This is where you'll find me

Falling down



This never ending hole

It keeps getting smaller

Closing in on me

It makes me breathless


I can't breathe anymore

All the oxygen

Has seemingly disappeared

Within seconds

It was gone

My lungs are blocked off

Burning up

My brain is fogging

Swirling into a black


Thick cloud of nothingness

I can't see anymore

The whirlwind of darkness surrounding me

Suffocating me

Has blinded me

Gouged out my eyes

Except for the occasional flash

Of a broken, lost memory

That doesn't even seem

To once have been mine

I've got nothing left

Of what used to be my old life

Falling down a rabbit hole

Like this one

Isn't anything like Alice in Wonderland


My body wants to call out desperately

There is no bottom

There is no other world

Except for the inexistent one I'm in

There is nobody waiting

For me

There is no happy ending

There is no ending at all