I'm building a castle of cards in my head -
I know it might sound strange to you,
But inside that castle of cards in my head
Are the reasons for all that I do.
I store all my hopes and my dreams in my head,
I know that, for now, they are safe,
'Cause no one I know can get into my head,
And cause my creations to chafe.
Whenever I think of a story or song,
Then into my castle it goes,
It's filled with my crushes, ideas, and thoughts,
And people that nobody knows.
The script of a play that I'll be in someday
Is hung like a jewel on the wall,
With outlandish costumes and planets and friends
Laid out in a spacious Great Hall.
My castle is pretty, but only of cards,
Adorned still with jack, queen, and ten;
I'm scared it will fall before I learn the way
To live on the outside again.
Please don't call me strange, for I don't want to change,
Please don't tell my dreams to stand still;
I'm only a castle of cards in my head -
If I knock it over, they will.