I guess you could call me that one girl who is….. popular in school because of their parent's business. We owned a restaurant, which all of the teens from my school and other schools close by came to hang out with friends, eat better food than at a diner, bar, or corner restaurant. Our restaurant being located out of town, where the scenery by the ocean was best, we owned seven acres of forested, beached, and partly scattered with an apple orchard land. We had mostly outside tables (because the weather is always nice here in California) and just few overlooking tables confined in glass walls. But otherwise, I was pretty much just this girl- I was normal enough not to be taunted and insulted on, but I was wacky enough to not be stuck with a clique of popular teens. It always ended up where they wanted you to come sit with or something, or they wanted me to sit with them so they could sneak a deal for food at my place. Whatever I had that didn't super duper attract them was one of my favorite qualities!

"Mom!? Where are Auggie's pills?" I say, walking around back to the porch where the oak table sat innocently In the middle of the room.

"I don't know! Have you checked near his dog bowl?" She yells so I can hear. "Why does everyone think I know where their lost things are?!" She mumbles, as she rummages thru some orders for our restaurant. For some reason, all of the bags, piles of folders and books told me- if I checked that table and didn't find his pills…..I would just kill myself! Grumbling, I walk over to the table. I flop the folders loudly on the cork floor, push the bags full of clothes and old clothes on their way to Goodwill to the point they just fell off. I groan loudly, and stomping my foot, I walk to the books- and there the pills lay, just hiding from me! Snatching them, I look at them as I walk up the two stairs and back into the house. Mumbling the long Latin name of the medicine, I curve around all of the corners of furniture, tables, baskets of laundry, and my brother's various I-pad, computer, and Kindle. Stepping over them neatly, I stop at the mud room. Glancing up from the orange bottle, I survey the room.

"Auggie!" I yell, before hearing the clacking of toenails, and the various thumps of his tail. He turns the corner, his big black mastiff cross body drooling with shine. He gasps, and smiling almost, stops and then walks towards me again. He stops in front of me, his blubber hanging from his jaws like the roots of his teeth. "Hey buddy. Ready for a treat?" I ask him, pointing my finger at him as he sits. He closes his mouth, cocking his head as he watches me uncap the bottle. Dumping one pill onto my cupped hand, I take it between my forefinger and thumb, and he snatches it greedily. He nods his head as he chews the crunchy tasteless dry circle. He swallows, and then looks back up at me for more. I shake my head, smirking, and rub his snout before walking away with him on my heels. Clapping the bottle on the kitchen counter, I slip off my flip-flops and walk to the door, closing it so Auggie didn't come out. He sometimes got in the way of the people sitting at the tables, and the waiters and waitresses. As my bare feet hit the cool gravel of our driveway, I limp as the loose rocks hit sharply on all of the sensitive places. As I practically hop to the safe grassy ground, my feet instantly shiver as the cold dirt ground pulses up and down around them. I walk around tables of teens and couples, trying to stay out of their eye distance. I was in a pretty fowl mood, and wasn't really wanting to talk to anyone. Anyone. But sure enough the:

"Grace?" Came to my ears from my right. Popping out of my fairytale land, I turn my head to the noise. And sure enough, my brother sits with of course all of the popular kids from school. And some of the cutest ones too.

"Y-yeah what?" I ask, wondering why he wanted me. He shrugs,

"I thought you were at dance" He suggests, looking around at his friends once. I smirk in annoyance,

"Well I was, but I'm back now" I say, leaning to one side, and cringing as all of the eyes followed me. There was as silence, and then I recollected,

"Aren't you supposed to be at Daniel's house or something?" I ask, not bothering to scan the table to see if he was there. But then someone stands up and waves to me, Daniel of course.

"We're back now. We decided not to stay at his house for the night, but instead here" He says, stuffing a hamburger in his mouth. I scoff,

"A hamburger at 4:00. You're a pig. Didn't you just have lunch?" I ask, pointing at the honking thing in his hand. He smirks,

"Dunch" He says nonchalantly. Shrugging and taking another big bite. I shake my head in disgust.

"What, don't you like hamburgers Grace?" Daniel asks, his blonde hair bobbing into my view. I shake my head,

"No, she doesn't eat things over like 20 calories" My brother butts in.

"That's not true!" I say, placing my hands on my hips. "it's 600 calories to be correct!" I answer hottily, knowing he was just going to play with my until I practically blew up. A couple chuckles come from some of the boys, including Jeremy Bryre, one of those…hot kids in school. With the sex lines on his hips, abs that shown thru his shirts, and to die for everything. His light brown hair placed spiked and everything on his head, blue eyes, and great body. My face turns red,

"Hey…can you grab us some beers from the cooler?" My brother (Josh) asks, pleading with every movement, every lip and curve of his face. I raise an eyebrow,

"You're going to get soooo fat soon enough, and I'll laugh so hard!" I say as I turn to the cooler. As I make it to the mamboo stand, I turn around it, and open the small fridge as I search for some beer. Small movement to my right makes me whip my head around. And only shock answers me- The kid in front of my *gulp* was like a freaking angle. He had blond hair with a beanie on, his wisps slipping out in front as they spiked up. His big green eyes were like dazzling diamonds, and his toned skin was floating over ripples of muscles and abs. Biceps were very clear from his uniform we had the waiters put on, and his jaw deepened with his lush pink lips, curved like a bow. I had never seen him here before. But I looked no longer, and pulled the 8 pack of beer from the fridge. He just then looked at me, just as he was going to scribble something on a yellow sheet, his dazzling eyes met my figure, and looked me over. My wavy blonde hair, pink lips, skinny body - not too skinny- and yellow playsuit. He then raised his eyebrows at the beer pack and then back at me. I glared at him, and frowned, I wasn't in the mood. I lifted the beer up in front of me so I could get a better look at it, and then cocked an eyebrow at him,

"It's for my all-gone fat-ass lazy b**ch brother" I say, lowering it again to my side. I falter the ends of my lips. Swallowing, I study his expression. The ends of his mouth quivering to stop a smile, and his eyes gleaming with amusement.

"Ah" He says shaking his head, "It's Josh- your brother Is the fat-ass?" He says forcing a smile. I nod my head,

"Yep." I rock on the heels of my feet, "You must be new here huh?" I ask, glancing at him sideways, and smirking slightly.

"Yeah. You're the daughter of my boss-" He inquires, smirking.

"Grace" I fill in. He nods his head, and then goes back to writing on the paper.

"See you around" I say walking away from the small stand. He nods and smiles. I gasp as I finally get out of reach- glance of him, and clunk the beer on my brother's table loudly. He jumps a little, not knowing I was approaching, and then smiles.

"Thanks-" I cut him off:

"Maybe next time you should try getting off of your lazy butt and walking ten meters for your own pleasure" I say frowning, as he laughs in amusement. So does Jeremy, and Daniel and a couple of others around the table.

"Thanks baby" Jeremy says, 'oppa' ing me with his now in hand beer. I quirck my lip, and move my head sharply, and shortly to face him.

"Welcome" I answer hottily. "And now may I be on my way?" I say motioning to my favorite place on our land. The clearing hidden in the forest where the orchard swept the yellow grass like a vineyard. Josh lowers his head and motions to where I would soon be walking,

"Your majesty" He says, trying to suppress a giggle, or laugh.

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