. I always heard that going into one, you'd never know where it'd take you, and did I ever learn that the hard way. I got flown all the way here just like that," he said, keeping his palm light on Christina's face.

"Really?" gasped Christina. "I don't know what you just said but it sounds pretty scary!"

"Yes…it was," the boy said.

Christina grabbed a cheese stick from her pocket and took a bite out of it. Then she said, "I'm surprised you aren't dead. I know I would have died if I went through a whatever-you-called-it. Are you a vampire? You look like it with the cape."

"No," said the boy. "I am most definitely not a vampire. Vampires are pale, sickly, and have a disgusting desire for blood. I don't have any of those traits."

"I don't know, you look pretty pale to me," said Christina. "And you aren't normal either."

"Not normal?" asked the boy. "That's pretty funny coming from you. Ms. Channeler."

What a strange word, Christina thought to herself. "Channeler?" she said out loud.

"Somebody who can channel the universal energy known as magic through their body," said the boy. "Naturally born wizards have a bit of this in them, but channelers have the unique ability to take the energy and manipulate it for their own purposes. It's really fascinating to see a non-magic user like yourself with this ability."

"How do you know so much about this stuff?"

"Hmm…this is probably going to be an awful lot of information for you. Okay, I'll start with the basics," said the boy. "I'm Lance Silverwing, a Cleanser that accidentally wound up here."

"What?" Christina asked. She looked very confused.

Lance noticed Christina's confusion then took a long and heavy sigh; the kind people give whenever they're about to explain something they rather wouldn't. "It looks like I'll have to be really straightforward with you. Okay…let's start with this…I'm a wizard…does that make sense to you?" He looked at Christina sharply, hoping that she wouldn't require any more explanations. Christina shook her head. Lance groaned and rubbed his fingers across his face.

"Sorry for not understanding the words of somebody who just fell out of the sky," Christina said sarcastically.

Lance raised an eyebrow at her. He cleared his throat and brushed some dirt off of the white shirt he wore underneath his cape. "Fair, fair," Lance said, holding up his hands. "I really am a wizard, capable of using magic and all that. So how do I actually exist if you haven't seen any wizards? Well…let me ask you a question. You know the world you live in, right?"


"What I'm about to say might confuse you, so listen carefully," said Lane sternly. "In this universe are two separate worlds." He held up two fingers just in case Christina had trouble following. "And there's a barrier of sorts that keeps people from both worlds visiting each other. That's the surface of reality. Now, there's a city within the surface of reality…and there's a mystical passage that goes through the city and into an entirely different world. This passage is known as the Divergence of reality."

"What's it like?" Christina asked eagerly.

"It depends on where you go," Lance said with a grin. "My current home is a fun place where the impossible happens every day and magic is as common as grass. However, not all the countries within the Divergence of Reality are as friendly as mine. There are definitely countries and areas that are far more dangerous than others. Still, once you get past that, it's an incredible place that I never want to leave."

Christina was able to get a better view of Lance now that the moonlight was shining stronger than ever and couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. She had always imagined wizards as being people dressed in cloaks, wielding wands, and giving off a mystical charm that added to their mystery. But this boy was dressed in very rugged and beat up clothes, didn't have a wand, and came off more as the new kid in school than he did a wizard.

"I'm a Cleanser," said Lance. His round blue eyes were huge with delight. It was pretty clear to Christina that he felt a great deal of pride towards his status and home. "This means that I come from the Cleansers Organization. It's an Organization within the Divergence of Reality that mediates jobs for anybody affiliated with it, and it's also a place where people can train and hone their skills, whatever they may be. We also work to defend innocents against criminals. There are many other Organization similar to us, but we happen to be one of the largest."

Christina nodded after every sentence. She really wasn't all that interested in the organization he worked for. The only topic of interest to her was that alternate world he spoke of. Lance noticed Christina's glazed expression and asked, "Does your family know about what you can do?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Your ability…it's the sort of thing I wouldn't expect people from this world to openly accept," said Lance, stroking his chin. "But it seems like your family is a lot more accepting than most."

Lance held up his arm and examined a silver watch. It was a very loud watch. On it was an image of the man in the moon that laughed obnoxiously. Interestingly enough, the moon stopped laughing the minute Lance turned his eyes away from the watch.

"It's getting late," moaned Lance.

Late? Christina had forgotten all about the time. She'd been too preoccupied and interested in Lance to care. The idea of a world filled with magic was too much for her to simply turn away from. She had to know as much as she could, even if some of it was really boring. And it was this same level of interest that would get her in trouble if she came back home too late.

Lance looked up at the clouds that had blocked his view of the moon and frowned. "What's your name?" he asked as he continued to watch the sky. Christina didn't answer. She also looked into the sky and watched the clouds as they slowly drifted through it. The forest had suddenly become quiet.

They continued to watch, not knowing why exactly they were doing it. And Christina said to Lance, "Christina Talon. That's my name."

Lance looked at Christina and she smiled. She had a youthful spirit that reminded Lance of his younger years.

After the introduction, a strange sound filled the silence. It sounded like the roaring of cars down a highway, only much softer and higher pitched. Out of nowhere, a hole opened up in the ground and it continued to grow. Christina and Lance were very apprehensive and cautious towards it.

"Good evening, miss," said a boy whose head had popped right out of the hole. He had long brown hair that extended past his shoulders and a very feminine face that made him appear a little angelic. "My name is Chris. Excuse me for the sudden interruption of your conversation."

"Chris!" shouted Lance. "How were you able to find me? You were right about the rogue portals! I should have never doubted you! And…I'm really impressed that you were able to find me out here."

Lance and Chris stared at Christina. Christina took another bite from her cheese stick, and then put it back into her pocket. "About my being able to find you…you should know how easy it is to track down someone like you," said Chris calmly, looking back at Lance. "Of course, it did take some effort to get all the way over here, but it looks like I wasn't too late. Now it's my turn to ask you a question. Who's the girl?"

"Oh, that's Christina," said the enthusiastic Lance. "She's a channeler."

Chris, the tall and dainty boy, looked directly at Christina and said, "I knew there was something unusual about her."

"I thought the same thing," said Lance. "What are the odds of me finding a channeler here of all places?" Lance always reacted to everything with great enthusiasm. He was like a child in that way. As a result, he never found himself bored with anything that went on and always had a strong desire to relax and have fun. This part of him is what he saw in Christina.

"You should consider joining the Cleansers, if you aren't too mad at us," said Lance.

"You definitely have a lot of potential to become something great," said Chris.

"I agree," Lance said, turning to Christina. He held out his hand and asked her, "Will you come with us back to Cleansers Headquarters?"

"I don't know," said Christina, awkwardly rocking back and forth on the heels of her feet while biting her bottom lip. "I can't just leave my family."

Lance had the perfect solution to that: he and Chris would go to Christina's house and convince her family to let her join the Cleansers. However, as great as it sounded, Christina couldn't help but worry over what her family's initial reaction might be.

"Are you sure it's wise of us to show ourselves?" asked Chris.

"I don't see why not," said Lance, "They already know about her channeling capabilities. I don't see how wizards would be anymore bizarre." The simplicity behind his logic was one of the many reasons Chris spent more time than he wanted trying to cover for Lance. To him, the idea of meeting Christina's family sounded like one that would end up with unintended results. But it wasn't like Lance would have listened to him anyway. "Fine," Chris sighed. "We'll go to meet Christina's family.

Cheerfully, Lance squeezed Chris in a very tight bear hug and proceeded to leave the forest. At first it looked like Lance was just walking, but then Christina noticed that he wasn't walking on the ground. He wasn't even walking straight. Lance Silverwing was walking up, as if he were climbing a hill. It made Christina gawk in disbelief. Chris gently touched Christina's shoulder and said, "I'll be taking you since you can't fly or sky-walk."

"How is he doing that?" Christina asked, unable to take her eyes off of Lance as he walked past the treetops.

"Basically, he's using the magic energy around him to create an invisible walkway for him to travel on," said Chris as he began to levitate with Christian on his back. "I'm not sure if he told you already, but Lance is a channeler too."

Carefully, Chris began to float higher into the air. The distance between him and the ground became larger and Christina looked away, not wanting to let her fear of heights ruin the moment. Now they were floating above the treetops. Lance was standing in the in mid-air with his arms crossed, looking very impatient.

"Let's go, I'm getting bored," he urged impatiently.

Chris smiled to himself and, very carefully, began to fly away from the forest and towards Christina's house. Christina let out a scream of excitement.

During the middle of their flight, Chris looked over at Lance, who was springing through the sky, and asked him, "Do you know where her house is? We've been flying around for five minutes without any sign of reaching her home."

"Yeah, just look down!" said Lance.

Chris did and saw something that brought relief to him. There was a large house surrounded by a beautiful garden. There was a pool in the backyard and a large oak tree in the front yard.

"That's my house!" Cried Christina. "I can't believe you found it! You didn't even ask me where I lived!"

"I have ways of finding out things," Lance said with a wink.

Christina went wild with excitement. She started talking all about her family and how she'd be arriving with two wizards at her side.

"At your side, huh?" said Lance. "I like that." He looked up dreamily and laughed goofily. "It makes me sound like a bodyguard."

"Don't get any ideas," said Chris.

They all softly landed on the driveway of Christina's house. Then Lance stroked his chin and faced Christina.

"Do you think you could ring the doorbell for us?" he asked. "I think it'd be rude if we went inside unannounced."

"You can't be serious!" said Chris; feeling like his head might explode. "What would you do if you opened the door and two wizards greeted you?"

Lane thought hard about the question. His tongue stuck out and moved across his face like a windshield wiper. When his answer came to mind, he slipped the tongue back in his mouth and said with confidence, "I'd invite them inside for some lunch and orange juice."

Chris's jaw sagged at the response. While it was true that he'd been working with Lance Silverwing for several years, some of his responses never ceased to astound him.

"Let's just go inside our way," Chris said with a shrug. He lifted up both his arms and stretched them out as far as they could go. He did this with great focus. After stretching his arms out, a black aura surrounded his hands. Next, Chris created a wide circle with his hands. The aura around his hands left behind a large circle that was big enough to fit Lance, Chris, and Christina.

"Okay," said Chris as the circle turned into an ominous black hole that made Christina nervous. "Let's go in from here."

Christina hesitated for a moment. The hole looked so empty, so dark. It was like an empty space where nothing was allowed to live. It made her anxious and she continued to step away.

"What are you so upset about, Christina?" asked Lance with an oblivious smile. He put his hand against Christina's back and gently pushed her towards the hole. "It's just a telehole."

"A what?" Christina felt she already had enough terms thrown at her and now there was another?

"They're dark holes that can only be conjured by users of the Dark Arts like myself," Chris said abruptly. He'd already taken the first couple steps towards the hole and didn't feel like waiting another five minutes to go in.

"Don't worry, it'll be fine," Lance said reassuringly. Christina sort of doubted that but went in anyway.

It wasn't so bad walking in at first. It only got bad when the hole closed and everything became pitch-black. Christina couldn't see anything. Not even the slightest outline of something. She waved her hands in front of her face, felt their movement, but saw nothing. Even worse, Lance and Chris could no longer be heard. She panicked, tried to find them, but found herself lost in the empty darkness of the hole. She knew it was a bad idea! She knew it was going to end up like this!

"Oof!" Christina grunted as she fell onto the linoleum floor of her kitchen. Her eyes opened. Somehow she'd ended up in her house. Everything looked normal. But she couldn't be too sure.

"Don't worry, you're fine," she heard Chris whisper. After her eyes adjusted to the added light from the moon, she was able to make out Chris and Lance's feet. Chris wore brown dress shoes like the kind her father wore to work. Lance wore stylish sneakers with neon green shoelaces.

After hearing them, Christina understood that everything was all right and got up from the floor. Lance and Chris were both standing in front of her and looking around the house. It felt so strange to have these people over at her house.

Lance walked over to the refrigerator on the left side of the room and opened it. He was overcome with joy as he opened the door and found five individual shelves lined with food. "It's like I've stepped into heaven," he said out loud. "So much food…" He hadn't had much to eat all day and could feel his stomach rumbling in response to the vast amounts of food. "Can I please have some?" he asked, his tongue sticking out like a dog. "I promise I'll only take a piece of leftover chickens, and maybe some eggs…Ooh, this yogurt look pretty good too-"

"Take one thing at a time!" Christina snapped.

Lance, who had already taken an egg out, looked back at Christina and gave her a nod. "This is delicious," he said to himself as he bit into the egg.

"But what am I going to tell my family? I can't think of a single thing to say!" Christina said. She was beginning to regret bringing Lance and Chris to her house.

Lance swallowed whatever he was chewing on and stood up straight. "You don't have to say anything!" He cried, speaking so loudly that his voice could be heard resonating through the house.

"Quiet!" sputtered Christina. "If you keep talking loudly like that, everyone will wake up and come down here! And then I'll have to explain who you two are! So please be quiet!"

The logic behind her words seemed to bounce off of Lance. "Why would it be so hard to explain us to them? Just tell them the truth, I'm sure they'd understand."

On the second floor of Christina's house, Mr. Talon's eyes opened as he lay in bed. "Laura, did you hear something!" he asked.

Mrs. Talon moaned and slowly opened her eyes as well. "What…what is it, Austin?" she moaned.

"I thought I heard something. It sounded like Christina." As if her name was the key to unlocking something, Mr. Talon sprang up from the bed and loudly said, "Christina!"

"Wha- what?" said Mrs. Talon, now fully awake thanks to Mr. Talon's sudden outburst.

"No time to explain," said Mr. Talon as he slipped into his trousers, not bothering to zip all the way. "I've got a suspicion our daughter is up to something!" And he dashed out of the room without another word.

Mrs. Talon plopped her head back on her pillow. Sometimes her husband could be a bit too energetic. She figured that she might as well go along too. Seeing as she was already awake.

Mr. Talon bolted down the stairs and through the foyer with both his hands firmly holding onto his pants. Each of his steps sounded like the rumbling of thunder. He knew Christina was up to something strange and now he was going to find the proof. He'd always been told that he had ears like a rabbit and thank goodness he did, otherwise he would have slept through everything. "Christina!" Mr. Talon shouted as he entered the family room and made a sudden turn towards the kitchen. "I…Uh…what?" He didn't expect there to be two other boys with her.

The rumbling voice of Mr. Talon was enough to make Lance, Chris, and Christina jump. They jumped again when he entered the kitchen shirtless, wearing only a pair of trousers and some old white socks. They all looked awkwardly at each other, each of them finding it difficult to come up with something appropriate to say.

"Dad!" Christina cried. It's all she could think of saying to break the ice.

"Christina!" cried Mr. Talon. "Just who are these two boys? I demand to know what you're doing with them! They look like they're five years older than you!"

Chris made a face at Lance that said, "Let me take care of this" and took a step towards Mr. Talon. He held out his hand for him to shake. "Excuse us for entering your house without asking," Chris said with a charming voice that would have worked on Mr. Talon if he was a teenage girl. "I thought it'd be best if we introduced you in a more formal manner. Unfortunately, some of us thought differently." He threw a sharp look at Lance.

"What's with that face?" asked Lance. "You look like you're upset about something."

Chris could feel his blood boiling. There were times when he wanted to reach over and smack Lance in the face. This was one of those times. Still, he couldn't afford to lose his cool in front of Mr. Talon and took a deep breath. "As you can see, my friend can be a little difficult to work with. My name is Chris and this is Lance. Your daughter offered us shelter when she saw us outside looking for a place to stay." Even though Chris hated lying, he felt that Christina didn't deserve to get in trouble and tried his best to make sure she got off easy.

"That's not true!" said Lance. Chris gritted his teeth. "We found her outside in the forest. See, I fell from the sky and got stuck in a tree. Christina here offered to help and kicked me out instead!" Lance loudly laughed as if it were the funniest thing to happen to him, despite how unhappy he was when it happened. Chris couldn't hide his frustration any longer and curled his lip at Lance.

Mr. Talon looked at the three of them and he smiled. They smiled back at him, hoping that this meant he wouldn't throw a fit. "I'm a little confused," he said, "as to what my daughter was doing in the woods…"

"I'm sorry!" said Christina apologetically. "I've been going every day to get stronger. I just wanted to see what else I could do with my ability. And it was while I was doing this that Lance fell from the sky." Christina swallowed and twiddled her thumbs. "I'm sorry," she said. "I should have told you and mother about this earlier."

"Yes you should have," said Mr. Talon. "And although I'm glad you told me what you've been doing, that still doesn't change the fact that I know nothing about these two…"

"We're wizards," said Lance bluntly. "And Cleansers. I'm surprised you didn't know that already."

"Lance!" cried Chris. "You didn't have to share that! The man already has enough to work with!"

"You two are wizards?" asked Mr. Talon. His face softened a bit. "That explains most of this. It's been awhile since I've met a wizard. Your people have definitely done a better job at disguising themselves. I remember back in the day when everybody walked around in cloaks and robes." Mr. Talon chuckled to himself as he recalled the memory.

"Really?" cried Lance. "That's good to hear! I was afraid you were the sort of person that refused to believe such things. That definitely saves us from giving off a long explanation to prove ourselves."

Christina looked into her father's light blue eyes and whispered lightly, "You mean you knew all about wizards and channelers?"


"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Your mother and I thought it'd be too much to tell you at such a young age. We were planning on telling you when you were older. But it looks like somebody beat us to it." He gave a knowing glance towards Lance and Chris.

"Mister, you can't blame us for telling her!" said Lance. "It's not like I could have avoided telling her anyway. She saw me fall from the sky and Chris here pop up from the ground! I couldn't just lie to her, now could I?"

"That isn't what upsets me," said Mr. Talon. "I'm not even that upset to begin with. If anything, I'm just stunned by your appearance. Wizards have been known to visit the area from time to time. But the occurrences are so rare that people who claim to have seen them are written off as delusional."

"Austin!" cried Mrs. Talon as she entered the kitchen next. Unlike her husband, Mrs. Talon came wearing a white robe and some sandals. "What in the world is going on?"

"Oh, hi!" said Lance. "Are you Christina's mother?"

They were now all together, except Jason, who would be no doubt be coming down shortly. They looked at each other in silence. Mrs. Talon hadn't heard everything that Lance and Chris shared before entering the kitchen, so she was just as stunned and confused as Mr. Talon when he first entered. She knew the boys didn't live in the neighborhood and couldn't recall ever seeing Christina playing with teenagers.

Mrs. Talon frowned at Lance and Chris, not really knowing what to think of them. "One of you please explain to me what's going on," she said, "I wake up to the sound of my husband making a loud proclamation, and then come down here to find my daughter with two older boys. It should be pretty clear to you two why I'm so confused."

"I'm Lance!" cried Lance, waving his hand at her like a giddy little kid. "And this is Chris!" He grabbed Chris's shoulder and playfully patted it.

"Please excuse his childish behavior," said Chris.

"Nice to meet you, Lance and Chris," said Mrs. Talon.

"They're wizards," said Mr. Talon.

Mrs. Talon opened her mouth and closed it, showing the same level of shock that Mr. Talon did when he heard those same words. "Wizards," she said to herself. "I can't remember the last time I saw one. It's been so long…I almost started to doubt their existence." She took a careful look at Lance and Chris. They looked nothing like wizards to her, but then again, it wasn't like wizards were incapable of having their fashions change.

"Wow," she said, resting a hand against her head. "I definitely wasn't expecting any of this. I get the impression that information has already been shared between all of you. If you don't mind, I'd like to hear what was said."

As best as they could, Chris and Lance told Mrs. Talon everything they had told Mr. Talon and Christina. She stared at them as they spoke. Her eyes widened at times. She felt like a little girl again as they told her all about the places and oddities within the Divergence of Reality.

"And they asked me to join the Cleansers," Christina added after Lance and Chris finished telling Mrs. Talon about their meeting with Christina. "Am I allowed to go? I told them that I wouldn't go unless I checked with you first."

That was the most she'd said in a while. Christina was too overwhelmed and interested in the meeting between her parents and the wizards to say anything. It was like watching a dream play in front of her. They seemed to be really interested and okay with the fact that they were wizards, something Christina thought they would have struggled with. Now it was time to hear what their final words were about joining the Cleansers.

"Yes," said Mrs. Talon, "But go to bed for now. We'll talk some more tomorrow.