Why things have to happen this way
I may never know.
I went back to caring for you
Now I'm starting to think I was wrong.

I used to keep to myself
And I wish I still did.
Because the problems I'm being dragged into
Aren't ones I ever wanted to be in.

I talked to you today
And afterwards, good feelings were rid of me.
And my other 'friends' seemed sort of mad
For my behaving sadly.

Of course they would
Because why should they care?
They never have
And this isn't something I've previously had to bear.

But I hide it away.
I build up my walls.
I'm a hider of emotions,
It's my full time job.

You said I run away
And I suppose it's true.
But I'd rather flee
Than have problems like you.

So go and spend your time
With the people you love most.
And I'll disappear again.
I'm already fairly close.