Alyson clawed at fingers enclosed around her neck, the need for oxygen strong.

How the fuck did this happen?! I need air! Why am I here? Questions raced through her mind as Tavi held her pinned to the trunk of the tree. She could feel herself weakening the longer he denied her air. Her eyes started to flutter.

Tavi cursed and dropped her to the ground. "Shit. I'm supposed to keep you alive." He looked around, muttering to himself as Aly gasped for air.

She drew in deep, ragged breaths, slowly getting her breathing back under control. She tightened the black terry-cloth robe around her body and pushed herself up into a sitting position. "What do you want with me?" she rasped, coughing to clear her throat. She stared at the ground.

Tavi turned and knelt to look her in the eyes. "You've got something that we want...and something that I want, too. We could get if from you if you were dead, but we'd rather do it while you're alive." He grinned maliciously at her and pushed her over, eyeing her legs and body beneath the robe. Aly squeezed her robe tighter, drawing her legs in.

"And just what is it do I have that you three...whatever you are...want?" She craned her head away as she asked, Tavi leaning closer to her. Out the corner of her eye, she saw the rows of sharp teeth glinting in his crooked smile. He lifted a lock of her hair and twirled it around his pale blue finger, chuckling.

"Now why would I tell you something like that? Just so you can attempt to stop us?" He slowly dropped his hand to her thigh, almost as if caressing her. Then he drew her in close, digging his nails into her thigh, creating another wound. Aly's body jerked with surprise and the pain; she pressed her hand to her mouth, trying not to cry out. His face was inches from her ear-she could feel his breath on the side of her neck. "Besides, you don't need to know what we are just yet. It's not important, love. Now...-" He paused to dig a little deeper, earning a squeak of pain from Aly. "-it's time to send you back."

Next thing she knew his hand was on her chest forcing to the ground. And then she blacked out.

Sky ocean blue eyes were staring at her when she awoke, the sun bright and shining on her through the window. She drew her legs in and automatically cried out in pain, remembering her metaphysical encounter. Aly chanced a look and saw that it was bandaged. Immediately she looked at Sookhyun. "You did this?"

He sat beside her, gently touching her cheek. "When I woke up I found you passed out in the doorway, your thigh bleeding. What the hell happened, Alyson?"

She looked away, remembering that she never told him about her visitors in her sleep. She didn't say anything.

"Alyson?" She heard the concern in his voice. I can't keep hiding it from him forever..., she told herself, taking a deep breath.

"Sookhyun...there's something I need to tell you..."