You're here again

Saying how I'm just not good enough

To be anything more than a friend

Oh I'm just so immature,

And living with me would be

Much too hard to endure

I'm way too young

And by striving for your excellence

My work would never be done

It was long ago that I gave up.

I know for you I'll never be good enough

So just leave me alone

Let me move on!

Stop with these frightening reappearances

At night

I've given up the fight!

I know you can't love me anymore

So what would I even be fighting for?

If I'm not good enough for you

Then who?

A little girl's dreams only last so long

Until they're crushed and broken

When a bummer like you comes along

Yes, I have no self-esteem.

After all I am nothing!

I am no one

If I'm not good enough for you

Then I won't be for anyone

Yes if I'm not good enough for-

Hold it.

Who are YOU

To tell ME

Who I am?

Who are you to say I'm not good enough?

You must be delusional!

And to think I almost gave up!

You know, even in my wildest dreams

I would NEVER tell you who you can and can't be

All I ever wanted was for you to accept me!

So when I see you again,

And I hear you say all I'll ever be

Is nothing more than a friend

I'm telling to tell you "Fine"

Because maybe I am immature,

And quite frankly I know living with you

Would be WAY too hard for me to endure

So you're right, I am young and I am silly

But really!

It's called having feelings!

In real life

I'm going to be worth while

In real life I'm going to laugh and I'm going to smile

And in real life

I don't have to be good enough for you!

You don't get to tell me what I can and cannot do,

So get a life!

Because until you do,

I give up.


Until then

You'll never be good enough.