The next day dawned bright but cheerful. I was happy to have met someone willing to help me out of my predicament. At least he understood me and knew how I felt about the Devil being in similar situation of the Devil wanting him dead as well. That was no secret to either of us. He felt the same way I knew that for sure. I'd also found out I wasn't the only one who had found myself in this problem. How could the Devil get so many people to believe he was so wonderful and genuine? I got dressed and went downstairs to find James and Katherine arguing about something, I listened.

"Maybe this is more then we thought it was. We should go tell the king what we learned so he can stop it." James said.

"And leave the Princess out here alone." Katherine said. 'WE should saty with her and protect her, It's our duty as knights."

"She's not alone anymore she'll be with Jason." James pointed out. 'He can keep her safe while we go to the King."

"I'm not going to leave her out here but I'm not going back either." Katherine said firmly as if to say subject closed.

"Katie, come on, listen to me, we'll have to go back sooner or later." James was persistent. "What will everyone think when we don't return."

I was surprised at James's words. "Katie? Had James just called Luther Katie?" I thought in my mind trying to understand what I had just heard.

"James, we can't just go back without her so we aren't going back with her either." Katherine explained. "Well at least, I'm not James, you can go back if you want to but know this, if that Devil comes here looking for her and you're with him, I'll hold you fully responsible when she is captured and will personally kill you myself. Don't be fooled that though I'm a girl, that I can't you know that I can and will." She warned with narrowed eyes.

A girl! Luther is a girl named Katie. That was unexpected. Did I tell her I knew or not? She probably wants to keep it a secret so I won't tell her I know.

"Do you think the Princess is awake yet? James asked abruptly changing the subject.

"She had a trying night." Katherine said "Which you slept through may I remind you. You were out like a light."

"She did? Did I miss something?" James was oblivious to what had happened to me. "You know I'm a heavy sleeper. I've always been that way."

"I was worried about her so went to check on her while you were fast asleep. I found her being dragged out of herroom with a dagger at her throat," Katherine shrugged. "I killed the guy holding her and Prince Jason had saved her from the others in the room attacking her. He saved her life and I trust him because he did that at great personal risk."

"Ah now I get the story about Jason since you only told me we'll be leaving with him today." James realized "So that's how they met and why you trust him."

"Yes and he is going to help us free Crystal form the spell." Katherine confirmed "We're going with him today unless you really do want to go back then we will part ways."

"I guess I'll stick around a bit longer, Katie." James teased "What kind of gentleman would I be if I left two lovely young ladies out here alone?"

"James I'm perfectly capable of handling my and Crystal's safety on my own. I'm a knight too you know." Katherine said rolling her eyes. 'Even girls are as capable of knighthood as men."

"I knew you were a girl." I heard a voice say to my right making me jump. It was Jason who had snuck up on me. He saw me ease dropping and had come to see what I was listening to. "I noticed you moved too feminine like to be a man."

"What? You two have been listening to us." Katherine stood.

"Hey I won't tell anyone and I don't think the Princess… I mean Crystal will tell anyone either." Jason said.

"I won't I promise." I said confirming Jason's words. "We'll keep your secret Luther or should I call you Katie."

"Besides my mom always used to say, women need women." So that makes our camp have six girls and six boys if you two are coming."

"I am I don't know about James." Katherine said motioning to him.

"I am coming." He confirmed.

We went down stairs to sit with them waiting for the breakfast being prepared in the back room to be ready.

"So your real name is Katie?" I asked curious.

Katherine who smiled, "Katherine, but my friends that know about me being a girl call my Katie or Kate."

"I knew three girls who dressed up as boys to become knights, so I doesn't bother me much. My dad and mom didn't know." Jason said shrugging "I think girls are just as successful as knights as the boys are if not more."

"It doesn't bother me that you're a girl. You can trust me I won't tell anyone. I understand know why I felt so comfortable with you and not other knights." I smiled at her and she smiled back.

"So Jason, where do you and your friends live, is it far?" James decided to change the subject for Katherine's sake.

"It's just a camp. That's what we all call it, the camp," Jason explained. "It's deep in the forest. It's well hidden as well. It's far enough away no one would be able to find it on accident from the towns we live near. Its close enough we can travel to town if the need be. It's almost two days travel from here on foot, on horse back at least a day and a half. I came most of the way on horse back. My horse is still in the forest. He won't run off without me."

"We have horses as well," I said. "So we'll travel on horse back."

Jason opened his mouth as if to say something but thought better of it then changed his mind again. "How do you guys feel about magical creatures?"

"Why are you asking about myths?" Katherine said suspicious.

He was silent "No reason just curious, since you all believe in true loves first kiss, I just wondered if you believed in other myths as well."

"Myths sometimes are true," I said tell him I believed.

After breakfast Katherine and James went to retrieve our horses and Jason told me a secret.

"I want to show you something." He went to his room and returned with a red tail hawk on his shoulder. "This is Firefly. She's really a phoenix but was cursed by the Devil as a hawk. He gave her as a gift to my sister."

"So my horse, who is really a unicorn named Light Saver, and your hawk is really a phoenix named Firefly. What a classical combination of cursed people we are." I said sitting on my bed unhappily.

He sat next to me, "Your horse is a unicorn?"

I nodded "She told me what she was. The Devil took her horn from her when he cursed her. He still carries it on his belt under his cloak."

"Firefly told me one of her tail feathers is on his belt as well to keep her from returning to her phoenix form." He said stroking Firefly. "It really distresses her she had five eggs to care for when he cursed her he took the eggs luckily they won't hatch until they hear their mom's phoenix cry."

"Light Saver who I call Star Light is a Princess in her land but won't be one anymore if they find out she was cursed." I sighed "I feel bad for her and Firefly. How will we ever be able to help them?"

"I don't know how but I know we can try." He said taking my hand "First we must free you then we can try to find a way to free them."

He realized at that moment he was holding my hand and let go quickly embarrassed. We quickly gathered our belongings and went outside.

Firefly spoke to me, "Thanks for befriending Jason Princess, he's a good friend to all of us cursed by the Devil. One curse broken will bring hope to all of us who are still cursed."

"I will do whatever I can to free all those cursed." I said with a smile. "None of us deserve to be cursed."

Firefly moved to my shoulder, "We will be free Princess I know it."