The candle is withering

You protect the innocent eyed and the innocent minded.

You change everything about yourself.

You change.

You hurt.

You suffer.

You see things and do things no person should ever have to.

War is the worst thing we can do.

It penetrates us all.

We won't give up.

And so you don't.

You are strong and fearless.

You protect us.

We have pride, Hope and freedom because of you.

You fight for more than yourself.

You free your soul.

You are selfless and caring and ever-changing.

I give my thanks to you a million times over, and over again.

You will never know my gratitude and respect.

We love you.

Even When it seems untrue, and like all the lives lost are for nothing.

Your barriers shutter down.

You become weaker and sadder.


Just know that...

You protect more than you can grasp.

Remember to hold on because we are here.

Hold on, But if you can't...we understand.

We know you are human too.

There is only so much you can take.

I just want to say.

Thank you for protecting our innocence.

Thank you for giving your life.

Thank you.