That Lovely Woman Louise

A life leaves a song, or memories

It rings through our ears,

As it passes without its fears

As it goes to where life goes.

One life lingered a while,

She stayed but sang a song.

She remembered everything the moment she rose

And she sang her song of bliss.

No longer did her walker hold her

To the nursing home ground

No longer did her brain thwart her

From the memories she wanted to hold.

No longer did she run around

Aimlessly without hope

She had a purpose, and now she was free

To do whatever she wanted

She was able to do the things she loved;

Like make jokes and laugh

And walk freely and smile

And reminisce of all the golden days.

She remembered, something she missed greatly.

She remembered so many things,

The smile of her grandson

The laugh of her husband.

The names and faces of those she loved.

She flew through the houses of those who loved her

Before she left that day.

Her song blew through their ears

It was as soft as the breeze

The song of that lovely woman Louise.

Behind she left reluctantly,

Her seven only sons,

But she knew with love that they would be okay

They'd see her another day.

Along with them she left her grandchildren,

The ones who still were innocent children in her eyes.

She didn't want to let them go,

But she had to

Although she had yet to see them grow.

Along with them was her husband,

Whom she loved with so much love

And he loved her so.

But she had to let him go.

She left here her brothers and sisters

And all of her friends

But it was time for her to go.

She wanted to stay though.

But they wanted her up in heaven,

And she wanted to go too.

Her life was full of beauty,

But it couldn't continue.

It was time for Louise to leave,

It was time for her to say goodbye.

She wanted to stay,

But she couldn't.

Her song was her goodbye.

Therefore, she left us this day

And yes we may grieve

But listen closely

For her song can be heard in the breeze,

The song of that lovely woman Louise.