Kudos to anyone who can guess where I got the motivatoin for this story ;)

The agony persists for months. Just a slight niggle at first, easily dismissed. Pushed aside, for further review, later, much later. You've got time. Oh so much time.

The feeling slowly builds, growing, evolving and expanding. The anxiety begins to increases, yet still you do nothing. It's in your power to make this pressure end, to free yourself from worry, to taste the sweet ambrosia of freedom. Yet still you sit there, yet still you refuse to act, yet still you postpone the inevitable.

There is still time.

Suddenly the whole world is your best friend. Food has never tasted so good; the internet has never appeared so entertaining; it has never been so vital to reconnect with friends. You would reconcile with the entire world if only to put off what must be done.

Exercise has, let's be honest, never been a priority. Springing from nowhere comes the sudden motivation to go for a jog, join a gym, focus on dropping those lumpy love handles. Total gym? If it works for Chuck Norris, then it will work for you! But better pick up those extra shifts offered at work, just to pay it off quickly. You're so busy, surely its justifiable to delay, prolong, procrastinate, just that little bit longer.

Hobbies abound. Where once you were an introvert, content to go through the motions and do only what must be done, change becomes essential. You learn to braid hair, take a poetry class, knit a beanie. There is just so much to do!

Tick Toc goes the clock.

Friends warn you, yet still you won't act. You know they're right, you know it's in your best interest, yet still nothing gets done. The pressure is overwhelming. It may not remain at the forefront of your mind, but its there, underlying your every action.

There is still time though, surely?

Not as much now though. Slowly, the days are disappearing. Then time flows faster, quicker, quicker, your fate approaching. You are gripped tightly in Kronos's hold, unable to stop. You could take control, make this panic end, regain normality. Yet, nothing.

Sleepless nights, early mornings. That slight niggle has grown, expanded to a constant worry permeating your every thought. Eating dinner, walking the dog, catching up with friends, you are relentlessly plagued. The worry sends a chill up your spine, creates a hollow pit in your stomach, knots your brain.

Tic. Tic. Tic.

It would be easy, oh so easy, to make this end. Yet still you do nothing. This anxiety could have ended months ago, and how you wish it did. You realize this could all be over if you had chosen to act. Yet the inevitable remains pushed away, even though the dreaded future looms all too closely now.

Defying logic, against reason, to your own detriment, still nothing gets done. You know what is needed, hours are spent planning, yet you continue not to act. It doesn't make sense, even to you. But nothing changes. Closer, closer, closer, your future is nearly upon you now.

Circle after circle, the hour hand journeys across the clock face. From you, nothing. Not a single productive word, thought, or action.

Anxiety dominates you. You feel nearly nauseated at the prospect, yet finally it can be delayed no longer. Tomorrow is judgment day; the time to act is now. Finally. This decision, almost removed from your choice, finally halts the paralysis that has gripped your mind.

The night is dark, the silence eerie, yet just what you need to focus. The computer screen lights your face in a creepy glow, but there is no one left awake to observe you. Right through the night, to the early hours of dawn, until the weak stain of the suns first rays surprise your eyes, you research, you write, you edit.

And five minutes before deadline, your Geography Assignment gets handed in.