Stolen On a Winter Day

Do you remember how we'd laugh and sing,

to the joyful melodies?

And when we'd walk, both at ease,

in the bitter winter breeze?

But someone else came strolling along

and pulled you away

Now you're gone.

So you didn't hear my heart break.

You didn't notice

Now it's too late.

All those tears you didn't see

And before I knew it, you left me

Now I'm all alone.

Nowadays, your hugs are shorter,

when you hugging me

And hastily, you pull away

Like you don't want anyone to see

You leave because I don't matter anymore

And in a flash, you're off to be

With anyone but me

After all, you don't believe me when I say

That you're slowly being stolen away

And as my eyes start to overflow

I realize that friends will come and go

But you and I weren't friends, you know

We were best friends.