Screw you J! You really think you're sly don't you? Well let me tell you something; you aren't. You aren't clever because I know every single game you've played against S and me since day one. I know you want him to be the jealous ex-boyfriend. I know you still haven't gotten over him; you've made it obvious to him and even to me. I know almost all of you're statuses deal with him 'not talking to you anymore' and 'how can I show you I've changed if you don't give me the chance?' Let me inform you about something. I know you haven't changed I know how girls like you play your game; and trying to 'pretend' to be my friend will not do you any good. S's done trying to be your friend because you do imbecilic things like this!

You want to know from who I've heard things about you from? Who are the only two people that I talk to that know you? Don't play dumb because you know who these people are. Brittany, who is A's older sister and the other one, is way too obvious for me to even name. I've heard that you asked if S has ever gotten a hand job, I heard that you don't believe I would give him one, I heard that you tell S you have problems with your boyfriend, I've heard you want S back and you'll do anything to get him back, I've heard you don't really care about your boyfriend I. I have heard some pretty messed up things about you. I haven't heard one thing about you that was somewhat nice to hear.

You say you don't want any drama this summer; well you want to know something? You've caused enough of my drama this summer; and you are not going to part of the equation any longer as long as I have something to say about it. So stop trying to be my friend, stop liking my things on Face-book, and stop trying to be part of something that has absolutely nothing to do with you. Thank you; it would really be appreciated.