Aly parallel parked and hopped out her vehicle, waiting for the telltale beep before dashing into the apartment complex and taking the stairs two at a time. She quickly found room 211 and knocked on the door.

A Korean male with eyes the strangest shade of sky ocean blue and short auburn hair answered the door with a smirk. "You know, I was beginning to think that you'd forgotten it was movie night," he said, stepping back to let her in to his technologically advanced apartment. He gave her a kiss after he closed the door.

Aly smiled and set her keys on the key hook hanging up in the kitchen, locating the popcorn and its respective bowl. "If Sab hadn't kept an eye on the time for me, I'd be late. How's your day been, Sookhyun?" She felt him sidle up behind her and snake his arms around her waist, him being a foot taller than her 5'2".

"Oh it's been okay. The Agency wants me to create another something or other to get information. Top secret stuff." His lips brushed her neck and she giggled, putting the popcorn bag into the microwave and turning around to put her arms around his neck.

"Well, let's see: I took a relaxing bath and did some chakra cleansing, tidied up my place a bit, and had lunch with Sabah," she preened. Sookhyun picked her up and twirled around, placing her on the couch and pointing to the table in front of it.

"Five movies to choose from tonight. Pick your poison and put them in order," he told her, going back to put the popcorn in the bowl and retrieving a blanket from his bedroom. Aly nodded and looked down at the table, thinking before rearranging the movie order. Sookhyun placed the popcorn on table sat down next to her, nodding his head at the arrangement. "Pan's Labyrinth, Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Huntsman, Brave, and Repo Men. Interesting choice. I'll go put them in."

Aly watched him turn on his large entertainment system and DVD player, putting the five movies into their allotted spaces and returning to his spot next to his girlfriend. Aly covered them with the blanket and put the popcorn on her lap as the first movie started.

"You know," Sookhyun whispered, "I can always tell when something's bugging you, Aly..."

She dragged her eyes off the screen and stared up at her boyfriend. She hugged him tight and cuddled with him. "I'm fine, Sookhyun...really." She could feel him frowning but knew he wasn't going to press her for anything more. That's what she liked about him, that he knew when to stop asking and to let others tell them when they were ready. It was what drew her to him to begin with...

"You know I'm here for you. If you need anything, anything at all, you know where to-"

She cut him off with passion, pulling his face to hers and kissing him deeply. Blindly, he moved the popcorn to the table in front of them, following Alyson as they laid down. He rested his weight on top of her, his hand travelling down her thigh. Aly bit his bottom and he moaned into her mouth, feeling his bulge pressing against her.

She grinded her hips against him, reaching her hands behind his back and under his lavender button-down shirt, gently clawing his back. He moaned again, tightening his grip on her and kissing her neck. Sookhyun pushed up her orange T-shirt, delighting in the discovery of her bra having the clasp in front. He went for it but she stopped him, breathless. "Let's watch the movie..." He pulled her shirt down and snuggled behind her, kissing her cheek.

"Okay then. Movie first."

Sookhyun got up to close the blinds midway through Snow White and the Huntsman and went to the kitchen to warm up some dinner and pop more popcorn. Aly put her arm over the couch to watch him. He's so sweet...and can cook for himself. And this, this togetherness...this is nice, too. A wave of nostalgia hit her and she faced the movie again, putting on a smile as Sookhyun brought over steak, mashed potatoes and string beans for them to eat, sitting the popcorn off to the side for the movie.

"I hope you like it. I thought I'd make you your favorite tonight..." Sookhyun told her shyly, tucking an auburn lock behind his ear and looking at his hands.

Alyson did the same, staring first at the dinner, then at Sookhyun, seeing the blush creep to his cheeks. So cute!, she squealed, taking his hand in hers. "Thank you, Sookhyun...this," she waved to the dinner, "this means a lot to me. You have no idea. I mean, wow..." She kissed him and sat back, staring into his eyes. "Thank you...thank you so much!"

Sookhyun was beet red now. He shifted under her gaze, flattered yet embarrassed. "We should eat. Don't want it to go cold.."

"You're so cute when you're embarrassed!" She kissed on the forehead, reaching for her plate.

Sookhyun pouted. "I'm not embarrassed."

Alyson laughed. "Suuuurrree you're not." Sookhyun glanced at her and smiled, kissing her cheek and taking his plate as well.

"Everytime you smile, I die of happiness a little each time, knowing that I'm the one who put it there..." he whispered into her ear.

She looked up at him, her eyes wide. All she saw was sincerity from him, which made her heart speed.

"Sookhyun..." He shook his head with a smile, kissing her deeply.

"Movie night, remember?" He said when he pulled away, pointing at the screen and then to her plate.

Alyson breathed deep, steadying her rush of emotions. "Right. Movie night." She took a bite of the steak and got a dreamy look in her eyes. "I LOVE YOUR COOKING!" Sookhyun laughed, eating his food.

It was late, and Aly was hot all of a sudden. She sat up straight in the large bed, feeling Sookhyun roll over, still asleep. She grabbed one of his robes to cover her body, and went to the bathroom. When she was done, she was walking back to the bedroom when she felt strange. Her body felt like it was tugging her inwards.

"Huh...that's strange." She shivered and went back to the bedroom. Two feet into the room her body shut down, collapsing onto the floor.

She opened her eyes...and found herself face to face with Tavi. He eyed her in the robe, his shock quickly turning into a malicious grin. "Well, well, WELL! Little missy's been busy!"

His hand was around her throat so fast she didn't have a second to breathe as he slammed her against what appeared to be a tree trunk, holding her there. He dragged his mouth along her cheek and whispered into her ear.

"I told you I'd find you."